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China will build a 52-kilometer collider by 2028

Joseph S. has reminded me of this fascinating plan:

China pursues 52 km collider project (Physics World)
The world's #2 economy's biggest collider right now (one in Beijing) has 240 meters in circumference (about a quarter of a micron per capita) so they plan to improve their national record by a factor of 200+. ;-)

The proposed collider should be a "Higgs factory" colliding electrons and positrons at the energy of \(250\GeV\). While the Chinese say that this would put them at the forefront of particle physics, the representatives of the ILC which should be hosted by Japan say that it should be expected that the physics output of the Chinese collider should be very limited i.e. that the ILC should be superior.

I think that China is also working on a possible \(100\TeV\) hadron collider, a supersized Burger King Whopper SSC of a sort. As far as I know, Nima Arkani-Hamed was hired as the director of the Future Global High Energy Physics in a Chinese Dominated World or what's the exact name of the institution so he probably knows more about the status of these projects.

Too bad that the projects will take so much time.

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snail feedback (9) :

reader andrew said...

The people's collider! Unfortunately, the boot is going to be on the other foot for us Europeans and Americans. We're going to be on the outside looking in at exciting experiments in Asia.

On the other hand, I quote a top CERN-TH physicist, "I don't care who does what, I only care what gets done." [He was speaking in general about experiments.] I share his view.

reader Margus Waffa Meigo said...

I was brought to here from :

But i do wonder, how much of the spiritual world people take in to account when they do these study.. or do they get closer to the other worlds that clearly are seen my many people, and beings that become visible sometimes.
telekinesis study is now under new name in Russia, really successful schools for that.

reader Shannon said...

Better late than never. Will Nima Arkani learn Chinese ?

reader Uncle Al said...

Blow a thermonuclear vortex ring to excavate a whopping collider tunnel all at once. Fourier synthesis or summed wavelets, then have rather a large number of Chinese jump off carefully phased array in time and space coffee tables. Chinese experiments with Chile ("Antipodes Dragon") have been spectacular successes,

reader Dilaton said...

Exactly, conversely to the US governement who is giving up on HEP, China seems to feel (for whatever reasons) some love for these things.

As this is quite a long time we have to wait for the new colliders, I hope that nothing bad will crop up in the mean time and prevent that we will see them running.

So Godspeed to these projects :-)!

reader anna v said...

For those who think 2028 is too far away please read up on LHC, from wikipedia :

"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from 1998 to 2008.
And the tunnel was already built for LEP with forethought for a hadron collider in the future. "

I retired in 2001 and was head of our CMS collaboration at our institute, and the plans and discussions for the detector had started way before. 1998 . Why do you think 3000 physicists are needed for the experiments? It is the complexity of course. Worse than building a cathedral or a Parthenon.

reader David Nataf said...

Do you know of any good article summarising the pros and cons of either building a high-energy proton collider or a lower energy electron (or muon) collider that would presumably be cleaner?

My understanding is that this is a policy choice for what to aim for with limited funding.

reader David Nataf said...

China wants to prove their status as a world power and advanced civilisation. Building a supercollider in that sense is not different from hosting the Olympics:

1) It makes the rest of the planet go "wow" ;
2) It allows people growing up inChina to look up to other Chinese people (scientists, athletes, etc) as being the best in the world at what they do.

reader David Nataf said...

Does he have tenure?

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