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Imminent groundbreaking Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram and his smart folks are preparing something big.

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For a few decades, Wolfram has been an epicenter of powerful computational paradigms – including Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, CDF, A New Kind of Science, and even a TRF guest blog on particle physics.

But all these things have converged to something bigger – a new language: the Wolfram Language. Tools allowing you to use this language – and to have a more direct access to the Wolfram Engine inside all the Wolfram products and the Universal Platform – will be released within months. They will include the Wolfram Programming Cloud with an instant deployment via an API.

The Wolfram Data Science Platform will instantly connect data like in Wolfram Alpha Pro on Steroids.

The Wolfram Publishing Platform will allow you to create documents with intelligence lurking in each cell. CloudCDF will support interactivity in any browser. Wolfram Cloud App will do it in the mobile devices, too.

There will also be Mathematica Online integrated with the Wolfram Cloud. The Wolfram Course Authoring Platform will revolutionize online courses and it will allow nations to reuse most of the teachers as miners again. The full list of similar products is 16 petabytes long and Google didn't allow me to post the whole thing on this blog.

At any rate, the Wolfram Language will unify the world, create new bonds between you and your friends, both humans and computers, and it will make all other programming languages look like naked machine codes. The Wolfram Language will also deploy itself and render C, Java, English, and even Latin and Hebrew obsolete. If the Wolfram Language finds out that the U.S. president doesn't speak it, the U.S. president will be automatically superseded, too. The data, algorithms, results, and wisdom will be unified and available to every human, every earthworm, and every refrigerator almost instantly.

It's truly remarkable how all the pieces fit together, exactly to a 7 times 3 array.

Hat tip: Joseph Sykora

The Wolfram products will also automatize writing, in an even more modern way than this 240-year-old doll by Swiss clockmaker Pierre Jacquet-Droz who already wanted to mechanize reason and automate passion in the 18th century. And that doll (one of his automata) was already damn impressive (I am totally cereal here).

Sorry, I didn't resist to include some joking formulations but the core of this blog post is serious and we may be made speechless very soon.

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