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Munich city hall: Linux transition was a failed political experiment

The Bavarian capital likely to restore Windows

For decades, I have been emphasizing that the people aggressively recommending Linux to common users and spreading conspiracy theories about the alleged reasons why Windows hadn't died yet were loud ideologically motivated anti-market terrorists who didn't hesitate to make most of the people suffer.

A building without windows looks rather sad. Well, let me admit: this is not a picture from Munich, it is a big fridge in Minsk. I guess that these days, the building is being used to produce high-quality Belorussian food by attaching new stickers to high-quality Western European food.

In the U.S., I mostly had to work with the Linux stuff for a decade, too. I learned it well enough but I remain as uncomfortable with it as I was before I became a Linux user, if not more so.

It seems that my words have been vindicated by officials from a city that has something to say about the problem, namely the first major city in the world that has decided to dump Windows and replace it by Linux a decade ago: Bavaria's Munich.

In 2003, they would start to say that it was "important for Munich to become independent of the greedy software capitalists" and "to live in the vacuum". These plans began to be realized at a large scale just a year ago (see a celebrating article from 2013) and they were completed about 8 months ago but 8 months is a long enough period for the sufferers to fully realize how much they suffer.

Computing U.K. and dozens of other news outlets (orig.: Süddeutsche Zeitung) inform us about the status of the special municipal Linux distribution that was named "LiMux". Well, I should like words that sound like "Lumo" but I won't. It would have been much nicer if they had called it simply "Munix" or "Minux".

The leadership of the city hall has noticed that the Linux solution is very expensive because it requires lots of custom programming. It's estimated that 80% of the people who are forced to work with Linux simply suffer. To say the least, a big portion of the 14,000 employees of the city hall has complained. The employees say that the system doesn't integrate contact, calendar, and e-mail software and requires special extra servers to connect mobile devices. And they have only failed to say that Linux also sucks when it comes to media players and games because they want to (preposterously) pretend that they would never use such software in the office hours.

LiMux: die IT-evolution, just die.

Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) who superseded Christian Ude (SPD) from May 1st, 2014 says that the Linux solutions are inferior relatively to the Microsoft solutions but the main critic of the Linux experiment is the vice-mayor, Josef Schmid (CSU), who has described the bugs in more detail and who also shares my key sentiment when he says that the Linux experiment has been a politically motivated gesture – rather than a wise meritocratic decision – from the very beginning.

A photograph of Munich from the times when buildings still had windows.

There are still lots of deputies who have actually supported that experiment so I don't know whether the reversal will work out. But Bavarian cities have shown their ability to learn from their mistakes. The 1938 Munich Treaty signed by Adolf Hitler and 3 of his pals was viewed as a mistake 7 years later. And the 1935 Nuremberg Laws have even been superseded by the 1945 Nuremberg Trials. So let's see whether they will learn something from the Munich Linux experiment, too. ;-)

Penguins belong to the South Pole, not to European or American buildings.

Off-topic: Czech police has caught and charged the culprit of the acid attack (bottom) on a beauty named Martina Pů**vá half a mile from my home last November. She's alive but won't recover "fully". Numerous media claim that her ex-BF was the attacker, after all. Whoever it was, he may spend up to life in prison for that. I found out that his name is Jan Du**ký – because he's been playing with birds and doing the same sports as she did, and he is a taxi driver as indicated by the media. ** is "to" or "bs", respectively.

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