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Sinkhole in Sanica, Bosnia

Help the Bosnians to explain the mystery

The village people in Sanica, Bosnia saw that all the fish suddenly disappeared. The puzzling nothingness took the water, too. Including some solid matter around it. YouTube.

A geologist could just say "a sinkhole". But – if you don't care about the scientific validity – other explanations are more intriguing. ;-) God could have simply been angry about the barbarian white rocket that is directed against Him on the picture above.

Maybe, a giant cave opened its door. Or a volcano. Alternatively, the fish could have decided to detonate one of the bombs left after the Second World War. The fish would join a grandma who has allegedly died when she was trying to throw an explosive device into the pond after the war.

Most likely, the owner of the pond who died a month ago didn't want to leave his assets on the Earth so he returned for the pond to add it into his luggage. This theory is supported by the following empirical data:

"Only days before Hasan passed away he said: 'I'll take everything with me when I die.' And that's what he did," Rezak Motanic said. "His daughter saw him walk on the lake the night he died."
Sounds sensible. People sometimes violate the naive laws of mechanics and walk on the lake. It's been reported that Mr Jesus Christ liked to do so even long before his unsuccessful death (see the photograph below).

Other local researchers decided that the disappeared pond is a proof of the imminent doomsday. "All sort of miracles routinely occur right before the doomsday," one of these scholars has convincingly argued.

This theory is also compatible with the loud noise a meteor caused today in Quebec and Ontario. The miraculous gift of God and Devil could have tunneled from Canada to Bosnia through the Earth. An Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting Bosnia and Canada – which is equivalent to a high degree of entanglement – could have been created.

It must be so wonderful to be unconstrained by knowledge and facts while inventing theories! ;-) What's your theory?

Another light topic: How good American folks helped a homeless Czech guy Mr Jaroslav Němcovský (1960) in New York to get some hotel, pizza, and an air ticket back to the homeland after he was robbed by some not so good American (and perhaps non-American) folks in NYC. A viral video.

Ivan Mládek, an ingenious Czech songmaker, predicted this story about a homeless Czech man in New York years ago. See his song New New New ["Ňu Ňu Ňu"]. The lyrics (a quick translation):
New New New, New New New, New York.
Where the houses are scraping the skies.
At the Empire, the bells are ringing midnight.
The unsuccessful ones are snoring on the sidewalk.

New New New, New New New, New York.
Vogrants are covered by jackets.
I tell you, man, if I were living in America,
I would probably be lying there with them, too.

Bam Joe arranged his head into the corner,
he is dreaming that he bought a Plymouth.
New New New, New New New, New York.
I don't want to search for good luck here.
To snore with the vogrants on the sidewalk,
I prefer to do so in my homeland.
Incidentally, I found the name of the Czech homeless guy on a list of Czech nationals missed after 9/11. Wow, he's spent quite some time over there, it seems. Twelve years without learning an extra English word... The official story says that he came to the U.S. 3 months ago. I happen to believe the web page instead.

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