Monday, August 18, 2014

An emotional movie on Stephen Hawking: Theory of Everything

In November 2014, a new emotional movie will hit the cinemas.

A trailer plus a review. The talkative reviewer thinks that the filmmakers were cheating when they suggested that Hawking and his wife were saints who transcended the disease. True but the most ambitious movies like that aren't documentaries, anyway.

"A Theory of Everything" is a film about Hawking's life, work, and medical disorder. But it is primarily a movie about his love life, a movie focusing on Jane Hawking, his wife through 1995.

Search Google News for various reviews.

The British "Metro" is among the outlets that believe that the movie is a pure Oscar bait. I haven't seen the full movie so I can't tell.

The movie shouldn't be confused with Hawking (2013). The latter, although it has covered similar events, has a sort of a "boring" documentary format.


  1. The BBC did a great drama on Hawking:

    Definitely worth a look!

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  3. Sorry Lubos, I didn't realize they were the same from the trailer!

    Looks as if PBS butchered the original BBC drama, and included a few good looking charismatic academics to give it more of a US mass appeal.

  4. Hi Lubos, yes, this is a trailer for a real movie about the
    physics, but these days I saw a trailer for a paper in
    by Sergei V. Ketov and Takahiro Terada, titled “Inflation in
    Supergravity with a Single Chiral Superfield”. I don't know if you ever see this before!!!!!

  5. Stephen Hawking is the best! One thing that's great about Hawking is his ability to admit when he thinks he was wrong about something, which is the foundation of science, but all too often a shortcoming of individual scientists. Hawking 4eva!
    Image from

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  7. LOL, cool, Leo. I would still prefer if the paper were this extraordinarily dramatic, and not just the trailer. ;-) The paper looks like the 8th most important speculative variation of the 4th most motivated version of the 15th most attractive version of inflation.

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  10. Dear Linda, it would be very important but your explanation was confirmed by whom? And what evidence?

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