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Live air traffic map

Many of us like realtime maps, like the global wind map (updated every 3 hours).

Gene sent me a link to a mesmerizing truly realtime map of commercial aircraft all over the globe:

Flight radar 24: realtime air traffic map
The map offers you about 6 types of the background (map/satellite etc.: see the menus in the upper right corner). If you hover over a yellow jet, you will learn the name of the flight. If you click at the yellow aircraft, you will be shown additional data about the flight as well as the full trajectory. (Yellow jets are realtime, orange jets are delayed by 5 minutes.)

My challenge is the following: try to predict 2 airplanes above your head.

Once you have seen your 2nd airplane whose direction was predicted within 30 degrees and whose timing in your area was predicted within 20 seconds, you should boast here.

If you predict a head-to-head collision of two airplanes, you should call the authorities before the expected incident and you will become a true hero. ;-)

Readers who will spot an aircraft in unexpected locations such as North Korea will win a bonus prize of 20 North Korean Wons ($0).

There exist similar maps with realtime marine traffic.

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