Tuesday, April 29, 2014

President Zeman criticizes "solar madmen" and "green loons"

Including the EU officials who want to increase the share of "renewable" sources of energy

Well, this excerpt from a speech that the current Czech president Miloš Zeman gave on the today's Forum of Žofín (an island on the Moldau River in Prague) is one of the clearest reasons explaining why your humble correspondent didn't hesitate much before he endorsed the self-described left-winger Zeman as the successor to Václav Klaus.

He would criticize the "solar madmen" and the "green loons".

Let me translate the 2-minute excerpt linked to at the top of this short blog post:
Zeman: I am a supporter of the energetic mix and an opponent of the renewable sources.

If someone wants to spend his money to mount solar panels on his own roof, let him peacefully do so. But he shouldn't be collecting extensive subsidies for sources that are unstable and that have to be backed by the standard structure of the power plants, anyway.

Not to mention the risks of the blackouts induced, for example, by the German pinwheels in the North Sea. To prevent them, we are forced to build expensive transformers and additional facilities.

It follows that I am a staunch opponent of the European Union's efforts to maximize the share of the renewable energy sources in our energy bilance. I have nothing against the CO2 or, more precisely, against the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases. But if that's the goal, nuclear energy is the solution.

And I am convinced that the Czech Republic should – much more courageously than what we could have seen so far – defend its national interests in the energy policymaking on the European forum.

That won't imply, to use your words, Mr chairman, that the Czech Republic would automatically cease to be a firm member of the European Union. It's because a firm member of the European Union is not the Eurohujer [Hujer is a stereotypical ass-licker from the classic Czechoslovak comedy film Mareček, Pass Me the Pen, and the term "hujer" has become omnipresent because of that]. Instead, the firm member is the member who, based on the discussion with others and the exchange of rational arguments, is defending his genuine national interests.
Well, I am no enemy of CO2 (as Zeman said before he reclassified this sentence as a slip of the tongue) while I am an enemy of the efforts to lower the CO2 emissions but otherwise his remarks were perfect. ;-)

Zeman has also proposed a new tender for the expansion of the Temelín nuclear power plant – that could have four contestants (U.S., Russian, French, and a new one, South Korean) and the construction of canals connecting the Danube, Elbe, and Odra rivers (Czechia is the ultimate center of Europe so you also find the triple point [the junction of continental divides] between the basins of the Black, North, and Baltic seas here).

A few days ago, Zeman won the main prize of the "Ropák of the Year" as the Czech public figure who has made the greatest contribution to keep the green loons upset.

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