Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cristobal, Marie on animated global wind map

Finally, one may see some exciting realtime pictures on the global wind map (click here to get the interactive app; TRF instructions are available, too).

Yes, the hurricane approaching the Bermudas (East of Florida) is called Cristobal. The Pacific hurricane West of California is called Marie.

By clicking around, I was only able to find a spot with 83 km/h in Cristobal while the same number I achieved inside Marie after a minute was 91 km/h. Marie is a stronger, more destructive hurricane because she is female.

Look how boring the hurricanes look on the U.S. National Hurricane Center website.

Meanwhile, it looks like the summer is really over in the Czech Republic – August 2014 has basically been an autumn month. We're not the only ones who have been robbed of summer by the global warming. A simple search for record cold temperatures shows that in recent days and weeks, they measured the record-breaking low temperatures in Ireland, Toronto, Death Valley, and elsewhere. says that the August was one of the coldest ones in Europe in decades.

Years ago, I would write blog posts about the weather – and record cold temperatures – more frequently. I got bored by that because they're occurring at a rather ordinary frequency we have known for decades. In the U.S., most threads discussing weather (and "relatively extreme" weather) receive comments about global warming. I must say that among hundreds of comments under Czech articles about cold weather, there usually isn't a single comment that would refer to the climate change or global warming confrontation. This piece of ludicrous propaganda is a non-issue in Czechia and I am sort of happy about that.


  1. Can you find the spot where no wind blows?

  2. Hi Luke, you've just reminded me of the hairy ball theorem. Good call!

    Well, it's either that, or I need to change my underpants.

  3. alex scherbakoffAug 27, 2014, 5:02:00 PM

    Global warming. Isn't that some old theory about CO2 molecules gaining enough kinetic energy to increase the total kinetic energy of the entire atmosphere to catastrophic levels? I thought we had moved on from that.

  4. Hurricanes are surely a part of the Universe.

  5. Record-breaking cold temperatures are weather. Slightly above average temperatures are Klimate Kaos, whose only treatment is the Carbon Tax on Everything. A social advocate makes virtue of failure. The worse the cure the better the treatment - and the more that is required.

    Coriolis storms are elegant. The singularity is called the "eye."

  6. I didnt find a place to post this, so I post here. Motl, you should do a post on Gender Madness:

    The woman which is the main person in the program is a mathematician - and she seems pretty bright. RT makes her look a bit strange, although she is very normal compared to the gender-nazis which she makes fun of. :D

  7. LOL, I watched the RT documentary, read her blog a bit, and mailed her in the morning, about 10 hours ago.

  8. Will you invite that nice Tanja Bergkvist to do a guest post here then? I'd look forward to it. :) XXX

    I don't know why but she got me wondering if feminazis were under-represented as the victims of violent sex crime. If so, in the furtherance of equality I think it only right that something be done to up their participation rate. Maybe the government should put out an appeal for rapists to be more socially responsible and consider equality issues. Perhaps a reduction in prison sentence if convicted of raping the right sort? Sounds reasonable.

    I can see a potential drawback here though since most feminazis are just plain fucking ugly [Andrea Dworkin!], and therefore not exactly ideal targets for rapists. But a government sponsored programme of cosmetic surgery would help. But what do you think?

    Should I write to the Swedish government with my ideas?

  9. In Michigan, we have had the coldest summer in my memory.