Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mathematica 10 released

Stephen Wolfram and colleagues have released a new version of Wolfram Mathematica, Mathematica 10:
Launching Mathematica 10— with 700+ New Functions and a Crazy Amount of R&D (Wolfram Blog)
It's said to be the greatest jump in the functionality ever.

The new functions include, interestingly for me (who just jumped from 3.76 to 3.78 in the contest), machine learning.

But there's also geometric computation, geographic computation. You may calculate the photograph of the Yorkshire Terrier ;-), quickly draw the map of France on a parabola, or solve differential equations with 100,000+ solutions (Mathematica 11 will raise it up to \(10^{500}\) solutions which will kill all the individuals screaming that the landscape is intractable).

There are huge new algorithmic capabilities in Mathematica 10 in graph theory, image processing, control theory and lots of other areas. And you may find hundreds of similar sentences in Wolfram's description. Each sentence corresponds to a googolplex of new functions and tricks that Mathematica 10 can do for you.

It's obviously nonsensical for me to write any details because I don't possess Mathematica 10 so you should look at it yourself.


  1. I love Mathematica but it is horribly expensive.

  2. Okay I love Mathemetica Too But Too much expensive

    Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil :

  3. Once the 3D design program Rhino obtained the Grasshopper visual programing language recently, I haven't suffered the bizarre syntax of Mathematica commands again. The programs look like this:

    3D Studio Max animation software used to be one of the only ways to do parametric 3D geometry but it was quite limited. I made this animation with it anyway:

    A decade ago Mathematica was the only way I found to access 3D graphics based on mathematics so I used it to explore what equilateral triangles can do:

    But Mathematica has such formal command structure I always had to hack away again and again to get anything to work so it took forever. To create an interactive user interface loop was odd too, since it wound up in knots with no way to just cancel out of a tree structure, no simple reset command. Back then I also eccentrically used Perl to generate Postscript for 2D graphics, such as:

    That way I could generate vast fields of random printed out wallpaper patterns and go in with a magnifying glass to find attractive combinations worth isolating as sketches for paintings.

  4. Wow, they boosted the price from under a thousand up by 5X, just like college tuition since the 1990s. Still, to upgrade my $8500 Geometric Freeform 3D clay design software with its haptic arm mouse to the full NURBs version would cost an extra twenty four thousand dollars. Wolfram then boosts the price again by 2.5X if you want to use 16 cores instead of just 4, putting you at $10K for useful performance. Mathematica has obviously become a boutique market product now despite its early aspirations to become a general education and calculation tool.

    As a one time benchtop nanotechnologist I don't see Moore's law kicking in again for many decades despite all the hype about nanotubes and graphene etc. since the new ideas are bottom up synthetic and self-organizing which has much less direct engineering predictability that top down lithography afforded. So that means I don't predict many revolutions in software either, no sudden leaps to a thousand or a million times more power. That may require biotechnology in fact, to afford the needed bottom up organization to be programmed in, and that's a century or two away.

  5. Hi this is a fun site and, of course, functionality way way beyond my skill-set in the way of a simain who borrows a Bugatti Veyron for a couple of spins, but on trying the random query baited in the sidebar: what city will host the next Olympics? (not the exact wording maybe) an errant reply was elicited. (Maybe I am wrong and will have digital egg on my face but wasn't Sochi the winter Olympics only? Is there a summer round to commence Mathematica 10 not HAL9000, for sure, but even if I am the blunderer here how susceptible do you think is the program is, as it branches out into ask-me-anything land, to boners, boo-boos, miscalculations, inaccuracies, absudities or other failures ?

  6. Still waiting for "A New Kind of Science 2."

  7. Can Mathematica 10 help me find the next Euromillions combination ?

  8. That's a lottery, right? I know a guy - a college graduate! - who thought he could improve his chance of winning the state lottery by confining his picks to an arbitrary subset of all legal numbers. He argued that he'd be more likely to win than other ticket buyers whenever the winning combination was in the subset. No matter how I tried to show him that this was true but wouldn't help, he insisted that it would help. Lubos often talks about stupidity, and I often wonder if he knows how stupid some people are.

  9. Including, believe it or not, multiple levels of Undo and Redo!