Monday, May 26, 2014

EU: National Front, UKIP, Mach, Sulík win seats

Europe is a very diverse continent and it is a bit confusing to combine the seats from all the countries. But some of the "projections" of the vector of results look better than expected.

You know, some decade ago, I would also be influenced by much of the "mainstream" thinking and I would consider France's National Front to be a rather extreme party. And maybe it was. I surely don't consider it extreme today and it probably isn't. ;-) Ms Le Pen got 26%, ahead of center-right UMP with 21%. Hollande's socialists only got 14%.

See similar highlights at the BBC server.

Even more impressively, UKIP won the EU polls in the U.K., with 29%, beating Labour at 23% and Tories at 23%. Greens better than LibDems.
A fun fact from Spain: I was surprised by the numerous Spanish visits to the article Shut up and calculate, especially if you're a lousy thinker. Miguel M. kindly explained me the reason of the visits: the noted wheelchair-bound anti-quantum warrior Pablo Echenique-Robba who is the main villain of that blog post got elected (unless the remote votes change the results dramatically which is unlikely) to the European Parliament for the scholars' extreme left-wing but Euroskeptical party called Podemos (this name is used across Latin America, too). Congratulations and I wish good luck to the... scientist... to finally achieve the destruction of the European economy, the European Union, and modern physics. ;-)
In Italy, center-left current PM Renzi won 40% which is in no way against the bad EU trends but on the other hand, I have no problems with that because I feel he makes Italy controllable. Comedian Beppe Grillo's maverick Five Star party got 22% and Berlusconi's party received 16%. In different countries, I may have different sympathies, and this collection of numbers looks good to me, too.

In Germany, Merkel's CDU/CSU got 36% ahead of SPD at 27%. Alliance für Deutschland which is against the euro currency got 7% which is in no way victorious but it's still a nice surprise. I am not super-excited about the results of our key Western neighbor – it's pretty much the same we would see for decades – but Germany is a well working country in my eyes which is why I would find big revolutions dangerous.

Greece is still a mess, although a less terrible one than a few years ago. They even scored a budget surplus last year! Hypercommunist scum at Syriza won 26% which is terrible. But at least Antonis Samaras won 23%. Golden Dawn fascists stand at 9% which is lower than expected and therefore calming.

The record holder of low turnout is Czechoslovakia. The turnout in Czechia was a record low, 18%, which would render elections in various contexts illegitimate but which was still much better than what the turnout looked like on Friday afternoon. But Czechia was beaten by one other country: our Slovak brothers' turnout was 13%. Wow. ;-)

Voting queues in Prague. The only catch is that it's not Czechs. It's Ukrainians who have elected a Chocolate CEO Poroshenko as the president. (I decided not to use the word "oligarch" because I think it's a demagogic stereotype to attach disparaging labels to all wealthy men in the post-Soviet realm. He may very well be the same kind of an entrepreneur as some rich men in the West.) This result is likely to calm the atmosphere in Ukraine because he seems much less hostile to their ethnic Russian population (and to Russia as a foreign country) than the current de facto fascist de facto government.

In Czechia, centrist populist billionaire Babiš (ANO) – the new star of our "mainstream" politics – won with 16%, matched by center-right TOP at 16%. Social democrats have 14%, communists 11% (much lower than expected, I could even imagine that they would win), Christian Democrats at 10%, ODS at (much lower than historical) 7.7%, and: Party of Free Citizens at 5.2%. This is cool because I voted for the letter and the chairman, Petr Mach, indeed managed to win a seat! (Czechia has 21 seats in total.) It was the first time I voted for a smaller party near the threshold but it managed to be the best investment of the voting power in my life. If there were approximately just 2,500 Mach voters fewer, he wouldn't get there, if I calculate well.

In Slovakia, Fico's social democratic Smer ("The Direction") clearly won with 24% but it was still lower than the majority some people were expecting. Christian Democrats at 13% and 6 parties between 5.8% and 8%. What a fragmentation. They include Richard Sulík's libertarian anti-EU-regulation Freedom and Justice Party. He would be #3 at his party's ballot (for reasons I don't know) but the preferential markers (whatever is the English term for that) got him to the top and to Strasbourg.

Mach, Sulík, lots of UKIP and National Front deputies in the EU Parliament may bring an atmosphere to Strasbourg that will be less annoyingly Soviet-like than the atmosphere in recent years.

See also BBC numbers from all countries and BBC's story about our low turnout


  1. Lubos, it is totally false that Greece "scored a budget surplus last year". Greece had a debt that went from 157% in 2012 to 157% in 2013! I know all Europeens media spread that lie at the time . But it is a lie.

  2. Well, my vote went to Mach as well. Not the first time though.

  3. The EU parliament has this magical property to cause severe amnesia even among politicians with extreme independence-and-individualism rhetorics. No eurosceptic can withstand the power of the fat euro salary :) Watch out for Farage and the frenchies.

  4. Poroshenko: that Ukrainians have chosen the path of "European integration."

    The problem is, judging from the recent European election results, Europeans do not want any more integration.

  5. I think that 'journalist' as applied to MSM is inappropriate.

    People like Sawyer, Pelley, Williams, et al, are only actors in the long running 'reality show' called "The Nightly News."

    There are 6 companies who control over 80% of all television, radio, magazine and newspaper publishing.

    The "News" is not so much information delivered, but managed bursts of directionless information sandwiched between mind-numbing TV ads.

    Got to dig for your own truth, and it's a lonely pursuit.

  6. Indeed so.

    But that's precisely the whole point of this fat salary, eminently fiddlleable gold+ lavish expenses, huge pension and fuck-all-tax racket. The wife, kids, parents, in-laws ... in fact one's whole social circle ... soon get used to it too. More addictive than nicotine. Moreover, to maintain these wonderful goodies in luxurious retirement there's a requirement to say nothing against the EU. Doing otherwise results in forfeit. Not good!

    So, an EXTREMELY powerful inducement to toe the line then. (Indeed, just right for extremists, which is what the scum are.) This corruption is built into the very foundations. The EU is what La Cosa Nostra can only dream of becoming.

    Well, you know you've made it when you succeed in making your whole criminal enterprise legal.

    Talking of which, it is quite amazing how the general populace is fooled by the terms law and legal. They seem to have a very primitive, almost religious, response to them, never questioning their legitimacy.

    It shows one just how much they're brainwashed. They surely must know that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Kim Jong-il ... all had plenty of legal.

    Oh well ... onward to the abyss.

  7. Wow! Neither the Tories nor Labor reached 25% of the vote. Is a new age finally dawning?
    Many Americans, including this one, wish that we, too, had a Nigel Farage and an emergent third party but our patronage system makes it almost impossible.

  8. Bob,

    "The best reform the EU could have would be to make the European Parliament a true legislative body ...."

    Oh really? The step being not yet a further move towards integration, deeply unwanted by some?

    And just how would you propose this be brought about? Does someone simply wave a wand and hey presto it's done, or is it a little more complicated, a little more mundane, than that?

    Would it involve a treaty for example, with referenda that the peoples might get wrong again (requiring re-votes until they get it right), or should a way be found to bypass such tiresome technicalities? Maybe some form of QMV magic?

    What say you?

    By the way, doesn't your proposal assume the existence of an EU demos, a sine qua non to confer democratic legitimacy on it?

  9. So true. Also most young people working (or internship) at the EU are daughters or sons of EU civil servants or from politicians from EU countries...

  10. About Podemos ('we can' in English). LOL, there has been a major earthquake in Spain by those five seats won by these morons, nobody seems to realize that in Europe will be integrated into the corresponding morons group (Party of the European Left), and they will be treated according to their mental age (teenagers). I didn't know that Pablo Echenique-Robba was in that train, but it seems to fit perfectly. Thanks for the info!

  11. There hasn't been a true European Union since the Roman Empire and that didn't end well. Well, it ended in the spread of Christianity so maybe it wasn't so bad. So now the former Barbarians are in charge of the EU, what can we expect going forward?

  12. BTW, for those who don't know, "Soviet" literally translates as "Council." Using the term "Soviet" in this context basically means a council or gathering of agents for the Anglo-American financial complex whose purpose is to roll out new, more expansive and intrusive ways to steepen the pyramid of global oligarchical collectivism (aka communism). Folks on the Left refer to this as neoliberalism.

  13. The Greek government in constant denial

    historical win for the Left in euro elections

  14. The EU is not going to be undone. It's here to stay. So the best alternative is to find a way to clip the wings of the Brussels bureaucrats, and the European Parliament is the most likely means to do so.

    And, yes it would require new treaties and referenda.

    If we are restricted to demes, then no country would be larger than a few million people, on the scale of Wales, and there would have to be involuntary relocations to get there, a la Stalin and the victorious allies.

  15. The Western Empire persisted until the Eighth Century AD, although the actual ruling class since the Fifth Century AD was German not Roman. All told, that's a span of 1500 years. And the capital of the Empire had been in Constantinople since the Fourth Century AD. Roman was a backwater when it was sacked. The true duration of the Roman Empire as a continuous government was from about 700 BC when Rome itself was founded to 1453 AD when the Turks overran Constantinople.

    A run of 2200 years is pretty good.

  16. "The EU is not going to be undone. It's here to stay."

    You say. Or is that your wish?

    "If we are restricted to demes, then no country would be larger than a few million people, on the scale of Wales..."

    WTF! Like England, you mean?

    And France and Germany and....

    (BTW, did you mean demoi?)

    Whatever. That statement of yours is ... is ... OK ... just fucking nuts.

    What are you? A paid-up eurinal?

    Oh, and what if the various demoi don't agree with you? Do they need to be instructed by 'wise men' and made to agree? When will these magi visit Norway and Iceland to set those filthy Nordic intransigents straight then? Should they send a gunboat to give them a hint?

    There's a distinct possibility that the UK itself could break up. The Scots, or rather a significant subset of them, clearly believe themselves to be a separate people (mistakenly in my view, as the DNA attests) but if they want to go independent then I don't see why or how the rest us can legitimately stop them. Nor would I want to, much as I disagree with their desire for separation. In other words, even within a single people it is not always possible to maintain a union. With such a disparate bunch as that that we have in Europe what hope is there of maintaining a union of demoi? No Frenchman, German, Italian, Pole ... shall have any say in how I am governed, and to the extent that they do I'd rather see them dead.

    Maybe that's what it'll come to.

    "there would have to be involuntary relocations to get there, a la Stalin and the victorious allies."

    We've already got that now with the influx of continentals against our wishes. Of course, we have far worse from the turd world.

    So, there it is — you are yet another one who is full of shit. You can shove your fuckwit eucumenicals right up your bleeding arsehole. Cunt.

  17. Yet another one, sorry for the mostly off-topic.

  18. What’s to understand?

  19. "It gives me the benefit of not having to care very much what happens..."

    That seems to be the way of living for the great majority, everywhere. It was certainly mine for most of my life. ("I'm too busy for any of that political shit. And even if I weren't, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.") And it still applies to most in my circle.

    I wish I could go back to being thoroughly uninterested but I can't.

    Farage: I have no desire to stick the knife in. He's very much on our side. And I do take to him. But I can't unsee what I see.

    There's nothing in principle to prevent him from doing exactly what's needed. He doesn't even have to do that much either, not by himself anyway. The point is, he needs to foster real teamwork, reorganise his whole outfit and turn it into a proper killing machine. There's plenty of willing talent he can draw on to do that. He could hack the limbs off that liblabcon cabal if he put his mind to it. They're empty. They have no arguments. They're easy meat.

    That's all on the 'intellectual' front though. But you need that before you move. The hearts and minds thing is something else. I don't have anything to say on that. Others are better judges than me.

    I hope Farage comes good. I wish him well.

  20. Hm, nothing about the elections in Ukraine from Lubos. Maybe because the biggest loser is Putin. :)

  21. To me what you write has a rings true.
    It is appropriate, dammit, to be cynical (apropos which, the "cynholt" pseudonym/abbreviation has a nicely fitting ironic 'twang' to it) about lots of aspects of what is going on within and amongst us human animals.

  22. I did mention the elections in Ukraine. You must be illiterate. And what I did mention is clearly the opposite to what you write. The chocolate guy's victory is a small victory for (future) peace because this guy has been a friend with pretty much everyone including Kuchma and Yanukovitch. He will surely negotiate with the local Russians and with Russia, too. I think it's good for Russia, too, but if Russia wants to see some big instability to continue, well, I am sure that there will be lots of it, anyway.

    The president isn't terribly important for Ukraine now because it's still bullied and controlled largely by the fascists. So this is a very small story.

  23. Well, I don't understand what they're saying at all. It's some vacuous anthropomorphic philosophical talk about tasks and information. I can't possibly imagine how it could have anything to do with modern physics.

  24. Oh my bad, it was mentioned as an explanation of the picture from Prague. I read the first sentence and thought you were talking about the European elections in the Czech Republic. Anyway, a nice "sweet lemon" rationalization of Putin's debacle in Ukraine. After all those moths of destabilization and supporting terrorists, talking about the "military junta" in Kiev and about the impossibility to hold the elections because of the "civil war", he was forced by the threat of Western sanctions to respect the results he obviously does not like, to put it mildly.

    And here is how Poroshenko will "negotiate" with the terrorists"

  25. Luboš,

    London borough of Tower Hamlets.

    I watched all beeb on election night. The final 'region' to declare was London. The wait was inordinate. Unlike other regions, the regional organisers refused to give the results by sub-locality but were waiting to declare for the whole region.

    In the meantime, and in desperation, al beeb acquired some results from borough websites. Labour lead. Surprise surprise.

    Now, EVERYONE knows that London is crawling with wogs, muslimes especially, who are pre-eminent in the field of electoral fraud, but you wouldn't know any of that from listening to al beeb.

    The whole thing was even handled with some jocularity by the chief beebshit, dimblebore. Lots of cuts to the reporter on the spot, each time for him to explain the latest broken promise of "declaration expected soon". Hilarious. Just one of those usual British things, y'know.

    No discussion by the panel. No speculation. But it was all very clear to anyone with experience of al beeb that they ALL knew what was going on (or rather strongly suspected) so they all kept schtum schtum schtum and brushed it off.

    There was some young North American woman on the panel. When she spoke, which wasn't often, she seemed to know what she was talking about. Factual and professional was the impression I got.

    Finally it was she who mentioned the UNMENTIONABLE — the ... erm ... er ... um ... ethnic mix in London. Oh dear! She actually said it. To the uninitiated not a ripple. But al beeb haters could read the resulting atmosphere like a book. Now let's move swiftly on....

    Whatever one hears now, one can guarantee it's just the tip the iceberg.

    Look at the pictures. WTF is this scum doing in my country? WTF are they doing being handed a vote. WTF let them in? I don't recognise any of these hideous shit-faced aliens as my countrymen and I never will. We need to be shot of them, back to calfuckingcutta or wherever they came from. Actually banglacesspit mostly in this case I think.

  26. Excellent news, glad to hear it.

  27. Putin has Crimea and that is all he ever cared about. The rest is only a game he's kind of forced to play.

  28. Yep this people's culture is totally incompatible with democracy. They can't handle freedom and they have no clue what being responsible means.

  29. Shannon,

    Correct, and both. In terms of your metaphor, it's a double-headed monster. Both heads need to be hacked off. Leave one and the other will grow back. It's a very serious problem.

    In terms of mine, there's no point in bailing out a flooded house while the maniacs with hacksaws are left free to continue roaming around cutting into its plumbing.

    I would have those who facilitated the flooding in any way summarily executed for high treason. However, I would make an exception for a significant subset. These I would have tortured first, for as long as possible*. Girly Boy Bliar for one, but there are many others, including almost all MPs and those in the MSM. The list is a big one.

    Incidentally, it's not just about the hideoids' incompatible culture (if one could even call it that); it's them themselves. I simply don't want them living here—any of them, including their spawn. Things went way beyond any de minimis presence a long time ago.

    * We can book the effort down both as an increase in GDP and as an asset — an investment in the nation's future. There is simply no end to the virtue of these actions.

  30. In France we call it "le grand remplacement" or "la grande deculturation" ie replacing the existing population by many alien populations. This is the EU international communist project. It is a double win: commies are happy that countries accept poor camarads from everywhere and the liberals are happy to get cheap labor.

  31. D'accord.!

    Incidentally, this is from someone who is very sound on the machinations of the EU and the lack of strategy within UKIP but with whom I strongly disagree about the turd-worlders in our midst. Whether or not his apparently 'liberal' stance on these repulsive hideoids is simply practical expediency, a nod to realpolitik (deliberate self-restraint under current circumstances), is not clear to me. However, I suspect there's at least a residual thread of (misguided but) genuine 'liberal' underneath it. For the time being.

    "[There exists] a hard core within UKIP and alongside it, comprising in part manic Christian fundamentalists who combine Islamophobia with scarcely-concealed racism of such an intensity that it would frighten off the KKK as too extreme."

    Music to my ears. I might even start going to church. :)

    Also, in public, Farage still denounces 'racist' Le Pen. But we'll see how long that lasts. The word racist is fast losing its effect as a bogey word. It's a synonym for white, or Briton in our case.

    There's a hint of irony here, but it's not really irony. Although I am virulently anti-EU I would be very happy with a pan-European effort to clean up the whole continent. That's in all our interests.

  32. I do hope that Nigel Farage is not only an entertaining one-man-show anf that he will soon join in the eurosceptics group that Marine Le Pen is trying to build in order to get a strong opposition at Eu parliament. If he refuses then it means he is a part of the EU establishment that he pretends to fight and he is a superficial celebrity with no guts. He is a convenient "proof" (some kind of useful idiot) for the EU to show that there is "free speech" at the parliament.