Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Palestinian ambassador to Prague lethally played with explosives

The year 2014 began dramatically in Prague. The top Palestinian diplomat in Czechia, Jamel Mohammed al-Jamal, was playing with a safebox in his new residence next to the embassy at the International Street, Prague-Suchdol.

The Palestinian ambassador with the new (tall) Czech president Miloš Zeman

The safebox was moved to the new residence from the offices of the old Palestinian embassy. At some moment, while he was playing, the explosives in the safebox detonated. He was moved to a hospital where he died in the afternoon, due to injuries that were incompatible with life.

His wife spent a few hours in the hospital, due to her shocks and possible poisoning by the smoke, but she is OK.

Yesterday, I didn't even know that Palestine had an "embassy" in the Czech Republic. He's been serving since October. At the very beginning of his job, the new ambassador criticized President Zeman (see both on the picture above) for Zeman's plans to move the Czech embassy in Israel into Jerusalem.

Zeman could have been upset about this guy – fortunately, no one seems to be accusing Zeman or any other Czech (or Israeli, for that matter). The media in Muslim countries don't even try to suggest a foul play, as far as I was able to see.

Czech police claims that it has pretty much eliminated the possibility of an assassination or a terrorist attack; it was an accident. Because the accusations against "us" are absent, it is a good idea to think about others who have violated some rules. Well, the Palestinians have violated the Vienna Convention that doesn't allow explosives at embassies.

Karel Gott singing and "dancing" his song Safebox, 1964. The lyrics doesn't rhyme too well in English: From the wall, a dark hole in the safebox is stupidly gazing at me. I can therefore recognize without problems that something is undoubtedly missing over there. In fact, a large steel safebox inherited from the grandpa was embedded in the wall. It seems that my loss is apparently minimal. Even though I accidentally became a trophy of a passionate lady in a shop and she was claiming that she wouldn't raise my expenses much, don't worry, oh yeah yeah yeah, she was behaving like a swine back in my villa. For her to gain the right climate, I placed her into the safebox, to allow her to snooze peacefully. I haven't been able to sleep for five nights but it's not because of my sorrow over the loss. Instead, I am dying of fear that the safe-cracker will return the loot.

The explosive system is said to be a part of a safety of the safebox. The safe could have been hiding some sensitive documents, for example pictures of Arafat in sensitive positions, or something like that, so that it was important to prevent all unauthorized personnel from seeing the content – even if it means to kill them.

Alternatively, Palestinian embassies may be routinely used as explosive warehouses.

Update, January 2nd: The embassy's spokesman claimed that the 25-to-30-year-old safebox has been used on a daily basis. On the contrary, an internal Palestinian ministry claimed that the safebox hadn't been used for decades. Sources in Prague say that the ambassador wanted to write down the content of the safebox and his wife was helping him. He took something out of the safe but another thing caused the explosion.

Perhaps more importantly, the Czech police now says that they have discovered weapons in the building that would be enough for arming a small unit. So I would say that if this were an assassination, it was probably performed by some other Arabs. And the explosives' primary purpose was "probably" the same as the purpose of the guns – to kill the people, I guess.

This is not the first time when an embassy in Czechia was shown to harbor lots of weapons. In 2003, a decade ago, the Iraqi embassy was found to contain lots of weapons that were prepared for the attack against Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty which would broadcast from Prague to Iraq, too. The Saddam-planned terrorist attack was foiled.



    All is explained in the top video. He found Al Gore's lock box.

  2. Putting explosives in a safe, where temperatures are quite unpredictable and then moving the safe with the explosives in it contradicts basic safety rules.
    Did they not teach this poor guy anything?
    If the need is to destroy incriminating content, a thermite charge is much safer and more effective.

  3. We have insufficient information to reach conclusions. I do not doubt that it could have been an accident. I do not accept as easily that the explosives would be to secure the safe. Seems more plausible that these explosives were intended to be used as a bomb.

  4. You think he knew there were explosives in the box?

  5. Luboš, Upon beginning reading this latest post of yours I called my wife to the room so she could at the same time become aware of this revelation. When we scrolled down it was apparent that your view was shared by us here reading your report in Sweden. There do not seem to be any updates to your article. With the Top Palestinian(Jamel Mohammed al-Jamal) dispersed over Prague and the plans for parades, homage and declarations of national days of mourning the middle, next lower or bottom Palestinian in Prague has not been announced. (Happy New Year Luboš to you, your family and all you share your wonderful posts with here at The Reference Frame) -Paul

  6. I have no idea - probably not.

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  9. Palestinians usually call this type of event a "workplace accident". It happens all the time in Gaza and the West bank. If they are not blaming Israel, it means there is no other explanation.

  10. Palestinians usually call this type of event a "workplace accident". It happens all the time in Gaza and the West bank. If they are not blaming Israel, it means there is no other explanation.

  11. The neighbours seem to have had enough of this particular "peace process":

  12. A belated happy new year to you Lubos.

    I find it difficult, in fact impossible to be upset about the death of another muslim. They are a scourge to civilization.