Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Iveta Bartošová (1966-2014): murdered by tabloid hyenas

Once best Czech female singer a victim of greedy tabloid journalists

I admit that this sad event fills me with much stronger emotions than the death of Gerald Guralnik – who had an appropriate age to die.

Buttons of Love, 1983

Iveta Bartošová (CZ, YouTube search) – who was voted the best Czechoslovak female singer (The Golden Nightingale) three times, in 1986, 1990, 1991 – committed suicide after a decade in which it was hunted by scum journalists from the tabloid media. She jumped under the train in Uhříněves (a village on the Southeastern border of Prague) today.

She was born in Čeladná, the Beskids Mountains, in 1966. This good child athlete etc. entered the popular music around 1983. At the beginning, her most successful songs were sung along with Mr Petr Sepéši, check this 1983-1985 playlist. I hope you didn't expect some Stalinist-style music. Despite the advanced socialism, this genre wasn't far from the mainstream pop music of the 1980s.

I would say that to a large extent, Iveta was so successful because she was an extraordinarily beautiful ordinary girl who could sing. It doesn't mean that she had some serious flaws as a musician; but I would say, she was no genius, either. People like me still loved her songs (which was arguably due to the composers) and the way she performed them (it's about her). She was 7 years older than me but I would still view her as a sex symbol of a sort. That status of hers was much more obvious among many older men. For example, around 1985, my dad taught me that I was always obliged to have a handkerchief in the pocket so that "Iveta may borrow it if you meet her and she needs one".

In July 1985, Sepéši died in a tragic railway accident. Yes, I would guess that it was no coincidence that Iveta chose the train as her preferred tool of suicide today. Aside from "Buttons of Love" (above), they recorded hits such as "I Am Turning Red", "Honey Days" (better audio), "We Will Manage To Do It", "A Miracle May Happen", and others.

Iveta was recovering for several months but then she returned to work. I think that her most influential song in 1986 was The Summer. Around 1987, she began to cooperate with Ladislav Štaidl's orchestra which brought her into her Golden Epoch. Ladislav Štaidl himself became her friend with benefits for many years (I suppose that Štaidl has been married to someone else for quite some time; he was a major supporter of Iveta in recent troubled years, anyway). They also have a son, Artur (*1996).

Two dozens of songs became top-tier hits of hers: "Those Folks Don't Know Me Well", "You Know, My Love", "Two Years' Vacations", "Extend Your Hand To Me" (also English version), "When Love Is Missing", "Do Attack By Love", "Silent Song" (also English version), "P.S.", "Do Unfold, Flower-Bud", "I Am Increasingly Missing You", "My Love Is a Law", "It Is Dawn", "Midnight Reconciliation", "Wenceslaus Square", "Juanita". She would win many contests, release CDs (including one that was international; check an English-sung playlist).

My Love is a Law, 1987

Her popularity continued after the fall of communism but the number of hits decreased a bit. Nevertheless, in 1992, your humble correspondent would wait in a line on Wenceslaus Square for 30 minutes to get her signature. You wouldn't expect me to do similar things, would you? ;-) When it was my time, I told her: "Wow, you really exist. I thought that you were just a character from the fairy tales." And she would answer, rather wittily, "Nope, I was produced out of plastic materials."

In 1996, she gave the birth to son Artur (with Štaidl). She returned to business already in 1997 and performed in many musicals including the very popular Czech ones, Dracula, Grease, Grandpa Frost, Miss Saigon, Miserables, Joan of Arc...

Shortly after 2000, she would have some increasing trouble in her personal life and the parasitic tabloid press was gradually discovering her as a source of unlimited income. She would have to take some antidepressants and became slightly addicted to them. When they were not strong enough, she would drink some alcohol. Sometimes she would be found in not quite luxurious situations – including psychiatric asylums – and her appearance was imperfect. I don't think that this description of mine is a euphemism; it is meant to be a carefully crafted description of the situation. It was the hype in the media that was skewed. She was doing fine most of the time.

Three Nuts for Cinderella, a late 1998 addition to a blockbuster Czech TV fairy-tale. Music by Karel Svoboda, an ingenious Czech composer who shot himself dead in 2007.

The "troubled girl" image that was mostly a fabrication by the tabloid press also meant that she had much less income from music and had to be solving things like personal bankruptcy etc. Štaidl, Italian aristocrat Dominico Martucci (see a duet), and the husband as of today Josef Rychtář were men who were supporting her during the years.

Around 2010, she had a concert at the (main) Republic Square here in Pilsen. I came there and saw an Iveta that was incredibly full of energy and was making fun of the younger boys, dancers etc. on the stage, who were not. Her singing was still OK. What I saw was completely incompatible with the image of a zombie that has been served by the tabloid press virtually on a daily basis (I wasn't searching for these articles but I was still drowning in them). She was in a much better shape than a typical successful teenage and post-teenage singer who surpasses 40 years of age. You may check that even in late 2013, she was a completely usable interpreter. \

Pavel Novotný, a tabloid hyena and a spoiled brat (the son of a famous comedian, Petr Novotný), admitted that they were going to push her towards suicide but it was inevitable because the profit from the stories about her were astronomical. Even people who don't normally read the tabloid press are looking for her name, he admitted, and so on. Well, I still think that these stories are mostly being paid for by jealous, envious, inferior mobs that want to see that skillful people have problems.

Yes, I did expect this thing to happen. And yes, I agree with Iveta's husband that her suicide is the work of the tabloid hyenas. I want them dead.

At least, the lives of the evil tabloid parasites who don't hesitate to push someone else in order to make profit shouldn't be protected by the law. It should be legal to shoot individuals such as Mr Pavel Novotný. Like Peter Woit, they are intrinsically worthless scum that contributes nothing and parasites on others, scum that is responsible for lots of evil and wasted potential in the world. Instead, this junk is going to make profit out of Iveta's fate for several more years, just like they did in the case of Karel Svoboda.

RIP, Iveta.


  1. Yes, those tabloid hyenas are monsters and should be treated accordingly ...

  2. Sorry to hear that.

    There should be an appropriate law to lock these stalkers up for a year at a time. No bail.

  3. Very well written.....can't agree more. Such a sad day.

  4. Mr. Motl, who with scientific and true conservative mind observe the world, including our country in heart of Europe is blaming here - in rather emotional and touchy-feely ways - tabloids of doing what? Harming or even killing Ms. Bartosova? Like majority of artists and "celebs" she and those closest to her were consistently making sure that she is in the news, regardless of how trivial the message was. Then, being such keen observer of social and political scene he should have noticed, long time ago, that Ms. Bartosova's and Mr. Staidl minor child (now 17) has been for 14 years all too typical victim of Czech, due to communism (who considered justice a rubberstamp formality) excessively (23 to 4-times more than in the West) feminized justice (overall, 72% of 2100 Czech judges are females, in "family courts" in essence 100%) has been for 14 years violating the law, denying the minor child the right for a safe and stable home and contact with father despite Mr. Staidl from day one (1999 divorce) asking for child custody. In Czech Republic "Mom is a Mom" regardless how unfit she might be. Years of serious mental illness, heavy alcohol and medication abuse, 15 lovers brought in between her son's age of 3 to 15. At least 4 proven suicide attempts, several DUI car accidents with a child on board, untold number of extremely blizzard behavior, escapes etc. etc. Yet ex-communist, feminized Czech justice yielded (and only temporarily) in 2011 after suicide attempt #4. When the child reported to case worker things like "Mum was again drunk and choking on her own vomits", still found a fit parent and father's request for custody denied. Yes, she also created in the child so-called PAS. So, it is not, by far, the tabloids who are really bad guys here (even when Mr. Mottl somehow takes almost liberal position on "predatory capitalists" here - it is Czech ex-communist, feminized justice which for 14 years have been badly hurting innocent child as they to the same to hundreds of thousands of other children.

  5. Come on, there is nothing conservative about the tabloid media. To drink alcohol or even to vomit isn't really illegal - and it is not even immoral and it is done by billions of people, at least sometimes. To push a woman into a corner where she has to commit suicide is a terrible thing and only several people in 1 million commit suicide.

    Taking her son from her wouldn't do it any better. It's just a tradition that mothers are more likely to get a child here. Whether it is a good or bad policy, it has nothing to do with (the bulk of) Iveta's special life journey and its sad end.