Saturday, July 19, 2014

CRESST defects from "dark matter is seen" coalition

A year or two years ago, several experiments were claiming the existence of rather similar signals of an apparent dark matter particle lighter than \(10\GeV\). The experimental groups were split almost evenly, to the "Dark Matter Is Seen" allies and the "Dark Matter Is Not Seen" axis.

LUX in South Dakota has totally changed the game 9 months ago and with its precise observations of nothing, it obliterated all the competing experiments that had claimed a signal. Those humiliated "Dark Matter Was Seen" experiments included DAMA, CDMS-Silicon, CoGeNT, and also... CRESST. It didn't become quite clear why they had seen something but with LUX's superiority, it was pretty much guaranteed that what they saw was a mirage i.e. an overlooked or poorly understood systematic effect or background.

As Jester points out, CRESST is no longer an ally and became a LUX-led axis member, too. Incidentally, the LUX experiment itself will be replaced by its king-sized cousin, LUX-ZEPLIN.

In the new paper
Results on low mass WIMPs using an upgraded CRESST-II detector,
they "do not confirm" their previous claims of a signal.

Instead, in the absence of deviations from the background, they impose upper limits and they are summarized by the red line on the graph above. Note that this red line destroys a new region of the parameter space, especially for the WIMP masses below \(3\GeV\) or so – their exclusion actually affects hypothetical particles as light as \(1\GeV\). In this category, CRESST is becoming a leader (boasting the stringest exclusion). This leadership in the low-mass discipline was possible by their usages of \({\rm CaWO}_4\) crystals; it's the oxygen nuclei that make the difference.

I think that virtually no one is really betting on the resurrection of these strong signals from unexpectedly light WIMPs these days. It's possible that other experiments won't try too hard to find or confirm a signal, and they will find out that it's easier to confirm LUX and perhaps to extend its negative results.

Just to be sure, there are lots of other places in the parameter space(s) where the dark matter in general and WIMP in particular may be hiding and it probably is.

By the way, two Florida physicists argue that the right theoretical prediction for the \(W^+W^-\) cross section is higher than previously thought, due to the contribution of "large logarithms" (related to mutually very different jets) that have to be resummed and that are probably overlooked by the Monte Carlo methods. With these large logarithms resummed, they claim a good agreement between the theory and the observations – so the \(W^+W^-\) excess would go away if they are right.


  1. Imo, Dark matter can come in the form of quark alike compound particles or in bunches forming huge compound Quantum knots as the base for interference ball lightning and UFO psarticles found in the LHC and more larger stuff.

    Dark Matter UFO Dust Particles or Quantum Knots in the LHC at CERN ?

  2. Very cute the CaWO4 detector, considering it is something below everyones noses... I never did understood how scintillators work, nevertheless what I read made me the idea that there is plenty of room for further improvement.

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  4. ...somewhat least Putin is more predictable and transparent.

  5. arXiv:1407.1052 ends dark matter signals, consistent with arXiv:1306.5534 observing no dark matter within Saturn's orbit.

    But wait! Suppose dark matter is mysteriously repelled by strong gravitation gradients, restricting its presence to interstellar volumes. Yeah, that's the ticket! Uncle Al proposes the demerol as the dark matter quantum providing all necessities, tranquilizing all anxieties, amusing all boredom with only more studies needed.

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    This also shifts the blame from the Ruskies or the Ukes and to the Malaysians. That's because ever since flight MH370, the financially troubled Malaysian Airlines was trying to save money by taking the shortest and most direct routes to conserve fuel for all destinations, including going over warzones and volcanic eruptions.

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  7. Aircrash investigators and the OSCE are unable to get full and unrestricted access to the crash site. They're threatened by pro-Russian rebels; some even fired warning shots with their kalashnikovs. Pictures and videos have emerged which show that these brutes are looting the possessions of the victims. They also transferred bodies and tampered with the evidence, probably in an attempt to hide their involvement. Reportedly, they even recovered the black boxes and these are now gone.

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  10. So you are saying that if physics discards moduli for umbilici, a knot not noted cannot bear but button it up?

  11. i think this is a trap

  12. Have you seen Gabor's incredible score?

  13. Yes, it's already two days old. I am following the leaderboard many times a day, just to be sure LOL.

    Already in May, I was considering Gabor the prospective winner although he was somewhere near the 10th rank. Due to his previous successes in similar contests.

    Please post Kaggle-related things under the latest TRF Kaggle blog post which is now July 3rd:

  14. I am not very familiar with button up umbilici , however I am convinced that the cyclic multiverse should have one umbilicus and will go back to it again.

  15. I assume that the Higgs field moduli space is able to produce all sorts of particles even complex quantum knots which could resemble umbilici. All these moduli should be produced by the original big bang umbillicus.

  16. Dear Lubos,

    It has been relatively easy to study theoretical physics on my own. but understanding experimental is much tougher, since I have no access to equipment. Although I do have books and papers, but they seem to assume you know things that are not written and very hard to deduce from the references. So I have few questions regarding experimental physics.

    1. How important is EP(experimental physics) in actual graduate studies.

    2. How much Theoreticians do EP, like do all undergraduates have to go to CERN to see for themselves or do they just trust.

    3. Do Theoreticians actually understand what those thousands of sentimentalists are doing.

    Any other perspective is appreciated.

  17. Dear Qsatheory, I think that undergraduates aren't really divided to experimenters and theorists yet, so future theorists undergo several semesters of lab courses - I surely did.

    I think that theoretical grad students are no longer exposed to experimental physics directly and they may avoid it, so whethert hey're interested in it and get familiar with the real professional experimental work is up to their interests and personality.

    In HEP, phenomenologists are obviously closer to experimenters than formal theorists, and so on.

    Of course that there are tons of grad students who are doing experimental physics and almost nothing else. I would even say that it is a majority!

  18. The DAMA signal has recently been modelled by local neutrons sourced via solar neutrinos plus atmospheric muons. The signals are degenerate to the DAMA signal. They will look for methods to break the degeneracy to sort out which is right, WIMPs or local neutrons. Perhaps they will consider a role for gravitational focusing of the WIMPs. Absence of focusing will support the new interpretation of the signal.

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  23. just a a follow up thing. How trusting are those programs that offer degrees that are in "Experimental and Theoretical" fields. Have any students from such programs done significant theoretical work? I honestly am just curious.

  24. Maybe there is just no dark matter:

  25. Ukraine: the plot thickens - Part II

    "That it kept silent, revealing its knowledge about "BUK" only after MH17 had been shot down, puts the Ukrainian government in the frame as responsible for putting the Boeing 777 in harm's way.

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  27. The Buk-M1 system has a range of up to 45km

  28. Lubos, I thought you might find this interesting: