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Israel joins CERN

For the first time since 1999, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has accepted a new (21st) full member.

CERN press release, Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, Interactions.ORG
Israel culturally belongs to Europe and the work of the Israeli physicists is actually very important so the expansion seems like a no-brainer even though Israel is currently the only full member from outside geographic Europe.

Aside from the slight Asian "accent", Hatikvah sounds more or less "ours", especially to Czech ears that recognize the theme borrowed from Smetana's Moldau.

The membership became official when the parties filled some paperwork in UNESCO – the cultural arm of the United Nations. While Israel (and Palestine) are members of UNESCO, I needed to explain the meaning of UNESCO to my dear American readers because they're not members; America can't afford the member fees.

Foreign minister Avigdor Liberman represented Israel at the ceremony.

Aside from the world, there also exists the antiworld where everything is anti-. For example, there is antiphysics in that world that is studied by anti-Semites. ;-)

Among 12 Nobel prizes awarded to Israeli citizens so far, none of them is actually for physics. However, 20% of Nobel prizes have been given to Jews, an overrepresentation by a factor of 100 relatively to their percentage 0.2% in the population. That includes about 52 Jewish Nobel prize winners in physics.

Welcome, Israel.

Israel's role in the birth of ATLAS.

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snail feedback (5) :

reader layphys said...

More than 20%
look here:

reader Uncle Al said...

Social activism demands Jews are hogging Nobels. What folks would be less likely to be hogging anything?
Identify newborns who will violate compulsory degradative egalitarianism. Heavily funded ethnic studies extend the reach of National Soci...uh oh.

reader DvtheDv said...

Excellent news! Would have wished Avigdor Lieberman did not represent them in the ceremony, however. He is a pretty thuggish, brutal, and corrupt politician who (in my opinion) in no way represents the ideals upon which the state of Israel was founded.

reader lucretius said...

Of course the exact number depends on the definition of "Jew", a notorious problem. This site includes anyone with one Jewish parent (so that would include both me and Vladimir Zhirinovsky ;-) ). Jewish religious law allows only inheritance of Jewishness from the mother (and, of course, conversion, which however Judaism discourages).

In addition, after some struggle, certain religious groups such as the Falasha (or Beta Israel) in Ethiopia and the Bnei Menashe in India got recognised as "Jews" in Israel, although DNA tests have shown no relation between these people's and Jews.

By the way, DNA tests have shown strong genetic relationship between Ashkenazi (European) Jews, Sephradi (originally Spanish) Jews and Mezrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews, but they also have shown that the early Jewish immigrants to Europe tended to marry non-Jewish women.

reader TheDOC said...

This brings up a question I have always had. Why is it that European Jewish communities (Ashkenazi) generally have fairer skin than the 'original' Jews (I am assuming these original Jews are closely related to the Mezrahi)?

Might it be because very few Mezrahi migrated to Europe and since only one's mother needs to be Jewish, Judaism can 'spread' deeper and faster than the genes of the Mezrahi?

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