Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hooperon dark matter may be boosted by dwarf galaxies and even LUX

Exactly one month ago, I wrote about two dark matter stories: the proposal by Randall and Reece to link extinctions to dark matter; and some unusually strong (formally 40-sigma) signals supporting the existence of the hooperon, a WIMP dark matter particle candidate with mass between \(30\) and \(40\GeV\). (See Jester's classification of the tantalizing dark matter particle clues.)

Some sources of the gamma rays seem to clearly shine near the Galactic center (but almost 5,000 light years from the center) even if the known sources are removed.

Lisa Grossman of Nude Socialist (and Phys.ORG, among others) has summarized the story with a one-month hindsight now:
Best dark matter signal yet hints at heftier particles
Just to be sure, there is this signal near the Central Milky Way whose statistical significance is a staggering 40 standard deviations. However, this significance is useless if there is an alternative, so far overlooked explanation of the bright spot that is able to emulate the annihilating dark matter particle. This bright spot is discussed in the previously mentioned (at this blog) February 2014 paper by Hooper and 6 co-authors.

Hooper and two other co-authors have released a new paper a few days ago,
Simplified Dark Matter Models for the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
which is a survey of existing models that could be compatible with the signal. The second condition is that they don't conflict with the null results at the LHC which has tried to find the dark matter particle but it has found nothing so far. These seemingly "approximately" contradictory conditions turn out to be satisfied by numerous models in the literature, some of which also obey the third condition, the right thermal relic abundance (how many these particles are left if they are created thermally and then partly decay according to the rules prescribed by the theory).

Rather soon, we may see an official paper by the Fermi (telescope) collaboration that is, according to previous rumors leaked by Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, seeing the same signal in 25 dwarf galaxies. Simona Murgia of Irvine (and Fermi) tried to mask all the previous rumors but her body language has betrayed her. When you look at her when she's saying that other teams (such as "her" Fermi) are extremely important in deciding whether the signal is real and caused by dark matter, you may see in between the lines that they are seeing it, too. ;-)

The analogous October 2013 paper by Fermi (PRD) saw no excess.

In some sense, the observations of the excesses in other galaxies would be even "more independent" confirmations that there is something dark (chocolate?) inside the Milky Way and its cousins.

Hooper also reminds us that the direct dark matter search experiments, especially LUX, are not out of business yet. With more data, the probability is about 50% that LUX will discover the hooperon in early 2015. That would be really fascinating; this event may refuse to occur, too. Similar chances exist for the discovery during the LHC \(14\TeV\) run that will start in one year, too. Given the importance of Hooper of Fermilab and the Fermi telescope, let's hope that the hooperon will turn out to be a fermion. Most models of the WIMP do assume that it is a fermion.

Fermi galactic center zoom, via NASA...

If the existing hints will be explained by some mundane physics, the hooperon will have to be renamed to Whoops-Enron and we will have to jettison this excess baggage in order to make progress, as Murray Gell-Mann said in the Enron ad. :-)


  1. If you saw the nasty adds they throw in here you would be saying whoops too.

  2. Oops, what are they about? I haven't seen a bad ad on my screen for quite some time. You should know that the ads are being automatically adjusted to what Google thinks are your true personal interests and desires so maybe you shouldn't overgeneralize. ;-)

  3. This is off-topic but please Lubos could you make a post referencing all the books you used to reach this level of knowledge in both maths and physics? I would then be so merciful!!

  4. If that were true, they would display pictures of Snickers rather than Milky Way. Or even top shelf bourbon.

  5. Well the last one was a nasty looking lady with occultus written below. Dare not click it.

    The other common one is palm hand reading of lines. Why this comes up on a physics site I do not know.

    I do search for christian topics so maybe goggle is serving up the devil instead.


  6. I am curious what the neutrino spectrum will say about this. If the gammas come from annihilation to b b-bars ( as the paper with the 40 sigma guesses) there should be plenty of neutrinos with correlated spectrum coming out of the same galactic centers.

  7. hahaha good point

  8. LOL, just to be sure, the picture of the Milky Way chocolate bars is no ad, it is my "witty" picture illustrating the topic of the blog post. ;-)

  9. Dear Merci, you don't want to know the list. First of all, it's not necessarily true that I learned everything from books. Second, many of the books are forgotten books, Czech books, and even Russian books. And I don't know whether you really want to mimic me at all. ;-)

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    Let Richard Branson handle satellite launches.

  11. 1) Planck satellite: 68.3% dark energy, 26.8% dark matter, 4.9% baryonic matter
    2) Saturn's orbit encloses less than 1.7×10^(-10) M_solar dark matter. arXiv:1306.5534
    3) Reparameterize! Forever.

    A) Photon vacuum mirror symmetry assumed for matter (quarks) gives parity violations, symmetry breakings, chiral anomalies, Chern-Simons repair of Einstein-Hilbert action. Vacuum is observed trace chiral anisotropic toward hadrons.
    B) Noetherian coupling of exact vacuum isotropy to angular momentum conservation leaks Milgrom acceleration. No dark matter.
    C) Geometric Eötvös experiments verify. Two 20 gram sets of alpha-quartz single crystal test masses, space groups P3(1)21 versus P3(2)21, compare 6.68×10^22 pairs of opposite shoes (pairs of 9-atom enantiomorphic unit cells) embedded in a vacuum left foot.
    D) Vacuum chirality is quantitated, physics is rederived, revised string theory triumphs. Do it.

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  13. Dear Mike, you are completely confused. This article has nothing whatever to do with cutting or not cutting NASA's budget. It's about NASA's sanctions about Russia, the only country that is getting the U.S. astronauts - and cargo - to the high orbits these days.

  14. Here is another paper:

  15. That's interesting. They say that it's inevitable that all such particles are invisible at LUX - this seems to contradict Hooper's assertion in Nude Socialist.

  16. Hey Uncle al, this is off topic but what are your thoughts on aloe vera?

  17. wrong. the bullet cluster doesnt "work" with MoND, they've simply used their equation to construct a gravitational lensing map...i.e: doesnt explain the matter DM displacement.
    also you seem to be ignoring one small piece...the CMB!

  18. I actually quite like your answer, even though consider it "vague". Why don't you post your answer on PO?

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  25. I've recently started using the phrase "Crimes against Reality" to describe this willful nonscience .

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  26. That Fermi rumour doesn't really make sense. I'm told there isn't 25 unique dwarf galaxies that could give a detectable gamma excess. Plus only dwarf spheroidals are thought to have little/no point sources of gammas. Perhaps there are 12 near enough that they can stack together to see an excess?

  27. Dear Sam, I suppose that they just collectively studied the signals in all the standard 25 dwarf galaxies within the local group.

    These particular 25 galaxies have been studied in many other papers, see e.g.

    So it's plausible that some of them have the signal, others don't, but when combined, once sees a safe excess.

  28. Hi jdm, are you still interested in Physics Overflow? It's online...

  29. I wonder, if the new "Math Educators Stack Exchange" could succeed. The current moderation team includes quid, who is a very knowledgeable user on MathsOverflow too. I also often agree with almost everything he says in meta. He even told Dilaton in chat that telling MO about PhysicsOverflow, on meta, is completely on-topic.

    But maybe, the site MathsEdu.SE will be squashed down by Stack Exchange too. Its stats are doing well though, except for the rather poor (in the eyes of SE) number of questions per day.

  30. Good for them to have quid as a moderator, he really is a nice knowledgeable guy and I appreciate him a lot ... :-)

    If they manage to maintain a similar nice rather academic, free from SE typical political polutions, atmosphere as they have on Maths and MathOverflow, they may succeed. If they are lucky, the usual power driven SE opportunist are not that interested in the topic of the site and will therefore leave it alone ... ;-)

    They have to come to terms with the issue of not enough inflowing questions, or the Overlords will close it down. As the site topic is rather specialized too, they will not be much more patient or lenient than they have been towards Theoretical Physics SE ...

    I wish them all the best :-)

  31. Hi Lubos,

    I have noticed that you have not reclaimed your PhysicsOverflow account yet. Do you have a specific issue with PhysicsOverflow, or are you just busy?

  32. Hi, it's a great server, mostly busy, but sorry, I just didn't understand what I have to do to reclaim the account.

  33. Hi Lumo,

    as your account is due to the import of some of your posts already there

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    Thouse temporary login data would then be sent to you per mail, and after the first login you cound change your password as well as your email from the user page.

    I would happily do this for you, if you are interested ... ;-)

    BTW Urs Schreiber has already written some nice new posts, and he announced PhysicsOverflow on Google+ too :-)

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  34. Dear Dilaton, thanks, could you please send the new/temporary login data to my firstname.lastname at without diacritics? Thanks.

  35. We are now getting more than 50% more visits than TP.SE used to, and about 8 times more questions per day (excluding imports).

  36. Wow, is that right? Amazing! When the website talks about the number of views under imported questions, do they include the views at Stack Exchange or are they new visits?

  37. Ha ha yes :-)

    Polarkernel will probably write an analyse of our site statistics as a meta post on PhysicsOverflow and a post on our blog.

    The activity page looks quite fun at present, nicely stringy... :-D

  38. They are new visits : ) The number of views are not imported.

  39. Directly after the start of the public beta of PhysicsOverflow, we had some trouble with (Physics SE) calling PhysicsOverflow a phishing site, insinuating criminal intentions etc, which are now happily resolved. For now ...

    However the rough times and attacks by (Physics) SE seem not to be over yet, but their strategy has obviously changed. As it is clear now that the legality of PhysicsOverflow is watertight, they obviously change to harassing people who are members of PhysicsOverflow.

    For example Emilio Pisanthy wants to get people who have a link to PhysicsOverflow in their profile suspended

    and even though the moderators said something else in their answers, Emilion is obviously successfull with his witch hunt campaign and we have to mourn the first victim of this aggression

    Strange enough, shortly before this incident, David Z modified his answer to add a paragraph which motivates the suspension of users for the by Emilion suggested reason any time without explanation

    Of course, before Dimension10 tells us who did this to him, we can not know who is the culprit; it might be a higher order SE Guru too ...

    In my opinion, (Physics) suspends on PhysicsOverflow important and active members (who are not even active on Physics SE) with the intention to damage (the reputation of) PhysicsOverflow. They perfectly know what they are doing, that people will start to ask questions about it, etc ...

    And as nobody can check what happend from an independent point of view, (Physics) SE can invent the most defamating reasons and unfounded accusations why those people "had to be suspended" without anybody being able to proof that they have been eliminated for ridiculous no-issues (if a pretext is needed at all). There is no independent court that can be called to investigate from an independen point of view what has happend ...

    Even though all this is disgusting and (Physics) SE is showing its most darkest true colors and the power of its despotic high-handed tyranny once more, I think we should stick to our decision to keep such things out of PhysicsOverflow itself to keep the professionality. If we manage to keep our cool, any independent observer will see who is who in the course of time, which will make (Physics) SE look not particularly good ...

  40. No, this is not true. I was suspended because I tried to help question askers by linking to the imported question on PhysicsOverflow in a comment, as it is often the case that it gets answered (by Urs Schreiber, Arnold Neumaier, Ron Maimon, etc.) on PhysicsOverflow without the knowledge of the question askers. Manishearth was not happy with this because some of the question askers stopped participating on SE, and joined PhysicsOverflow. So he banned me for promotional content.

  41. Yes, I posted this before I obtained the clarification ...

    Nevertheless, I consider the initial accusation of being a phishing site and insinuation of criminal intentions of the founders, Emilio Pisanty s meta question, together with Manishearths quasi-perma banning you for doing nothing else then telling people that they have obtained an answer on their imported question on PhysicsOverflow as a disgusting act of agression. People flee from Physics SE rightly so when they here about the existance of an alternative.

    All of the too powerfull people on (Physics) SE know damn well, that when judged by an external independent (from SE) instance their banning of users for ridiculous no reasons at will, shrugging traces of their brutal and unjust deeds under the rug, and many other communist strategies they apply to control (no possibility for users to talk privately without the public and mods being able to see it ...) and heavily suppress the professional academic community, would be approved by such an independent investigation.

    I still feel tempted to write a Quora message to Manisheart to tell him that I know what he has done and why ...

    But thinking more rationally about it, this would not be a constructive way of using my time ... ;-)

  42. Yes sir (or ma'am)! When one thinks about your point - about the repeated inaccuracies, tropes, and out-and-out lies rubbering about cyberspace, as well as the nasty organized responses to expressions of dissent or lukewarmer misgivings - smug sneers dripping with withering dismissiveness and coined words such as "denialist" - one thinks of William Burroughs' word virus concept! It shine a brilliant light. The concept of CAWG (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming) is a cultural entity with a life of its own - a memeplex, as Andy West has elucidated in a long wonderful paper published a while back - which replicates in the mind of the host; a parasitical idea whose purpose is only to sustain itself and has nothing to do with any reality involving temperature, weather, or climate.

    Word is virus, and language is a parasite potentially from outer space.

  43. For those interested, the PhysicsOverflow answer on Meta Physics SE has now a positive net score (+6/-4 LOL) and people with an account there who are interested in making it really appear on the main page should provide 4 additional upvotes at least (assuming that there are no new donvotes)

    However, it may not be guaranteed that the moderators will not delete the answer as soon as it is attracting too many upvotes though ...
    From the comment thread below the answer, it can clearly be seen that some people there will never give up their hostile and agressive (remenber Emilio Pisanty was the one forcefully trying to get people who link to PO in their PSE profile into trouble too ...) attitude towards PhysicsOverflow. The only thing that would potentially stop the attacks of such people would be the disappearance of PhysicsOverflow ;-)

    To be honest, I was at first very astonished that people like Emilio Pisanty, whom I always considered to be a good physicist and a rather nice and reasonable guy (the second and third attribute he has clearly shown to not deserve), are capable of such an inappropriate aggressive and unprofessional behavior.

    Of course I have my very strong disagreements with things and people on (P)SE as everybody knows, but I would never go as far as seriously insinuating criminal intentions etc of people there.

    In fact, since PhysicsOverflow is up and running, I care no longer seriously about what they are doing there (it they are not seriously attacking PhysicsOverflow). In fact, bad things that drive good people away might even prove not really bad for other places in a larger scheme at the end ... ;-)