Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Neoworx, neocounter: RIP

I thought that the Neocounter in the right lower sidebar was the prettiest visitor counter on the market – because of the many types of geographic statistics and the pretty animations that many of you were surely hating (and you will cynically celebrate a few seconds by which the website speeds up!) – and I was paying over $50 annually for that reason. However, I was an exception and the counters went out of business today.

Your humble correspondent probably had an obsolete primary e-mail address in the database. However, other users received the following e-mail today:
Dear user,

It saddens me to inform you that after 9 years of services, I am stopping my web counter activity. The shift from blogs to social networks and the overwhelming competition of free services has dramatically decreased my customer base to the point where I can no longer pay for the hosting of my servers.

I will do my best to refund you pro rata of the time elapsed since your last payment. Please wait for an email from the designated company liquidator.

I thank you wholeheartedly for the interest you have shown in my products during all these years. It was a great adventure for me.

Please find here-after your most recent visitor count. I am sure that you will find a suitable replacement for my counters.

Well, I would like my list or database. In total, the counter was showing almost 10 million visits from something like 240 countries – many more than the folks in the United Nations are able to enumerate. ;-)

I will have to remove the counter code that is embedded at a few places of the template and replace the flag icons that I was using as symbols for translations of the blog posts and related things. (Done, but I won't spend a whole day by looking for the nice pirate we had, so good-bye, pirate. If you have a nice 18 x 12 pirate logo, let me know.)

Also, those of you who are using the 7 dynamic views are experiencing a rather serious problem: they are completely blank. It is a Blogger bug and they say that Google is working on a fix. I am not sure whether it means that a fix will be found in a foreseeable future.

P.S.: Right now, I am removing a sidebar widget titled "Country prints" below (the embedded HTML is included mostly for me so that I have a chance to find the original source in the future if I needed it):

Country prints

The countries are ordered according to their civilization indices: the immediate index and the overall index.

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Now, I am renaming the sidebar widget "Inspired nations" to "Some physics at Amazon" and removing the Neocounter-producing code at the beginning:


Hover: where to click above

Some physics at Amazon

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