Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paul Frampton fired by UNC

Some physicists did get richer: Guth, Linde, Starobinsky share one of the $1 million Kavli prizes (for inflation). Other two triplets – of nanoopticians and neuroscientists – win two more millions in total. Guth and Linde didn't have functional cellphones to receive the good news. Maybe they will be able to buy one – even though Linde plans to spend this money for his breakfast.
Some annoying news from North Carolina:
UNC-CH fires physics professor jailed in Argentina

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Paul Frampton is still in Argentina but he should be released soon. The life outside the prison may be hard because Ms Carol Folt, a biologist and an academic official at UNC, just fired Paul for "misconduct and neglect of duty". They try to suggest that they "succeeded" in preventing his retirement so even though Paul is 70 and he would be normally allowed to retire and collect pension, he may be getting none.

I find it the decision and the vigor with which it was made unfortunate.

TRF largely avoids nudity. Although the average reader's age is 68.2 years and they would like it, there are also teenagers among the readers and they would like it, too. So it has to be regulated.

One thing is that Paul has done some really stupid things for a virtual clone of his Czech American girlfriend, Ms Denisa Krajíčková aka Denise Milani, and I can't even 100% verify that he didn't know about those drugs although I do believe that Paul is really a clear soul and a naive person. There's some sense in which his arrest was unavoidable. What happens to you if you're caught with lots of drugs at the airport?

Another thing is that – I suppose – he had tenure at UNC and hasty conclusions of a third-world court shouldn't be enough, I believe, to beat the rules of tenure in the U.S. And most likely, all these bizarre stories show that Paul has one big, loving, open heart on the right place.

The leadership of UNC – collectively as well as individually – isn't among the institutions that have a natural right to moralize. Quite on the contrary.

Folt's predecessor Mr Holden Thorp had to resign because it was proven that 50 classes at their Department of Professional Whining Blacks were fake. Professors didn't show up, grades were changed after the course illegitimately, and so on. I suppose that a major goal of this convoluted fraud was to turn sometimes illiterate black athletes into academic superstars. In the context of the Departments of Professional Whining Blacks, you may call it "business as usual" but the difference at UNC was that they could rigorously demonstrate policy. Carol Folt herself has been their provost (=chief academic officer!) for quite some time and it is unlikely that she bears no responsibility for the years of wrong-doing at UNC. None of her previous positions apparently prevent her from collecting $520,000 a year from Chapel Hill.

At any rate, I do have some understanding why this happened and had to happen, and I am convinced that Paul will be doing fine – with Denisa and her boobs or without these three companions. He was able to get three Oxford degrees, write hundreds of papers and even a TRF guest blog, collaborate with Nobel prize winners, fall deeply in love, smuggle drugs, and survive a Latin American prison. So why wouldn't he survive a harmful decision by a woman who is being jealous because she's not as pretty as Paul's girlfriend? ;-)

I am sorry, Paul, that my compatriot has brought you all this hassle. Or at least her image. If you have some but limited resources left, you may move to Czechia where the life is relatively cheap and many women look just like Denise Milani. Women named Krajíčková live primarily near the center of mass of the Czech Republic.

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  1. Don't be fooled Lubos "Another thing is that – I suppose – he had tenure at UNC and hasty conclusions of a third-world court shouldn't be enough, I believe, to beat the rules of tenure in the U.S. And most likely, all these bizarre stories show that Paul has one big, loving, open heart on the right place." ... if this man was really smart and was clean, he would have hired a good lawyer and requested to be deported to US, in the end, just to be convicted there. Clearly, there are international agreement on law/criminal business between Argentina and US.

  2. Why is it supposed to help to be treated in the U.S.?

  3. That 68.2 average age cannot be right, can it? I would bet lots of college students are reading this blog.

  4. How the hell can they take his pension from him!? If they can then the terms of his contract are no better than those of serfdom. How the fcuk can that sort of thing go on in a country with property rights let alone America?

    Are they going to take his fcuking house, car and TV too?

    If he is genuinely guilty then sack him if they must, but that's the limit.

  5. My understanding of the law is the same as yours! After all, aren't thieves and other people who were in the prison getting pension at the right age if they have the right amount of years etc.?

  6. It's incredibly cruel to take away a pension from a 70 year old man. Whether he knew of the drugs or not, he was clearly delusional that he was ever chatting with Milani. The worst they should do is retroactively retire him at 65 or some reasonable age before he presumably lost his mental stability.

  7. What agreement? He was arrested in that country for a crime there. His being smart is a given. His being clean not necessarily dispositive on the issue of tenure.
    Hopefully he will hire competent counsel to assist him in keeping an earned pension. To my view trying to steal his pension is the crime of greater importance.

  8. LOL! looks like he was trying to smuggle drugs and couldn't come up with a better cover closed. next!

  9. That's quite the double Gaussian distribution! Person research by the author herein suggests the natural distribution to be more toward Lorentzian.

    " move to Czechia where the life is relatively cheap and many women look just like Denise Milani" That is like Texas massively stealing businesses from California only because Texas is a better place to in every possible way, aside from being Texas. Clean up your diacritical marks.

  10. I prefer "Klimate Kaos" with its hints of obdurate political sub-literacy plus impending doom unless collection plates are filled.

  11. Poll demagoguery at work. They may have asked if "the hell is a bad thing"; the response would have been overwhelmingly "yes". Whether the hell exists does not matter much.

    Let's start a different poll: Do you believe that climate
    a) never changes
    b) changes over thousands of years
    c) changes over hundreds of years
    d) changes over decades
    e) changes over years
    f) changes over months
    z) none of the above

  12. Thanks to a physics journal, highly amplified and thus alarming Anthropogenic Global Warming is now falsified:

    “Tiny warming of residual anthropogenic CO2”

    “The residual fraction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions which has not been captured by carbon sinks and remains in the atmosphere, is estimated by two independent experimental methods which support each other: the 13C/12C ratio and the temperature-independent fraction of d(CO2)/dt on a yearly scale after subtraction of annual fluctuations the amplitude ratio of which reaches a factor as large as 7. The anthropogenic fraction is then used to evaluate the additional warming by analysis of its spectral contribution to the outgoing long-wavelength radiation (OLR) measured by infrared spectrometers embarked in satellites looking down. The anthropogenic CO2 additional warming extrapolated in 2100 is found lower than 0.1°C in the absence of feedbacks. The global temperature data are fitted with an oscillation of period 60 years added to a linear contribution. The data which support the 60-year cycle are summarized, in particular sea surface temperatures and sea level rise measured either by tide gauge or by satellite altimetry. The tiny anthropogenic warming appears consistent with the absence of any detectable change of slope of the 130-year-long linear contribution to the temperature data before and after the onset of large CO2 emissions.”

  13. Meanwhile our local daily reports, "Experts demand a body like IPCC to tackle antibiotic resistance":

    A revealing quote from the article - "The authors argue that the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance is similar to that posed by climate change because it is a natural process exacerbated by human activity and because the actions of one country can have global ramifications."

    I wonder if these new breed of alarmists deserve any more credibility than their climate comrades.

  14. Lubos--why do you assume he's lost his pension? Most US faculty have a pension with TIAA-CREF, and that is independent of the university. He probably has half a million or more in that account, and UNC can't take it away.

  15. 6 Motls in Plzeň, one in 42,733... but check out Lanškroun (48 and 1/962, respectively): the place is crawling with them!

  16. Note that it disproves the anthropic principle. If the principle worked, I would surely live in Lanškroun.

  17. kashyap vasavadaMay 29, 2014, 9:39:00 PM

    Yes. That is true. TIAA-CREF is a great place for retirement funds. But some states have additional funds for retirement for state employees. I do not know about UNC. But they may be talking about that source. Also it is possible that the state may have legal right over TIAA-CREF funds in case of dismissal for inappropriate behavior. Interesting question.

  18. "functional cellphones ". Dysfunctional cell phones are in my experience common. Maybe for that kind of green

  19. The only one who can be rightly so accused of (scornful) miconduct and neglect of duty to defend a by the physics community estimated professor against the unfair treatement by a corrupt mafiose banana republic legal system and governement is this Ms Fault and the whole University.
    Not only neglect the duty to support Paul Frampton but on the contrary now even harrassing him makes that university look not good from an external point of view.

    Big SHAME ON YOU !!!

  20. I know Paul personally. He has sexually harassed undergrad and grad students, professors. He was caught drunk driving and the evidence shows he knew he was smuggling drugs. On top of all that he is a crackpot who knows almost no physics. Have you read his papers or talk to him about physics? Try it! He is a terrible physicist and an even worse person!

  21. IIRC, he published a few papers from prison. Did he list UNC as his institution in those papers? Did UNC object?

  22. I could not help but noticing the nicely curved but nearly flat stomach in the yummy looking photo! ;-> Frampton's real punishment for having been a fool is surely that he for a long time has had to forego working in depth on the topology of this all-round physical phenomenon. %-}

  23. Well, when you say " hasty conclusions of a third-world court shouldn't be enough" you are assuming that Argentina has gave him a biased judgement ... in this case, he should invoke his international right to be deported to US and so, to be judged under American law. If this man has not proceeded accordingly, more probably, he has assumed his fault!

  24. Please, don't be so naive!

  25. You link to an extradition treaty. That is irrelevant. He was arrested in their country so they don't need a treaty to get him. He has not been charged with any US crime and so we do not seek to extradite him.

  26. It is despicable that they fired him allowing them to weasel out of paying him his pension. These administrative hacks must have faulty empathy circuits.

  27. John F. HultquistMay 31, 2014, 7:31:00 AM

    I've been busy so am late reading this
    set of comments of 2 days ago.

    The person writing as “Whisperin' Jay” seems either to be new to the GW, CC, Irritable Climate Syndrome (ICS), the UN-IPCC & Agenda 21, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the history of the Communists/Greens of Germany and the Kyoto Protocol, and on and on;
    or WJ is a troll.

    If WJ is not a troll there are blogs where she/he should spend much time reading. WJ should also have a look at the Central England Temperature series since 1772, found here:

    and the latest Global Lower Atmosphere
    temperature (Satellite-based since 1979), found here:

    Then, there are many sites that discuss the problems with measuring temperature over the years and the many
    adjustments made and many other topics. Of course TRF should be searched for climate and related topics. These sites are a start:
    Climate Audit, Jo Nova, No Trick Zone, and WUWT.
    If a person new to the topic would spend about 3 or 4 hours per day for two months just reading, following links, and so on he or she might be helped. The question remains, does WJ want to be helped?

  28. He can ask to be extradited given that this is a two-directional agreement. Once he has not at least tried this I am assuming he is fault, or at least, too ill informed. Case closed.

  29. I guess I too am uninformed of this reverse extradition right. What legal authority so interprets the extradition agreement?

  30. I was following this post and then got distracted by something about nudity, after that I couldn't couldn't bother paying attention..