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Crippling of Czechia by the emergent left-wing government begins

While I emotionally prefer self-confident and readable right-wing Klaus-like governments, I actually do enjoy the life under technocratic and nominally "apolitical" governments, too. They feel that they are lacking some of the political support which is why they don't dare to intervene into people's lives too much. Sometimes they allow the citizens to enjoy more freedom they were used to.

Technocratic governments may also adopt responsible attitudes like the reduction of the welfare and other things that are needed, right, but unpopular among many voters – because their goal isn't to look for the political support of these people during the next elections.

The future prime minister Comrade Sobotka plans to suck blood out of all the "classes" and companeis that are unlikely to vote for his social democrats.

The relatively happy era of the apolitical Jiří Rusnok's government is slowly approaching its final days. Right-wing parties have made lots of mistakes – including their de facto support for the early elections by which the Left came to power a year before the original, fair schedule. They have been apologizing for things they haven't done and for good things they have done and so on. The Czech nation is going to pay dearly very soon.

There is an emergent government of the social democrats led by a fanatic leftist called Mr Sobotka (ČSSD, the senior party), the unreadable party ANO ["YES", also an acronym for the "Party of an Unhinged Citizen"] led by the superwealthy (food industry) former communist secret agent Mr Babiš, and the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL, now led by Mr Bělobrádek) that are just two cherries on the socialist pie.

The latest developments make it pretty clear that ANO and KDU-ČSL are just irrelevant puppets who won't hesitate to lick any part of Comrade Sobotka's rectum if it allows them to get a few government jobs.

So this emergent left-wing government has already revealed some points of their coalition treaty – one which makes it very clear why all the decent people in the world despise this populist bureaucratic Marxist scum and the subpar voters who harbor them.

A decent party at least declares that it wants to simplify the tax code and so on; some really good ones even make actual steps in this direction. Sobotka's emerging government will do everything to introduce imbalances, useless and unfair complexities, and asystemic solutions everywhere.

For several years, people would be paying a small fee to the healthcare system – like $1.50 for a visit to the physician and $1.50 for each prescription. These fees would exert a pressure to reduce the number of unnecessary visits to a doctor, they would reduce the waiting time, and they would actually bring a not quite negligible contribution to the public or health insurance companies' budgets.

This fee is going to be canceled. Fine. It's not surprising because the social democrats are the first ones to display lots of nostalgia about all the wonderful things that were free during communism.

But there are much worse things they are preparing. For example, the value-added tax has two rates right now and they are close enough to one another (15%, 21%) so that one could hope that they would soon be merged into one universal value-added tax rate. Even the bureaucratic European Union more or less assumes that every member state has at most two rates for the value-added tax.

The soon-to-be-born left-wing government is planning to introduce a third rate of the value-added tax, one that will selectively save some money "mostly" to the chronic voters of the socialist and communist parties. The intrinsic unfairness of these multiple rates is something that these dirty socialist and communist bastards sell as a virtue – which is not hard because their only task is to sell these lies to the socialist voters who actually benefit. The substantial complications that the triple-rate accounting will bring to every company and every self-employed person in the country is something they wouldn't care about at all.

When it comes to these imbalances, they are also debating (but haven't yet agreed about) the "sector taxes" – selective higher tax rates paid by some sectors that the communist and socialist scum considers to be "particularly evil capitalists getting profits for free" such as the banking, telecommunication, and power industries. Distasteful. Mr Babiš seems inclined to okay such a skewed approach because his agriculture and food industry is among those that are not punished.

The minimal wage is going to be increased, thus threatening many jobs, but that's among the lesser problems.

However, the main targets of these coming revolutionaries are the small entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. At the beginning of 2013, the shadow socialist finance minister Mr Jan Mládek declared self-employed people to be "parasites" because they don't pay enough to the tax office (the fact that they're not really getting much from the government was neglected). The lawsuits against him for his hateful lies directed against a group of people (which is illegal in general) were unsuccessful.

So now the criminal likes of Comrade Mládek are allowed not just to say these atrocious lies; they are allowed to act, too. So they have agreed with the communist secret agents and other asslickers that there will be a minimum tax over $1,000 that you pay even if you're in red numbers and especially if you're in red numbers – but only if you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed person. The true parasites – the heart of the social democratic party's electorate – will pay nothing if it generates no profit. On the contrary, it will be paid lots of money collected from the entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

The tax from non-existing profits (paid even from non-existing revenues) is a clear "punishment" for the "sin" of being independent of the government octopus. The (now very weakened but Parliamentary) Civic Democratic Party reacted by saying that social democrats really want to destroy entrepreneurs, as previously promised by Mr Mládek. The Free Citizen Party (SSO) added some joke – it said that the policy to fight against tax evasion in this way is analogous to forcing each citizen to spend a certain time in the prison because the government isn't capable of catching all criminals. ;-)

The profound injustice of such an arrangement is self-evident. However, such an arrangement is also bad for the finances of the country. The entrepreneurs who are struggling or producing a small profit or no profit may register themselves as unemployed ones – it will be better for them (or they will be literally and existentially forced to do so) which means that the government will pay them money (instead of at least having some chance to collect the money in the future). With an increasing number of people determined to be dependent on the government's fees, the parties supporting similar monstrosities will de facto guarantee a permanent license to power. Greece has shown us where this system leads in practice but Benjamin Franklin knew about this outcome 2+ centuries earlier: "When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic."

Comrade Sobotka doesn't have to care about deficits. After all, he was the finance minister between 2002 and 2006, overseeing budget deficits that were larger than the post-crisis ones and that doubled the public debt of Czechia just in four years. Instead of being executed, he was de facto given a green card to become the leader of the executive branch of the government.

The breathtaking arrogance of the leftists – the self-confidence with which they are eager to steal from some people (the classes of "foes") to support the people who lick their asses – hasn't really dropped much since Stalin's times. I hate them. I am angry at all the citizens who have allowed this trash to contaminate most of the Czech Parliament.

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