Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gerald Guralnik (1936-2014)

Gerald Guralnik, a senior physicist at Brown University, died on Saturday: PBS. Along with Carl Hagen and Tom Kibble, he wrote one of the 1964 papers that introduced the Englert-Brout-Higgs-Guralnik-Hagen-Kibble mechanism, or the Higgs mechanism for short, into particle physics.

I was giving a talk at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island in March 2002 (on the bus, it's 50 minutes from Boston, if I am not mistaken) and I believe that he came to the talk but it's a long time ago and I don't remember for certain.

Guralnik wrote some other other well-known papers about QCD, hadrons, pions, glueballs, and transitions. As you know, the theoretical God particle Nobel prize went to Englert and Higgs only. Another pioneer of the God mechanism, Robert Brout, died in 2011.

Guralnik was also one of the early enthusiastic supporters of numerical approaches to quantum field theory.

The paper on the God mechanism – which remained the only renowned paper that he has co-authored – seems extremely conservative and straightforward today. We have already gotten used to this kind of quantum field theories. Non-Abelian gauge theories belong to what we consider the "most generic" quantum field theories today and a spontaneously broken gauge symmetry is one of the "most frequent" fates that a gauge symmetry may undergo.

A six-minute CERN interview with Guralnik from July 3rd, 2012: hours before the Higgs boson discovery was announced (Guralnik was present in the audience).

But even such ideas used to be controversial among some people, including the most achieved ones. In one of his essays, Guralnik wrote that Werner Heisenberg (and Robert Marshak) told Guralnik that this kind of work (breaking of gauge symmetries) were "junk" and Guralnik should have switched to something else if he had wanted to survive in the Academia. You may watch a one-hour 2013 talk by Guralnik about heresies in physics. Well, Heisenberg and Marshak were wrong.

RIP Prof Guralnik.


  1. Providence is about 50 miles from Boston. One day in my youth, I got it into my head to drive to Providence - no particular reason - just to see it - and I did. I was shocked by the short distance since, hey, it's in another state. :-)

  2. Exactly - one is there faster than from Pilsen to Prague, and those are very close indeed (and in the same state).

    In the middle of Texas, it's harder to see another state.

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  4. Hmmm. It's often said but I think that at his age, very close to normal life expectancy, it cannot be counted as "untimely".

    Iveta Bartosova's death was untimely!

  5. kashyap vasavadaApr 29, 2014, 6:10:00 PM

    Well Lubos! These days people live until late nineties.I am only one year younger than him. So I will not say his death is timely! Yes Iveta's death was also quite untimely. Any way I hope you live well past into your nineties and continue blogging.You are doing a great job.

  6. LOL, maybe I will do other things if I manage to live longer, too.

    You're lucky and I know and knew numerous people above 90 - doing fine. On the other hand, the life expectancy for U.S. men is still just 77, exactly the age when he died:


  7. kashyap vasavadaApr 29, 2014, 7:30:00 PM

    I agree sort of. But one number is not enough for this conclusion. This number probably includes child mortality, substance abuse, violent deaths, poverty, lack of good nutrition for some groups,
    overweight, lack of good medical care and in general unhealthy lifestyle. It is said that once you get past 65, you have good lifestyle and use medical care without delay, the life expectancy changes dramatically.

  8. One's life expectancy at all ages is non-zero. So whenever death comes it's always 'untimely'.

    For some unfortunately, like your fellow countrywoman Iveta Bartošová, it's untimeliness is excessive.

    The trick is to minimise the excess.

  9. LOL, right, substance abuse, child mortality, and diseases lower the life expectancy.

    There are also many things that increase it - like patient doctors in the hospital. Do you realize that by cherry-picking the "negative things" in the previous paragraph, you're just deliberately skewing what is the "normal age to die"?

    The life expectancy for people of age 65 is higher than 65, for those at 77, it is higher than 77, and for those who are 110, it is longer than 110 years, too. By interpreting this observation a bit less carefully, one could argue that people are immortal. ;-)

  10. LOL, a good try. But look, for example, what are the 4 bestselling models of cell phones in Czechia:

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    To talk about defending national interests while effectively claiming to be a 'firm member' of an organisation devoted to the elimination of the sovereignty of the nation state and its replacement by an unaccountable supranational government, namely itself—seems more than oxymoronic to me.

    Maybe you have laid your views out on this elsewhere. If so, I'd be grateful if you would provide a link. If not, then maybe you could briefly outline them.

    Incidentally, I didn't, and don't, blame new accession countries jumping in and grabbing EU subsidies while the getting is good. That's rational self-interest, up to a point. Up to the point where they lose their countries.

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  17. Here is one of Gerry's last talks at Brown I think really outlines the mechanism and the times in 1963-64. Talk is before the 2013 Nobel was awarded.


    If anyone got screwed on October 8, 2013 it was Gerry. He was working on this issue prior to almost anyone. I give him credit stating this and pointing out his initial work (with Wally Gilbert) papers were first - and had mistakes that led to the publication delay of the GHK paper. Should have likely been out 5 months earlier as all pieces were in place but they triple checked everything and made sure the Goldstone avoidance was right.
    I know the EU/CERN people don't like this and the honest assessment he makes of the Higgs or BE papers but since very few compare the papers with the expertise of Gerry this video is informative.
    Gerry will be missed.

  18. If you deny that there's global warming occuring and that most of it is due to anthropogenic emissions , you're opposing about 97% of climate scientists . See , http://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus
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  19. I oppose these claims because they are mostly downright lies or at least distorted cherry-picked misinterpretations of unimportant truths and because the people who spread these lies are either fanatical dishonest ideologues or brainwashed morons. I oppose these lies vigorously because the reason why these lies are being propagated is that the aforementioned assholes want to use these lies to cripple most of the values of the modern world that I hold dear.

  20. Who are the brainwashed morons ? Climate scientists or NASA ?

  21. Dear Anna, I used the term "brainwashed moron" to be flattering towards the ethics of impressionable poultry such as yourself.

    I am

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