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Lennart Bengtsson will probably remain a renegade, anyway

Lennart Bengtsson (*1935) is a Swedish meteorologist and modeler.

You may check that he has written lots of papers and collected lots of citations. Two weeks ago, he decided to join a dozen of other researchers in the Academic Advisory Council of The Global Warming Policy Foundation, a skeptical climate change think tank led by Lord Nigel Lawson (chairman) and by Benny Peiser (director).

After a violent reaction to his decision – see e.g. GWPF, The Times, WUWT, Hans von Storch's blog, Climate Audit, Jo Nova, Judith Curry, Spiegel, Climate Depot, CATO, National Review, Marcel Crok, Click Green, Power Line Blog, and joyful fascist jerk William Connolley and his Big Whopper Gestapo Comrade, Goebbelsian troll David Appell – he left the GWPF board.

He was afraid of his security and health after a storm of reactions from his "colleagues" in their "community", particularly those from the U.S. Unfortunately, we were not shown too many details about the reaction but I can imagine it was severe. His collaborators also immediately started to fire him from papers, author lists, and so on.

The professor and sensible people in general have described the atmosphere in that "community" as a modern counterpart of McCarthyism.

I must say: Welcome to the real world, Lennart Bengtsson. Maybe he didn't expect this reaction. I surely would. You know, the movement of climate psychopaths belongs among the most aggressive extreme components of the far left and new fascist political movements of our epoch. They have no respect to any moral and human values that would transcend their sick propaganda whatsoever. They're ready – and eager – to destroy human lives. Some of them are bloody, treacherous beasts of prey dressed up as friends. In the world of Academia, they're omnipresent. It doesn't mean that they're the majority; they are surely not. But their concentration and their aggressiveness is high enough to cripple and poison every large enough research group or institution.

Your humble correspondent has been brutally harassed by this fascist clique many times (even my interactions with Naomi Oreskes are scary enough for a heart attack: what a fakt-up bič she is) but I was kind of ready because I grew up as a child and teenage dissident in a communist regime. I must add that the 1980s used to be a lukewarm stage of communism. I don't really remember anyone who would vigorously believe all this Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist junk. Even the most important enforcers of this stuff in the workplace would display a somewhat measured attitude. The climate psychopaths – those who want to "fight climate change" – are more obsessed with their delusions than the Eastern European communists in the 1980s. Climate alarmism is Nazism or Stalinism Reloaded and Reenergized.

Some of these climate psychopaths are sincere believers who don't really materially benefit much. Many others are hardcore criminals who have used the climate propaganda and the climate intimidation to earn as much as millions of dollars. Many of them must realize that they're dirty criminals, thieves, liars, and gangsters who would normally deserve to spend their life in prison. And that makes them even more aggressive because they are afraid of their basic freedom for the very same reason as any murderer who is wanted by police.

It seems unlikely to me that by having resigned from the GWPF board, Lennart Bengtsson will revert his standing in the "community" to the previous conditions. These climate fascists have probably labeled him a dangerous renegade, a heretic, a doomed apostate. Special folders and pages on the black lists have been dedicated to him. Some of the alarmists may be somewhat moderate but the most consequential ones are the infinitely unhinged individuals whose desire for the ideological "purity" (meaning 100% šittiness) within what they consider "their ranks" knows no limits.

I would even guess that the events surrounding Lennart Bengtsson's resignation from the board may even strengthen the hatred of the climate psychopaths towards him. It's this resignation that has created a bunch of articles comparing these loons to McCarthyists or, in the case of this blog, Nazis. Some of the climate alarmists are proud heirs to the heritage of the Nazis but others try to mask this kinship of theirs and they won't be happy about Lennart Bengtsson's acts that have helped to unmask what sort of scum these individuals are.

If my guesses as right and if the Swedish professor finds out that my prediction seems to be true, I would recommend to adapt to the new conditions and morph into a full-fledged skeptic. With some research and care, it is possible not only to survive but to survive happily. Police may always be called when the threats by the climate fascists exceed a certain threshold. The number of people who are courageous to openly oppose the climate fascism is limited as a percentage of the Western society but it is still sufficiently high that the skeptics surely don't feel lonely because of their being skeptics. After all, most of the broader public probably doesn't buy the climate propaganda, either.

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snail feedback (29) :

reader Alexander Ač said...


yes, I agree, William Connolley is a fascist jerk and most of climate sceptics are objective, well-intentioned, cash-free and good holly people too! ;-)

reader Luboš Motl said...

At least some elementary decency. Despite your agreement that Connolley is a fascist jerk and skeptics are morally and intellectually superior human beings, you are still a lunatic yourself, Alexander.

reader Eclectikus said...

However occasionally show up certain initiatives that allow us to be optimistic in some way, such as this one:

A serene debate (for now) among actual climate scientists facing the main critical points, which alarmists claim do not exist (Science is settled). If we had no internet, it would be much worse, for sure.

reader Larry Sheldon said...

What happened to tenure?

reader JackSavage said...

Excellent....please continue to give us your uncompromising take on these matters. I always enjoy them. How I wish I could smuggle something similar past the censors at the Guardian!

reader TomVonk said...

You know, the movement of climate psychopaths belongs among the most aggressive extreme components of the far left and new fascist political movements of our epoch. They have no respect to any moral and human values that would transcend their sick propaganda whatsoever.
Amen brother.
What comes as enlightement is our experience that this kind of people always ultimately fail.
Unfortunately sometimes their reign lasts long enough so that one or several generations are sacrified.
For this particular crime a new Nuremberg international tribunal should be founded.

reader Ann said...

Wasn't there a decades-long intellectual 'fad' about the validity and moral righteousness of eugenics? It led to some horrible policies and there were self-righteous advocates who claimed that science was supporting their position. It was needed, they argued, to secure the safety and well-being of future generations. Seems eerily like the catastrophic weather crowd in terms of 'we must act now against this imminent threat to the survival of a sustainable world.' Carbon eugenics. Just as forced sterilization harmed many innocent people, AGW energy policies hurt the poor. People like Al Gore suffer no personal consequences for their babbling, indeed he has become hugely wealthy as a consequence of his proclamations. When the ideas fall out of favor he will be just fine, unlike those who suffered from his influences on policies that affect their lives. Advocates without their own skin in the game are like spammers -- they keep doing it because they risk no down side, no expense to themselves for what they peddle.

reader Avory † Blonde said...

Lubos, you've hit the nail on the head with this post. And remember, the warmists will never admit they're wrong. No matter how much the empirical facts about the climate contradict their stupid theories. We shall have to be prepared to meet the full force of their wrath as their world comes crashing down about them.

reader MikeN said...

>The climate psychopaths – those who want to "fight climate change" – are
more obsessed with their delusions than the Eastern European communists
in the 1980s. Climate alarmism is Nazism or Stalinism Reloaded and

I think you should make this its own post and evaluate fully.
This is depressing. I would have thought that Communists were extra strong just as the Wall was about to come down. Now you are telling me that climate alarmism has decades to run.

reader Uncle Al said...
Ten-year US wildfire average versus this year:
Total fires to date: 24,379 versus 21,384. No problem.
Total acreage to date: 813,790 versus 424,621. Way no problem.

California fires in progress are a few thousand acres. That's piffle. That's an RCH in heavy casting machine shop. KLIMATE KAOS is upon us! Quick- double the Carbon Tax on Everything bullšit

reader Nik FromNyc said...

The best news here is how the majority of the usual suspects, the online activists who interface with the public on various news sites, how so utterly blind they are to what a PR disaster it is to draw so much attention to a distinguished climatologist being run off a skeptical foundation by colleagues and activists alike. Judith Curry even notes that this event "has the potential to do as much harm to climate science as did the Climategate emails." The remaining doomsday cultists who are no longer socially reigned in by moderates are utterly unable to control themselves, or to reason clearly at all, so they go into full attack mode instead of just strategically ignoring such an obscure event of yet one more aged scientist speaking out a bit. Bengtsson was already hated for simply pointing out that Sweden was utterly insignificant to overall carbon dioxide emissions so it made no sense to subject their economy to premature green energy. But nobody on conservative blogs knew who he was, like they now likely will hear of and write about. These climate Nazis are starting to resemble Charlie Chaplin's dictator or Baghdad Bob. As they lose public support even further they will likely psychologically project their own fanaticism onto skeptics even more, playing the victim, not realizing that they are really just fearing their own intensity.

reader ny-ktahn said...

I like how it was important to show the papers he has produced, but more importantly how many were cited in other work. Academia is a strange place. I'm sure he won't have peace for quite a bit. Hopefully he does not have to run off somewhere for a while. btw u should drop a paper in the arxiv sometime man!

reader Gene Day said...

No doubt Gore is very happy with himself. I wonder if he feels that his loss of the Presidency has been redeemed. After all, how many people get to save the world and accumulate great riches. Also, the adulation of those fawning audiences attending his speeches must be a huge ego boost.
Would that there were a way to force him to live with some of those who can no longer afford to heat their homes.

reader Ann said...

I so wish there were -- Gore paying for his prattle, now THAT would be social justice.

reader John Archer said...

"... the movement of climate psychopaths belongs among the most aggressive extreme components of the far left and new fascist political movements of our epoch."

Yes, they're psychopaths all right. But they're not the only ones out there, and some of these others are far less subtle.

Anyway, I was thinking it would be nice if Connelly, Appell and the all the rest of the klimate psycho kommunity held a celebratory party to enjoy Bengtsson's distress.

I know I'd very much enjoy reading about the happy event afterwards. Maybe someone will be kind enough to arrange it. That would be nice. Something to look forward to.

Of course, other extra-kommunity psychos, who definitely wouldn't be invited, might get to hear about it and be tempted to 'gatecrash'— in their own charming way of course.

Whatever. As there would be many celebrants I think it sensible to choose a venue that would minimise disturbance to neighbours and make clearing up afterwards easy.

Ideally somewhere like Utøya.

reader John Archer said...

"Would that there were a way to force [Gore] to live with some of those who can no longer afford to heat their homes."


I'd much rather he were forced to die with them, the most unfortunate ones that is. As an act of kindness, however, we could soak his bed in nitric acid to take keep him awake to savour his death by hypothermia.

Kindness to those who would like to see him suffer, that is.

reader NikFromNYC said...

As expected, now links, to the writeup:

PAPER: Witch-hunt forces out climate scientist....

Worries about his safety...

reader Gene Day said...

Sometimes there is ultimate justice, Ann. I wonder what the future has in store for Al Gore.

reader NikFromNYC said... now links, to the writeup:

PAPER: Witch-hunt forces out climate scientist....

Worries about his safety...

reader Svik said...

Utoya??? You must be norsk. Who r u?

This means the "outer island"!


reader John Archer said...

Oh look, I found this: Utøya. The coincidence is uncanny.

Maybe it's an omen! :)

P.S. Nein, Ich bin Britischer, durch und durch. Possibly spiced up a little by enterprising Norsk tourists a thousand years or so ago. If remember correctly, they were all very keen members of some boat club or other. But I digress....

reader John Archer said...

Is anyone running a book on Bengtsson retracting his resignation from the GWPF?

I think it would be worth a punt.

His position now with his psycho ex-colleagues is clearly untenable whatever he does (unless he's an enthusiastic groveller) so he may as well jump back on board, weather the storm and get on with the rest of his life the best he can. He'd get plenty of moral support. Presumably he is financially secure by now.

Revenge is the proper response to what they've done to him. He should publish the letters, emails and any other communications he has received. He doesn't have to comment on them beyond perhaps clarifying any unclear in-group references, but doesn't even have to do that.

The individuals and their institutions involved should be all be named. Full retribution may take a little while however, some possibly only after his departure from this world. It would be nice if bequeathed them the full sting in the tail to remember him by.

reader Brute said...

Fine. But I would prefer if accusations (theft, for instance) were to be backed with evidence. Do realize that there is plenty of bullsht out there already.

reader steve said...

New CLOUD results are out this AM

reader cynholt said...

I'm pretty sure the hard evidence suggests that the US had funneled $5 billion into Ukraine with the intent of bringing it in line with the West as of December 13, 2013, and that we were planning on installing a puppet government BEFORE Yanukovych fled. I'm also pretty sure that such foreign meddling when conducted on Russia's front doorstep is guaranteed to elicit a response, right or wrong, given Russia's history of being invaded. Just picture how the US would react if Russia was conducting similar monkey business in Mexico.

reader cynholt said...

Sanctions are an act of war, so is the relentless lying anti-Russian propaganda. The US Military/Industrial/Cyberspying complex needs a new war to suck money from hapless taxpayers, now that the bogeyman of Muslim terrorism has gone stale, hitting its sell by date.

Anyone remember the babies thrown out of incubators? WMD in Iraq? Iraq's role in 09/11? Washington leaks about yellow cake?

Funny how many things we seem to get wrong right before we do something really "wrong."

reader Orson OLSON said...

An excellent roundup of L'affaire Bengtsson and prognostication, Dr. Motl. And not only because I agree with you and admire your complete reporting, but because I believe you're correct that he will be regarded as an apostate, no longer allowed to play with the climate-hacktivists.

Those "scientists" who live by the politics must also die by politics. Which, in America, means that the next opportunity to defund "climate science" and reorganize the entire process of federal science research funding occurs in 2017.

If you have any policy-making suggestions for reforming the second largest item in the US federal budget (only medical research is larger), I am interested. I am pushing on my less science savvy contacts to get educated on CAGW and the corruption of sound science involved.

George W. Bush, like most Republican RINOs, deferred to conventionalism (ie, the corruption of science research)

Are Michael Crichton's ideas of competing groups farming out falsification of paradigmatic (ie, governing) theories to be taken seriously? Is it practical? (Who makes the cuts? How?) Is "watchful waiting" (analogous to cancer, especially prostate cancer), the only salable AGW policy to the squishes?

What structural, institutional policies can root out the virus of "precautionary" alarmism that AGW science is dominated with?

There are lots of issues needing the policy wonks of DC get a required the deep re-education on. Politically, almost always, genuine reform gets killed because scientists and the mouthpieces that speak for them jealously guard their prerogatives as a ruling class sinecure.

Much needs to be done before the next presidential primary season commences - a mere 18 months away.

reader nightspore said...

I suspect that Bengtsson is protecting these people as a matter of decency. (They're colleagues after all.) That's why we haven't heard any details. Some idea of what's gone can probably be gotten from the Climategate emails.

reader wfoster said...

If you have a few minutes off from your Higgs challenge, could you comment on this article on "fascism comes to Ukraine from Russia"?

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