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Nigel Calder: 1931-2014

Nigel Calder's blog which you may find in the right TRF sidebar hasn't been updated for two years and I felt nervous about it. Now I learned something sad that I should have learned 6 weeks ago. Nigel Calder is no longer with us.

I first saw him in The Global Warming Swindle, a skeptical documentary about the climate change controversy. He was more than a classic old-fashioned science journalist and writer who tried to put things correctly.

Calder has also contributed to the scientific research itself. About 40 years ago, he actually formulated the rough versions of the ideas about the Milankovitch theory that were written down, in their complete form, by Gerard Roe a few years ago. I think that he understood that when the scientists were relating the Arctic summer insolation and the global mean temperature, they forgot to add a time derivative operator before an appropriate side of the equation!

He has also written a lot about the Svensmark et al. cosmoclimatology.

See his blog for obituaries, newspaper announcements, texts posted by his family, and the older texts.

RIP, Nigel.

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