Friday, August 22, 2014

All 365 Sierra Leona ebola casualties due to a herbalist

The Daily Mail and everyone else mentioned the sad and bizarre statistical fact: all 365 people (3/4 of the victims are women because they're more "the social glue" of their communities, caregivers) who died due to ebola (a lethal cousin of flu) in Sierra Leone caught the disease from a herbalist. What an irony.

The mass infection began in Guinea (patient zero has probably been correctly identified) and lots of the infected ones came to the herbalist in Sierra Leone – which used to be a healthy country. She got infected and many others caught the disease from her, many of them during the funeral.

Most people in Western Africa believe all sorts of wonderful things – well, we surely know a toned down version of these beliefs in the Western countries, too (sometimes because our friends and family members believe this stuff as well). However, I also feel that many people – even those in Western Africa – want to treat their health in a quasi-scientific way. This may be true even for many customers of the herbalists. These clients just don't have enough education and enough money to do it right.

Some herbs may really help with some conditions and some of the people in poor countries may know much more about their effects than we do. Still, I believe that even with the very limited financial resources we can witness in Western Africa, things may be done more effectively and happier ends may be reached if the Western know-how is used. Herbalists may perhaps help in some cases although most of their help is "noise".

However, it's much more important to know e.g. that if someone is meeting lots of ebola patients, she is becoming dangerous. It may sound cruel but you shouldn't even attend her funeral because the microorganisms and viruses may be abundant over there – because of her body and the survivors many of whom have met her.

This blog is only being visited by "a hundred" of people from Western Africa a year – it's a virtually invisible place on the TRF map. But if someone wants to ask questions about diseases and their possible treatment – we have professional physicians among the readers etc. – please do ask.


  1. Some good advice regarding ebola can be found here:

  2. In Spain we had the first fatality from this outbreak in Europe (despite he was treated with ZMapp) amid the scandal mostly because he was a priest (a missionary, Miguel Pajares), and the usual voices, the arbitrarily `solidary´ left wing, have been claiming for let him die in Liberia and not to spend public resources `for nothing´. Surely (certainly, rather) if he had been a member of "Unicorns Without Borders" we would not have heard a single criticism.

    Of course, these same people do not respond when you tell them that everything would be different if the billions of dollars that are thrown to study imaginary problems such as climate change, were used to search for vaccines against this and other infectious diseases.

  3. Technically, Ebola and Influenza viruses aren't really cousins, except in the "all viruses are cousins" category. They are pretty different.

  4. Don't be afraid of ebola
    Or storms like the one that hit NOLA
    The world's biggest threat
    Is the size of our debt
    And Elites coming after our COLA

    The Limerick King

  5. Imaginary problems as ”climate change”, said the expert. The consequences of no changing our emisions right now may be irreversible for our timespan, but people who own industries and are protected by the politicians they sponsor usually care shit for next gens as long as their sons will have the money to not to suffer the consequences.

  6. And its the right wing, at least in Spain, who doesn't care for investigation on anything because it doesn't give inmediate benefits. And PSOE is not left wing, it's the same shit, just less insulting to people's intelligence (statistically, very low in Spain, as the polls showed till now).


    I think you have low.

  8. Oh, yeah, PSOE doesn't insults people's intelligence, they erase it directly. In any case I do not think any reader here is interested in the current political miseries of Spain.

  9. You have fallen into the worst blog to say such idiocies. And perhaps one of the best for stopping of saying them... just please navigate through the "climate change" tag. Head will hurt at first but eventually you'll feel better.

  10. I talked about intelligence, not IQ.
    Sorry for the missunderstanding for having used the word ”poll”. I was referring to their votes for the last 10 years at least.