Saturday, August 23, 2014

Europe's support for the Islamic State

"The Islamic State" terrorists are so cruel that at one point, Osama bin Laden had ruled out any collaboration with them.
Off-topic: Czech readers may listen to an episode of Planetarium where they interviewed me about string theory. The program (archive) was aired on Czech Public Radio North on Saturday 18:05 Czech Summer Time.

Volcano: Bárðarbunga began to erupt, so far subglacially, but you may watch the webcam and it may get more interesting.
These überjerks show that when you calibrate your moral sense to the situation of Syria, Bashar Assad is the good guy. The Islamic State is the "real Islam that matters" in the region. Their acts humiliate everyone who has been spreading ludicrous PC fairy-tales about Islam as a religion of peace. There may be people who are peaceful and call themselves Muslims but they are unfortunately irrelevant. What's relevant and "truly Islamic" are groups like the Islamic State – and whether you like it or not, their attitudes are supported by much of the Quran, too. Islam is a form of fascism – and it has been almost nothing else for something like 1300 years.

These monsters are murdering lots of peoples including the Yezidis, an eclectic church sometimes considered as an Islamic sect and sometimes a hybrid of shamanism and Christianity. Those mostly Kurdish people worship Melek Taus, an angel considered to be a "fallen angel" by the Muslims (and probably others) because he refused to lick Adam's aß at one point. Count me as a fan of Melek Taus, too. Adam was just a transitional fossil between mutated apes and homo sapiens – no need to worship this ancestor of ours.

Also, the Islamic State has a P.R. department that is doing pretty much the same thing as MSNBC and other cheap sources of "news" (brainwashing of the undemanding audiences) we know in the West. They use clever tricks to spread their message on the "social media" and they have a superior technology capable of filming hours of professional footage containing dozens of types of murders as well as the warriors' distribution of ice cream among children and they obey many rules of the PC P.R. media as well as Hollywood to impress some people.

Aside from all the murders, they have destroyed lots of very old churches and tombs etc. that have been around for centuries or millennia, waiting for the right pieces of human šit that will devastate them. Lots of important traces of heroes in the Bible existed a year ago but they no longer exist.

I think that most people in the West agree that this scum should better be eradicated before it's too late.

A small problem is that this eradication requires one to kill about 10 million of French citizens, too. The video above – and this page – inform us that according to some polls, 15% of the French population has a positive opinion about the Islamic State. The percentage jumps to 27% in the age group 18-24 years.

Holy cow. These numbers are particularly striking because the Muslim population of France – particularly folks of Algerian descent – is often quoted to be still below 10 percent. So millions of Frenchmen who are not Muslims think about the Islamic State positively.

Europe 2015. This map is almost a decade old. I hope that in a year, we will see that it was way too pessimistic.

Fortunately, some form of Newton's third law may be seen to apply and save the day. So there are tens of millions of the French people who have pretty much exactly the same negative attitude as I do. It's often said that about 20% of the Muslims is a critical mass at which they may become able to take over countries. I am not sure whether such a tipping point exists and where it is.

They may be particularly "assertive", to put it very diplomatically, so they may take over the power structures in a country before they reach 50% of the population. On the other hand, many other people realize the threat. It seems rather sensible to believe that 20% could also be the critical threshold at which the traditional part of the society starts to actively fight against the emerging threat. I suspect that if the political percentage of Muslims were going to reach 30%, Marine Le Pen would start to be seen as too soft a protector of France as we have known it.

We can already see such trends in France, I think. The growing support for Front National is one argument that this is already occurring. But the intensely hawkish attitudes of Hollande, a socialist politician, towards the militant Muslims, also show that the "reaction" is penetrating to other mainstream parties that still try to work with the traditional voters. France isn't afraid of imposing various kinds of bans to protect the characteristically secular atmosphere in France.

The Islamic State murdered the U.S. journalist, Mr Foley. Barack Obama made an emotional speech how saddened he was and how important it was to keep pressure on the Islamic State and to never deviate off course. To prove the latter statement, he returned to the golf course in a few minutes and was smiling all the time. Even The New York Times had to point out that something seems to be wrong in the White House. Just to be sure, I am not surprised by this hypocrisy of Obama at all so I won't inflate this "story" beyond the three sentences you have just read.

Mr Foley was killed by a British member of the Islamic State, a member who is often said to be intelligent. The British guy reminds us that the Islamic State has European supporters outside France, too.

For quite some time, people could have speculated about the looming Clash of the Civilizations and the Islamization of Europe and things like that. But what I really find worrisome is the "metastasis" portion of the process. The Islamic murderers who want to decapitate the European civilization and replace it by the first-millennium bloody superstitious inhuman anticivilization are not sharply separated from the good guys. Multicultural policies of recent decades have made all the boundaries really fuzzy. If we speculatively imagine that the Islamic State trash will start to spread to Europe, with their violent type of politics, we will indeed have to kill lots of people "in between", too. I hope it will never have to happen.

New political and military questions mean that politicians may offer new, sometimes unexpected answers. I have mentioned that Hollande, a socialist, is hawkish when it comes to the violent Muslim threats. The left-wing pope, Francis, also says that the West should use all human and ethically clean methods to disinvite the Islamic State members from the existence. Note how ethical he is! I am personally praying that the Islamic State will evaporate and the vapors will move to a different planet.

There are also negative surprises. David Cameron is the nominally center-right (but fanatically green) prime minister of the country whose citizen has murdered Mr Foley. He doesn't feel too bad about it – at least not bad enough for him to admit that he is standing on the same side of the Syrian barricades as Bashar Assad. Assad is no angel and he may annoy and he does annoy us for many reasons. But to undermine his influence in Syria at this moment could have far-reaching consequences in the foreseeable future.


  1. 30 Years' War, Spanish Inquisition, conquistadors in the New World, Islam is walking in Christ's bloody footsteps. albeit on a much smaller scale. Ramp up, fellas, for Allah loves you.

  2. Your blog is 10 years old ... don't you think it is incredible how everything deteriorated in those 10 years?

  3. Most of the time, I share the totally negative appraisal of the recent years with you. But at other special moments, I tend to think that we must be wrong in some way.

  4. I agree with one slight difference. Not that it matters you are more knowledgeable so if I miss something tell me.
    I think it is not required that SUSY be within the budgetary constraints of the LHC. I think there will be a chance we need higher energies. Nature does not necessarily adhere our views of natural either. So I hope it will and and think it will be seen but not sure it should be found with LHC.

  5. Oh yeah, he does.

  6. Why can't we all just come together and believe in M-theory? ;)

  7. Old Sumerians knew thousands of years ago that things only go from bad to worse. This knowledge has been formalized in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

  8. You sure are a poisonous little spirit, aren't you, Uncle Al? And astonishingly historically ignorant, too. Islam was walking in its own bloody footsteps from the time of its founding in the seventh century. It took no supposed Christian violence to cause this. The Thirty Years' War, and your other pathetic examples, happened perhaps a thousand years after Islam's first violent aggressions. Even the Crusades, often brought up by fools in a similar vein, were hundreds of years after Islam's first violence, and in retaliation. And how about all the other religions that Islam happily brutalizes? Is Islam walking in the bloody footsteps of King David? And Buddha? And Zoroaster?

  9. A bad movie script would be rejected, for being too exaggerated the super-villains.

    I think for the first time in history the most silly and clumsy advance and conquer.
    Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc .... : Who invented conquer and extend. In the twentieth century, the Jews invented atomic bomb for the USA. A qualitative leap very powerful. (And half the nobel prize in physics, chemistry, medicine). They must conquer whole area, with Arabian peninsula. Especially with the Arab/palestinian involvement in the Holocaust:

    With the oil in his jews hands the world would go much better than arab hands. And not petrodollars from Arabic Medieval States subsidizing islamists for decades (although maybe now some of them are scared)

  10. Conquistadors in the New World: For example Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec empire with only 500 men. For the simple reason that he was joined by tens of thousands of indigenous, tired of slavery and human sacrifice. that were rivers of blood.

  11. The West needs to tool up and flick the dip switch to extermination mode. There's lots to be done.

    We should kick off with the nuking of mecca and medina, but then as far as possible it's best use proxies to do the bulk of the grunt work so as to minimise the exposure of decent people to what is otherwise an unpleasant task. Then we move in at the end to mop up, guaranteeing complete eradication of pisslam pox.

    As a matter of good taste, aesthetics and common decency it would be fitting employ the services of the serial killers, sadists and other psychopathic deviants currently serving time in our prisons or on death row in this mopping up process and give them free rein to exercise their talents. Within suitable containment areas [Tsk! I was trying to think of a name for these — it's on the tip of my tongue but it escapes me for the moment] they can take as long as they like and employ whatever methods they deem appropriate. When they're done, we eradicate them too. We'll need lime pits. Lots of them.

    Meanwhile, I can't make up my mind whether we should dress the the mop-up crews in Crusader gear or those nice SS uniforms. Red and white, or just plain black? Hmmm, tough choice.

    Hey, let's have both! Red & white and black, yes! That's it! I'm sure we could come up with stylish symbolism. Maybe a nice flag of some sort to top it all off.

    Peace on Earth. Sieg heil!

  12. You are correct. It would be good though if it can be found with LHC. The ILC, the next planned collider will be for sitting around the Higgs mass and getting accurate values, which might also give hints for higher symmetries than the standard model ones.

  13. People with such a wide vision as to birth M-theory should really see a wider picture:

    As documented by Swiss lawyer and Egyptian-born historian, Bat Ye'or's shows how the oligarchs who created the EU traded oil for of Palestinians and and 2.mass immigration from Arabia.

    All documented in the minutes of the Europe-Arab Forum, that I believe is online if you search.

    France was the leader in this. European oligarchs have deliberately created the forthcoming civil wars in Europe.

    Why would they do this? I'll leave that to the visionary quarters of your minds hitherto only applied to physics.

  14. Demography is destiny. If Europe doesn't increase its birthrates to at least a replacement level, European culture will not remain dominant on that continent.

    Also, the Isis head-hackers are revolting and because of that in some sense not all that dangerous, since even an idiot can see them for who they are. A lot fewer people understand that someone like Erdogan is also a committed Islamist.

  15. Think positive:

    Islam is out of the closet where it has been trying to hide ,and there is a chance that US and EU will wake up and deal with it.

    The insidious process of islamization of europe by birthrate alone might in this way be stopped, because all the "nice nice" politically correct propaganda will disappear in the animosities of armed conflict.

  16. "string theory is not wrong and, in fact, cannot be wrong. It cannot be fudged, either; it is completely rigid and unalterable. One can question its utility but not its verity. "

    Like mathematics?

    Would it be fair to say that string theory is essentially a development in mathematics, guided occasionally by intuitions from the physical world? We hope that this abstraction eventually finds real world application? As per the example here (Category theory):

  17. Totally agree with Fer137, I just think that adding an essential fact is needed: historiographical manipulation of Spain's History, "the black legend". This Wikipedia article explains it pretty well and has good external references:

  18. The question now is : what do we want to fight in priority ? : globalisation (which equal to sionism), or sunnit islamists ? Both are an invasion of some sort.
    The two brothers Israel and Ismael will always be at war. It is better when it is happening in a small piece of land between Israel et Palestine far from us. Whose interest is it to spread it all over the world ? Do non semits want these guys' garbage story to pollute us ad vitam eternam ?

  19. Lol. You always make me lough John.

  20. ...and they only follow the Coran. I heard that the first versions of the Coran were peaceful but then it became warrior in the last versions and it is always the most recent version that muslims have to follow. This is the rule.

  21. When you say EU you mean France only, because France is the only country in the Eurozone with a strong army. The only problem is that we have no budget left and the other EU countries can't be bothered cooperating either. There is no EU when it comes to fighting a war.

  22. Well, there is NATO, and should be a key despite having Turkey among its members:

  23. Yep, this is the first-order approximation, but second (EU) and upper terms (Canada...) aren't negligible in a scenery of global conflict, at least from a strategic and resources perspective, in my opinion.

  24. he's not joking. he's nuts.

  25. A higher non-muslim birth rate would help, but it might not necessarily be needed. We could try to convert muslims at an early age and westernize them. Of course, this is easier said than done, since these children are often completely brainwashed at home. But we can try to do it in schools with specific, but subtle, anti-islam programmes. Teach children about the importance of secularity and individualism. Show children the horrors of the Holocaust. Maybe ban head scarves in classes. Organize mixed boy-girl activities. Etcetera. Subtlety is key. Force might be counterproductive and result in further radicalization.

    If this is done at an early age, maybe, just maybe, these children will westernize a bit. When they start thinking for themselves, they might reject their parent's vile ideology. And when they themselves get children, they might pass the enlightened thoughts on to their own offspring and the vicous cycle of anti-West hate is broken.

  26. I wonder how many more golf outings in the midst of geopolitical turmoil the American public will need to see in order to come to the conclusion that this President (and perhaps others before him), are NOT the ones calling the shots.

    Sure, it's convenient and easy to have an "all-in-one" person to praise - or lay blame upon for every concern of the nation, but even so, it should be painfully obvious by now to any thinking man or woman, that Mr. Obama is nothing more than a "figurehead."

    I'd still like to know how much money the US taxpayers are doling out for each time Barry has a round of golf. Look at the entourage of agents and bodyguards that has to protect Obama each and every week he has to set foot on a golf course.

  27. One might ask, can the US deploy air power against ISIS in Iraq while simultaneously aiding ISIS’s allies in Syria? ISIS is consolidating control of large swaths of Syria and has reached the coast of the Mediterranean in Lebanon. Thousands of Western Muslims are fighting in its ranks and may in time return to Europe and the US.

    It should now be obvious to all that weakening Arab nationalist regimes like the Baath was and is a dangerous reactionary policy that supports the interests of US client states like Israel and Saudi Arabia in the short run, but in the long run will lead to extremist anti-Western elements threatening core America interests.

    The hard truth is that the only way to stabilize Iraq is to see ISIS defeated and that will not happen while Syria is a base for the same Islamic fighters. This implies that it is in the US interest to see the Syrian government regain control of all its own territory.

  28. U.S. Presidents have greater latitude in foreign affairs than they do in domestic.

  29. I am unable to make sense of the assertion that globalization is equal to zionism. Please, explain.

  30. Politically, banning head scarves and "subtlety" don't seem to go well together. And it is a known fact that the children of many immigrants are far more radical than their parents' generation.

    The only realistic way to break the cycle appears to be for the Western societies to assert their culture rather forcefully and none too subtly in their own territories. Modern sensitivities, however, would seem to preclude that at present or the foreseeable future.

  31. The fact that ISIS is the same bunch of head-chopping, liver-eating folks that John McCain made nice with in Syria, and that the CIA trained and armed in Jordan on the Saudi's buck, while at the same time sending drones and helicopters to kill in Iraq says to me that this conflict is less about oil and more about war for its own sake.

    War is so profitable for the military-industrial-security complex that they will play both sides against the middle just to keep the pot boiling in the Middle East and thus maximize their profits.

  32. Yeah, that's why I said 'maybe'. I'm undecided about it. I don't know if it will help, since a headscarf ban might radicalize them further. But we might at least discourage girls from wearing them. Give them the choice. Ask them, but don't force. It would no longer be an automatism. They have to think about it.

    And I'm not so sure if the children of immigrants are far more radical than their parents' generation. At least here in the Netherlands, 2nd and 3rd generation Indonesians are far more moderate. It really depends on the ethnicity.

    As for force, I really don't think it is a good idea. It could massively backfire. The muslim population is already too large in many European countries. Force might radicalize the large portion of moderate muslims. Subtletly is key.

    That's not to say that we should rule force out at all times. But I think it's better reserved as a last resort. For example when the muslim population tries to seize power. Obviously, we should use force then to save our own civilization.

    I define 'force' as total eradication of islam from society. Closure of all mosques, a ban of the quran and maybe even forceful deportation of muslim citizens to their parents' countries. Also, execution of the worst islamic radicals.

    Some people might be shocked by my ultimate solution, but if we're dealing with fascist adversaries who are on the brink of complete societal takeover, extreme solutions are needed to deal with such a existential threat.

  33. I tried to give you a reply, Swine Flu, but it seems Luboš blocked my post. I guess I wasn't too 'subtle' :)

    Apologies Luboš, if my post was too offensive or radical. Purely out of curiosity, why did you decide to block it?

  34. A Quick word.

    When you try hard to oppress and suppress people, pray it works. If it fails, you are as good as dead. You might as well find the nearest home depot and buy a rope and other related material for hanging, at least it will be by your own hand and with dignity.

    Let me explain. .. . consider anti-biotic resistance, that is all.

    In other news this is becoming the number one fountain of hate :) .

  35. I didn't actively block it. It was in a moderation queue because your ID shows a new user. This is needed not only to reduce obnoxious comments but also to fight old-fashioned spam.

  36. I never said anything about using force. How do you use force against the residents of your own country except to restore order during a riot? The issue is what behaviors are considered unacceptable, what degree of assimilation is expected, whether the laws of the host country are allowed to be bent to accommodate certain cultural practices of the immigrant group, etc.

  37. Well, you got there in the end.

    But you're still dithering with your "maybe even forceful deportation of muslim citizens to their parents' countries."

    There's no 'maybe' about it.

    Moreover, "...but if we're dealing with fascist adversaries who are on the brink of complete societal takeover, extreme solutions are needed to deal with such a existential threat."

    The threat most certainly is existential, but you'd rather wait until we're at the brink to deal with it.

    It's bed-wetters like you who are the biggest problem. You'd rather let the boil fester and wait until gangrene has fully set in — then you'll act. Wonderful.

    And then you'll tell us all how sorry you are that you and your wilfully blind, waste-of-space, dumbarse multi-culti leftard chums could not to believe the evidence before you because you were all stuck in your doped-up, fuckwit, fluffy-bunny version of reality. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry..."

    But sorry won't cut it then. It'll be clear to all that it is people like you who were the real problem all along, because it was your mindset that brought the boil on in the first place and then that you did your best to help it fester. People won't forget that.

    Change subject. It's very noticeable how the mainstream commentariat is going into overdrive trying to sell the idea that what we're witnessing is some perversion of pisslam, that these 'extremists' are not real muslimes but rather a mistaken bunch of self-deluded fanatics. It's not working though. You can see that in the comments, how quickly they close them down, heavily censor what's left, and sometimes 'disappear' them altogether. Here's an example from Daniel Hannan, the Tory Judas goat and pretend EU-sceptic MEP: What makes some British Muslims become jihadis?, where many comments have been deleted and indeed the whole lot finally 'disappeared' altogether.

  38. Sure. Globalisation is that no-frontier ideology ; economically, financially, humanly. Call it globalism if you prefer. Sionists want the rest of the world to be on the side of Israel so it can expand its ideology to the rest of the world, whatever the details of this ideology is. It is not the most important in this case, it is only a question of power over muslims (you know, that old family feud blabla...).
    As you most certainly know, through very strong lobbies in the main occidental capitals, jews have great influence. This makes of Israel the first country in the world to receive financial help. Well played. Jews are the best in the world in marketing. That is why we like them so much.
    American taxpayers pay for wars that protect the state of Israel. Again, well played.
    Most importantly today Sionists want islamophobia to be kept alive so all of the Occident, and the rest of the world, will keep fighting their enemy. Fair enough.
    On the other hand the muslims have no clue how to make themselves likeable. Decapitations is not good practice for who wants to go global. They don't seem to get it.
    Non-sionists (who are still earthly) don't give a shit about their secular feud and we would love if they didn't involve the rest of the world and splash their blood over us. They both use us so they can nuke their brothers.etc etc etc. tssk tssk.
    The Pope invited them to pray for peace in Vatican a couple of month ago. They came, they did it... and they went back home to fight even more. God will punish them all :-D

  39. I agree with you Cynthia. 100%. War is a profitable multinational in itself.

  40. Western societies will have to also adapt to these muslims' sensitivity in day to day life.It might be an opportunity to stop where western societies have been too far like for same sex marriages and femen-like feminism. We must find a terrain d'entente.

  41. " were all stuck in your doped-up, fuckwit, fluffy-bunny version of reality. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry..."

  42. What is exasperating is that they never saw that coming.

  43. Their "lobbies" and "garbage story to pollute us" mysteriously get scientific discoveries to improve the lives of many ungrateful people:

  44. "Military-industrial-complex" : Old myths mostly.
    An enlightening lesson: Shares of the largest American military contractors (McDonall, Boeing) fell sharply behind 11-Septembre. Currently most of the largest armament companies have more of their business in the civil sector. The expected increase in military sales did not offset losses in commercial aircraft.

  45. Are you saying that there is a jewish blood. That being a jew is a race ? If so you are nuts.

  46. We, France, have a few brand new Mistral warships destined to Russia that the US is desperately trying to stop.

  47. I do not know if your question is to divert the conversation, or not to see the facts for ideological blinkers.

    I have used the phrase: "jews scientists Nobel laureates."
    You have used the phrase:
    "jews have great influence".
    What sense does your answer? "That being a jew is a race ? If so you are nuts."
    You apply yourself?

    I talked about what happens, about facts, no possible explanation (Culturals, Gens, Divine, Chance X sigma, ...). That is another issue.

    For example:
    "Asked why he thought it is that Jews have won so many Nobel Prizes, Richard Dawkins was forthright with his uncertainty:
    “"I haven’t thought it through. I don’t know. But I don’t think it is a minor thing; it is colossal. ...”" This year 6 of 12 laureates were Jewish."

  48. And why do you think that is, Fert137 ? Explain.

  49. If this is an apology for what Isis is doing, why are they killing local minorities that haven't been oppressing anybody?

  50. Hey Swine flu,
    firstly I have to be honest it took me this long to reply because I was shocked at how big your balls were. They were so big you responded to be my comment. In fact they were big enough you motivated me to calculate by how much they distorted the natural geometry of space-time. But enough about your stupidly big balls. Now back to me and my politics. . . . I would never endorse oppression in any form and my associates and I operate covertly and with precision to destroy any form of oppression :). I love everyone but would not hesitate to challenge or even destroy anything that stands in the way of freedom or opportunity for everyone. I know deep down you are chill, mostly because I have harnessed next generation hacking skills to determine your identity and might be sending you mail to prove it, but enough about who you are already. Just be freakin awesome or visit a home depot. In other new I have a date tomorrow with this girl from Texas. She is awesome ! cheers and wish me luck :P

  51. Ironically, the google ads you have on top, on this page displays an ad "Do you know Islam
    Would you like to be a Muslim? Join us in private live chat"

    So indeed their PR is doing a good job.