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Obama's commencement speech and the illusion of science literacy

Obama gave a commencement speech at UC Irvine:

He said some optimistic words, left-wing clichés about the inequality and the tautologically untrue propositions about the superior importance of the middle class, the need to welcome immigrants, and especially various words about the good quality of UC Irvine. This school sort of sucks but because they sent him 10,000 postcards to make him visit, they must be great.

I will discuss his comments about the climate and science in general. Go to 8:00 or so where this segment begins. This junk unfortunately goes on and on and on.

Obama says that he has never seen the existence of a problem that would be denied by the opposition. But that's because he hasn't opened his eyes yet. He hasn't listened to his own words, either. Aside from "climate change", both left-wing and other ideologues are constantly inventing "problems" that don't exist and the opposition constantly has to point out that they don't exist.

Eugenicists invented the problem of the collapse of the human genes due to the people of color. Has the world population collapsed because of blacks or Jews or something like that? Is it politically incorrect to suggest that this worry was unjustified, Mr Obama? I don't think so. Left-wing ideologues invented the "population bomb", 100 million Americans starved to death before 2000, and tons of other problems. I could continue for hours and the non-existent threats would include both inventions made up by left-wing ideologues as well as those made up by the right-wing ideologues of a sort as well as other people.

The non-existent problem of "climate change" only differs from others because it is arguably the greatest propaganda-driven tumor yet.

Obama has also said that climate "deniers" are similar to people who would claim that the Moon is made of cheese. However, it's exactly the other way around. It's the climate alarmists who are saying that a celestial body – in this case our blue planet – is made of cheese, if not the coconut oil (melting point 25 °C or so). Why? Because they argue that the Earth would melt or undergo a similar dramatic phase transition if the global mean temperature increased by another degree Celsius. Needless to say, the Earth is composed neither of cheese nor the coconut oil. It won't give a damn if the temperature changes by a degree, whatever the sign and whatever the cause will be or won't be.

You may still ask whether the Earth will face some big trouble if the phase transitions and similar really dangerous points are one or two orders of magnitude away – much larger temperature increases would be needed for them. If you ask, you will look like this:

Picture via Gordon, thanks!

He also repeats the stuff about the need to listen to 97% of the people. Do you know why there are 97% people in certain official corners who pay lip service to this alarmist nonsense? Among other reasons, Mr Obama, it's because you have failed as a politician – as a top manager supervising the official scholarly institutions, in this case. You failed to help to get these lying and fraudulent-grants-earning criminals into the prison. If they were in the prison where they belong, 50% and maybe more or less 100% of the scientists unshielded by the prison walls would agree with the obvious: the modern era has no problem that could be called "climate change".

In fact, you not only failed to arrest these immoral liars. You have personally contributed to the proliferation of this pseudointellectual trash in various official scholarly institutions. You like to do so because you love to hear the lies – that you effectively understand the science, that the government is (and you are) even more important than previously thought, and so on. But all these crooks are lying to you, Mr Obama. You don't have the slightest clue about science and you are proving this fact every day. You love to surround yourself with toadies who tell rosy lies to you – that you are a good politician, one that essentially understands science, and so on. But you are neither. Those people are telling you those things because these praises bring themselves benefits. That's why toadies exist. These lies seem to bring some benefits to you and your dreams about the Big Government, too. But for the U.S. society, all these things are net liabilities, especially in the longer run. If you were courageous, you would ask some honest people to tell you the truth instead!
Related: A science news server, Technet, is publishing remarkable articles on the topic "Pseudoscience kills". The first one is about ESP detectors (dowsing rods) ADE-651 used to fight Taliban, see e.g. this article at BadScience.NET, and the second one is about Dr Matthias Rath who sold garlic and soup and stopped hundreds of thousands of AIDS patients in South Africa from treating their HIV disease; see BadScience.NET. It's amazing how high institutional endorsement the benefactors of this fraud could have received because they abused the dominant stereotypes etc. The pills for reducing AIDS are poison, Western colonialism, and so on. The new black leaders of South Africa happily welcomed this murdering charlatan.
The truth is that your understanding of science is nicely summarized by pointing out that you are a word in a footnote in Laurence Tribe's crackpot physics paper about the "curvature of the constitutional space". You are not even a full-fledged crackpot. You are just a piece of a crackpot's appendix. You have always been a kitschy decoration attached to some liars and lousy pseudointellectuals who would be not just dishonest or incompetent but also unlikable without you. With you, this scum has become (more) likable. And that's a problem for pretty much everyone else.

The U.S. president started his monologue about the climate by telling the fresh graduates that they already know the science. He says things like
Carbon dioxide emissions are rising. Carbon dioxide traps heat. We saw some warmest years in the 100-year record. (Therefore:) The emissions are causing a threat for the Earth.
But people who gullibly repeat these dumb slogans don't know any science; that's why they repeat such stupid, superficially logical and scientific, but otherwise completely illogical and unscientific misconceptions. Jupiter modifies the gravitational field and a changed gravitational field causes vertigo. Some people may throw up at various points and the frequency of vomiting may be changing in the long run, too. It doesn't follow that Jupiter is the culprit, one that should be wrestled with. There is no problem with the gravitational field.

Jupiter's gravitational effects are indeed nonzero but their magnitude matters, too. They're tiny enough to be ignored. The extra warming caused by the extra CO2 we emit in twenty more years is similarly tiny, even if the IPCC estimates for the climate sensitivity are right. It just doesn't make a difference if you and five more U.S. presidents allow the U.S. to live in a modern way – especially because a big majority of the emissions will soon be produced by China and similar countries. Even if the U.S. were a dictatorship and if its president were controlling the CO2 emissions of the whole country, which he clearly can't, his decisions would still make no measurable impact on the climate, at least not for the next 50 years.

Obama praised the graduates as being scientifically literate because they are able to parrot the alarmist clichés, too. (The students who realize that all this stuff is liberal ideological junk are assumed not to exist, or not to be allowed to graduate. That's how the politicians help to shape the atmosphere at U.S. universities.) But most of them are just scientifically illiterate brainwashed kids. Except for the higher age, Mr Obama, you're the same thing. I am telling you all these things as a guy who studied and graduated in less ideologically flavored times and I could join Harvard faculty at some moment, too. If the scholarly environment suffered from the hardcore fascist-scale pro-alarmist bias you show, I wouldn't have been accepted to the college.

We could hear from Mr Obama that NASA has good scientists. It surely has. Unfortunately, none of them may be found in the departments that promote the climate hysteria. The GISS got a new leader to replace James Hansen – Gavin Schmidt. Science Magazine has praised him as a contributor to RealClimate.ORG where he, along with 10 or so friends from the Green Parties, garnered 15 million views since late 2004. Well, my blog has garnered 16 million views since early 2005 (when this counter was kickstarted) and I didn't need tons of collaborators for that. I may have been lacking the institutionalized endorsement but I could replace it by a much higher scientific quality of the blog posts. For some reasons, the quality doesn't count in GISS.

I feel that Mr Obama is honest in the sense that he must really believe all these idiotic slogans about the trapped heat, record hot years, saving the world, and consensus in science. In that case, he is really stupid – another example of the dangers that nations face when their governments grow too big and too stupid people may suddenly get in charge of too large resources.

Now it's time to lower my adrenaline level and pressure in some way again. ;-)

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