Monday, December 30, 2013

Alarmists stuck in Antarctica will probably be saved by a helicopter

The formerly entertaining stories about idiots who scream that the world is undergoing a dramatic so-called "global warming" and then must be saved from their otherwise unavoidable death by freezing on their overly risky expeditions have become so frequent that they must be considered a cliché.

To review some of them, search for the word "frostbite" on this blog.

Here we go again. The Russian vessel called Akademik Shokalskiy got trapped near the sunny Antarctic beaches – about 2,800 km South of Tasmania – in ice that seems to be 3-4 meters thick at many places. Exactly 83 years ago, there was almost no ice on their trajectory which brought some smooth sailing to the polar explorer Douglas Mawson.

But whether your propaganda "cause" finds this fact convenient it or not, the ice thickness is evolving more or less unpredictably and there is just much more ice over there today than what they had 83 years ago. The amount of sea ice on the Southern Hemisphere displayed some "mostly increasing trend" during the last 35 years, a reason why many climate alarmists began to deny the existence of Antarctica: they only talk about the Arctic.

The vessel is Russian and so is most or all of the crew (20 people) that does the actual work. The passengers (additional 48 people) were originally claimed to be mostly Australian and New Zealander scientists (it's preposterous to use the word "science" for every exotic vacation – no science has been done on similar trips at least for 100 years – but many people are doing it, anyway) but it seems more accurate now to describe them as a generic bunch of the media-based "global warming" alarmist cranks.

The individual who makes me angry as soon as I see his name is Alok Jha (Twitter account). Even though he is Suvrat Raju's lookalike, he is a hardcore moron who represents most facets of the degeneration of "science journalism" as an occupation. Of course, the support for the climate alarmism is a nearly universal feature of similar inkspillers. For example, just 2 months before the 2009 Climategate, he would make an uncritical, promotional interview with the leaders of 10:10, the ecoterrorist organization that was going to become notorious for having detonated climate realist schoolchildren just a year later.

But he's an imbecile not only when it comes to the superstitions about the climate. If you search for his name on this blog, you will see that he mindlessly promoted hydrinos, hypothetical new and "tighter" states of the hydrogen that "disprove" quantum theory and its uncertainty principle and that "promise" you a nearly unlimited source of energy at the same moment. Just in 2013, we would read about Weinstein who rolled over Einstein (7 months later, we still haven't seen a glimpse of the hyped "theory of everything"; we just know that it was just another pile of journalistic crap) and an idiotic article against supersymmetry. Whenever this chap writes something, it is almost pure crap. I think that the Guardian is behaving as unprofessionally when it offers this guy's texts as "science journalism" as a retailer who sells excrements as salami.

At any rate, this guy and similar alarmist parasites on the Russian vessel (for example Laurence Topham, see his Twitter, a tendentious video producer for the Guardian; or Chris Turney, a NZ "professor of climate change" who is still trying to profiteer and who told Fox News that the ice isn't newly former, instead, their ship managed to teleport in the middle of some old ice; what a cretin) are doing fine – they have food for several weeks and they live in a world that is constantly paying millions of dollars to save suicidal idiots who would have been dead for many years in a meritocratic society.

A Chinese icebreaker named Snow Dragon (MV Xue Long) was sent to liberate the Russian vessel. However, this Chinese boat can only penetrate through the ice that is about 1.5 meters thick – and the thickness is 3-4 meters at many places, as I have mentioned. So the Chinese gave it up two days ago – while being about 30 km from the Russian vessel.

Another possible savior was Aurora Australis but this vessel is also giving it up because it can also penetrate through the ice that is at most 1.5 meters thick – and the actual ice is thicker. Interestingly enough, Aurora Australis was stuck in the ice last month, too. The French icebreaker Astrolabe gave it up, too. So it seems likely that the next plan will be to evacuate the passengers of the Akademik Shokalskiy by a helicopter carried on board of the Snow Dragon. Evacuating 68 people by a helicopter over tens of miles costs something but our postmodern society always saves irresponsible alarmists.

I don't really understand the economy of all these expeditions – pretty much every other expedition like that turns out to be twice more expensive than planned. I urge all the rich people who are paying for that: Couldn't you please let some of these irresponsible people die? Thank you very much! It would be nice if crossing a street in your town became safer again than a crazy trip to the freezing waters of Antarctica!

Someone might think that my wishes are cruel. However, death is the only factor that may impose an upper bound on these bastards' otherwise unlimited dishonesty. It's apparently the only factor that can stop their lies. Without this factor, they are bound to return to the civilization, regain their chutzpath, preach about global warming, and destroy and steal hundreds of billions of additional dollars from the mankind, something that will indirectly causes thousands of additional deaths.

On the other hand, someone else doesn't deserve what he's undergoing now: F1 champion Michael Schumacher. Just a month ago, he would shoot this Mercedes ad which was all about safety. As you can see between 1:32 and 2:05, he was able to hit the brakes and stop his 2014 Mercedes C-Class centimeters away from the Czech überpresident Václav Klaus (who will deliver a New Year Address in two days, instead of the current acting president). Unfortunately, it turned out that the helmet wasn't as great a guarantee of safety as the Mercedes' anti-collision automatic breaking system (which is also built into Škoda Citigo and other cars). After an Alpine skiing accident, he remains in coma and critical condition in a hospital.

See a four-minute video on off-piste runs in Meribel, France where Michael Schumacher had the accident. It looks sort of dangerous but not extreme.


  1. Good morning, Lubos, and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.
    I see a symmetry: hundred$ of million$ donated to 'environmental' group$ by a recently deceased NY businessman ~= expensive death-delayal$. USA and other taxe$ levied on job-creators, on their endeavors and their employees might, on examination, approach rescue costs. Further, there are more-worthy endeavors; maybe the eco-jihadists seek martyrdom; we certainly need examples of compassion, even when financed by tax/theft.
    However, I think your thoughts represent few conservatives. The ability to rescue dogs of the street and of purple journalism exists; these teams and equipment need practice for genuine emergencies: those attention-seekers aboard the 'tourist' ship will live another day, and we hope will continue their ironic entertainment.

  2. Unabashed denierDec 30, 2013, 4:13:00 PM

    Lubos thank you for your brutal honesty and refreshing candor. Happy New Year.

  3. “I think that the Guardian is behaving as unprofessionally when it offers this guy's texts as "science journalism" as a retailer who sells excrements as salami.”

    Probably you meant “as professionally”. Both “the Guardian” and the excrement salesman are professional conmen; it’s the buyers of their product who are rank amateurs.

  4. LOL, you can say it in this way. I still prefer the adjective "unprofessional" over "professional" for someone who sells inedible food because I am assuming that he will be driven out of business. But this assumption may very well be incorrect, I admit.

  5. just like watching naive kids playing , so entertaining and refreshing.

  6. Weather (what we see) is not climate (the Carbon Tax on Everything). If we surrender everything of value we possess to a greater goal, that goal will be ours never to receive.

    The Devil delivers up front, then has a time payment plan. If the Devil bobbles the endgame, no problem.

  7. A professional conman need not sell just one fake product. The same is true of the Guardian. There was a time I can still recall when they were peddling “nuclear winter”. I will not be surprised if they something similar in the future.

  8. Hi, is there any word on who will have to pay for their rescue? Will they receive a bill?

  9. Aren't they burning fossil fuels on their little junket? Aren't fossil fuels going to be burned to rescue them?
    Aren't fossil fuels what are "destroying the planet?"

    Let 'em freeze.

  10. These carbon bigots are pathetic. So what DO their models have to say about the dramatic increases of ice in Antartica?

    Poor Micheal Schumacher. I hope he makes it.

  11. LOL, that's exactly what should take place. It would be a pretty expensive bill. I think that Al Gore would have to bail them out.

  12. MoptopTheLibertarianDec 30, 2013, 10:06:00 PM

    I saw at least one warmie claim in a comment thread that the expanding sea ice near Antarctica was due to the freshening of the sea water on account of the glaciers melting.

  13. I understand the Aussies generally refer to people rescued from the ocean as boat people. They usually take boat people to Christmas Island or Nauru for confinement until they are permitted to enter Australia.

    Perhaps they might do the same with this group with an IQ test thrown in for good measure.

  14. This was bloodily funny (via WUWT/@TheRedRag )

  15. Interesting article:

    "No, they had not reached Mawson Hut by ship, but by Argo! Some 40 miles from their destination, they unloaded their ATVs and trekked the last 65 km to reach their destination."

  16. Nothing but a Ship of Fools:

  17. Just nitpicking .. the Ship of Fools is attempting to retrace Sir Mawson's first expedition, 1912. 83 years ago refers to his second expedition.

    Happy New Year to all.

  18. Happy new year, Luboš, and to all your fans too! Best wishes for 2014.

    'Moving on', as the plug-fugly-speakers say...

    I don't suppose all warmists will die of hypothermia in 2014, but that lot stuck in the Antarctic ice would make a good start to the new year. No?

    Here's hoping... :)

    By the way: "I think that the Guardian is behaving as unprofessionally when it offers this guy's texts as "science journalism" as a retailer who sells excrements as salami."

    I'm a little surprised at that one. You kind of imply that that filthy stinking red al beeboid house rag could ever act in a manner that one might respectably describe as professional. It's not even fit to wipe arseholes. My dog's shit's got more integrity and personal appeal. You're too generous. 0/10. See me. :)

  19. What a group of cretins! They are being held hostages by their own stupidity.

  20. Unfortunately, these cretins like it and are sure they will be saved. They're profiteering out of this stuff a lot.

    The boss of the expedition is Chris Turney, "professor of climate change". At the same time, he and his close relatives hold 18% in a company "reducing carbon emissions" Carbonscape Holdings Ltd

    Tim Flannery has some share in the company, too. Apparently, it's not considered a clash of interest to be doing a research of "climate change" as a professor and to hold 18% of a carbon indulgences company.

    These people have no morality. It's a shame that China has paid and will still pay millions to save their lives even though they will work hard to destroy trillions of China's - and others' - wealth in the future.

  21. I have a question that you might be able to help me with. I once read about how the crust of the Earth at the Amazon basin rises and falls about 2 metres each year due to anual flooding. I was wondering if there have been any studies on other parts of the crust such as the crust under the sea floor. If it was possible to melt the North Pole would the extra weight in the ocean cause the crust to bend and cause sea levels to drop?

  22. For what it's worth. There is an issue with the "global sea level" who many people tend to dismiss. I refer to "locality" of this level, given it's referred to the geoid, and this by definition, is a purely local value (basically depends on the density of the materials that exist under each point), therefore, increases or decreases in sea level may be due to changes in the geoid (or movements earth crust) or even to the accuracy of the calculation. So if the temperature is a pretty poor variable (in order to measure the global warming) when transformed into global, the effect is even more serious when we speak of "global sea level". The downside (for the alarmists) is that there are no way to blame the man of tectonic movements.

  23. "If it was possible to melt the North Pole would the extra weight in the ocean cause the crust to bend and cause sea levels to drop?" — Jitter

    Ah, a comedian! Or maybe a troll? Either way, it's a nice wind-up. Be careful though. Luboš can be quite vicious. :)

    On seconds thoughts maybe you're serious. If so, try this experiment. Fill a large glass with water and float some ice cubes in it. The more you can pack in the better, but make sure they're all floating and not resting on the bottom. Carefully mark the level of the water. Wait for the ice to melt and go back and check the water level to see how much it has changed.

    While you're waiting look up Archimdedes' Principle.

    Hint: What extra weight? :)

  24. Sorry my geography is not that good. I was thinking more of glaciers in greenland etc. Maybe I should use the words Arctic circle. If I changed it to the South pole will that help me? ps. I might be in more trouble, it turnsout that the first link in a search comes up with only a 3 inch fall.

  25. Haha! OK.

    I'm not a geologist so I wouldn't have a clue. But on general grounds I'd imagine there are lots of factors that need to be taken into account (like those mentioned by Eclectikus below) so I suspect there's no simple way of telling ahead of time anyway. I also suspect that geologists simply wouldn't know anyway because of lack of data on all these factors. Dunno.

    I've heard that Scotland and, more significantly (I think), parts of Scandinavia are still rebounding up from the last glaciation, whereas Southern Britain is sinking. (But the latter is probably due mostly to the influx of all those hideously alien turd-world diversoids whom none of us wants living anywhere near us and preferably no closer than at least a few million miles.) I doubt that any geologist worked these facts out beforehand as their subject of study strikes me as necessarily dependent very much on a 'suck-it-and-see' empirical approach and having to make do with what current technology can get them in the way of data, for now.

    I think your best approach to finding the correct answer is to ask a greentard and take the opposite of what he says as the truth. This seems to work a treat with everything else they say.

    I hope I have shed light into the darkness for you. :)


    Luboš, I don't know whether you are aware of this but on Apple's iDevices* the "see more" button at the bottom of comments long enough to merit its use is no longer visible on the full web version and hasn't been for at least a month or more, so it is not possible to read such comments in full (in the web version anyway). I was rather hoping that by doing nothing the problem would simply disappear but it seems this energy-efficient approach hasn't worked so far.

    Is there any chance you could do something about it?

    Do you think if any of those ice-bound greentards down in Antarctica makes it back to Guardian HQ then disembowelling a few of them on the top of a trilith at Stonehenge with a flint axe at sunrise might sort the problem out? If all else fails I think it would be worth a try. I'm sure the Great Gaia would look down on us favourably. :)


    * iPads and iPhones, at least.

  27. Not visible except on very close inspection you may be able to see that it is there but of almost same color as background.
    However if you touch the blank gap it will work.

  28. Thanks, Rehbok. You're right.

    I'm colour blind*. But I should have thought of that — it's a standard occupational hazard! Doh!

    * Apparently I'm genetically not very receptive to reds. Damned right, I'm not! :)

  29. Here's a significant update, which the last time I looked hasn't been noticed by Anthony yet.

    Helicopter rescue delayed as the Chinese rescue ship has become trapped in the ice.

    (giving this to you so you can scoop em)

  30. After this blundering mess, it looks like Prof. Chris Turkey will soon be joining Stefan Loondowsky in the Climate Idiots Hall of Fame.

  31. The entire expedition should win the Darwin Award. :-)