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Poroshenko in the U.S. Congress

The Americans' stupidity is staggering

I have always belonged to the top 1% of my nation and other environments (including the Harvard environment) when it came to the defense of America, Americans, their record, their views, and their values. Of course that I often had to point out some other, bigger advantages that compensate most of the Americans' complete misunderstanding of the world geography and the reality outside the U.S. borders in general.

After I completed watching this 43-minute speech of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in front of the U.S. Congress, you will probably believe me that in my whole life so far, I have never considered the overwhelming majority of the Americans to be this breathtakingly stupid – dangerously stupid and pretty much uniformly stupid, in a very bipartisan way.

Poroshenko's English was very good, the structure of his speech was fine for an emotional talk, but if you actually judge the content of the speech by criteria that are rooted in the current reality on the planet Earth as of 2014, it was outrageous. Nevertheless, he was welcomed as a hero, by pretty much everyone in the U.S. Congress. The lawmakers were constantly standing up and the applause was nearly permanent.

Poroshenko presented himself as a warrior for freedom and democracy. He forgot to mention that his regime got into power by violently overthrowing a democratically elected president and it quickly banned the opposition in the Parliament (see also the one-week-old letter by Olena Bondarenko, an opposition deputy, that informs about the regime's threat to physically eliminate opposition politicians) and sent hundreds of jets and tanks to murder civilians in areas dominated by the champions of the opposition. Much of this murdering is motivated by the pure old nationalism and racism and Poroshenko regime's killing of the Russophones is gradually achieving the proportions of Saddam Hussein regime's terror against the Kurds, among other examples.

He would present Ukraine as a natural ally of the Western world in its growing confrontation with others like Russia. He failed to mention that (most of) Ukraine has shared pretty much its whole history with the rest of the Russian Empire and later the USSR. The only older exception was a part of the Second World War when the Ukrainian "patriots" combined more or less all the evils of Stalinism and Nazism – and often went beyond both when it came to their cruelty. And another package of deviations began 20 years ago when Ukraine was trying to establish democracy but instead of having successfully followed its protocols, certain people who considered themselves superior would be constantly taking the power by terror on the streets.

Poroshenko claimed that he was a man of peace. But he "urgently" demanded "lethal and non-lethal weapons" from the U.S. Congress – and also promised to retake Crimea. Holy cow. He has also repeatedly identified Russia with the "barbarians" – a not exactly peaceful way to treat his stronger neighbor in the East. He would present his country as an advanced one, forgetting to observe that its GDP per capita was 1/2 of the Russian figure even before the coup and now, months after the coup, Ukraine is a failed state on the verge of bankruptcy that depends on begging in other countries – most of whose citizens don't want to throw a penny to this hopeless mess.

He must have been sure that there is no reason to reduce his propagation of completely unsupported conspiracy theories, speculations, accusations, and even demonstrable lies. So the members of the Congress were told once again e.g. that the snipers in Kiev were hired by Yanukovitch (although the evidence is really, really strong that they came from the anti-Yanukovitch coalition) and that the Malaysian airplane was shot not just by the local militias but by "Russia". The investigation hasn't ended but it has so far only led to the conclusion that the Boeing was destroyed by "lots of high-energy objects around the aircraft". It's actually more likely than before that the airplane was being shot at by the (Ukrainian) jets. Who shot the aircraft remains as unknown as it was on the day of the tragedy but offering "preferred guaranteed answers" is a great idea if no one (in the room full of brainwashed idiots, cowards, and opportunists) will dare to ask you where is the evidence for your big claims, right?

While there are lots of imperfections about our representatives, I am sure that Poroshenko would be booed if were trying to sell similar hostile fabricated speculations, conspiracy theories, and downright lies in the Czech Parliament. In the U.S. Congress, I didn't hear a single person who would try to boo him out. The group think over there seems more complete than it was in the central committees of the communist parties during socialism in our part of the world. I am sure that it must be politically incorrect to point out that the U.S. Congress is a bunch of morons.

Thank God I can look at these events from a place that is keeping much of its distance (even though it's just 1,200 km from Pilsen to Kiev) and sanity. Most of the Americans, you should be ashamed, and the U.S. lawmakers, if you keep supporting this kind of mass murdering decorated by lies, you should scream the world "justice" when someone finally cuts your neck, too.

To calm down, a song related to the topic of:

Two Russian babes
by Ivan Mládek

0:08 To our settlement, two Russian babes have arrived.
0:12 They have fur hats on their heads, and torn shoes on their feet.
0:16 They came from Leningrad where they work with sanders: hey!
0:20 I have fell in love.

0:25 Their names are Natasha and Shoora.
0:28 They told me that they don't even have a quarter in their pockets.
0:33 I hope that it's no trick: hey!
0:37 I have fell in love.

0:43 And I was playing for them, on my banjo, songs by Matuška,
0:45 And they have sung for me genuine Russian chastushkas.
0:49 The conversation that followed was dense.
0:53 Claims that Russians are bad girls is a downright lie.
0:57 After a bottle of rum, I like both the skinny one and the fat one: hey!
1:03 I have fell in love.

1:14 The girls were drinking from the bottle with me proficiently.
1:17 What happened afterwards, I can only remember vaguely.
1:21 I only know that we were feeling very sick in the morning: hey!
1:27 I have fell in love.

1:30 By the lunch, those Russians have disappeared.
1:33 Not to wake me up, they took those shoes off.
1:38 Those sanders from Leningrad are perhaps calling them back: hey!
1:42 I have fell in love.

1:48 Without Shoora and Natasha, my heart is blooding
1:50 And the purpose of my life is completely fading away.
1:54 I am reminded of them by our birch tree
1:58 It seems that thanks to the Russians, I was caught by the second sap (renewed libido at some age).
2:01 I would fly to see them but they won't give me the visas: hey!
2:06 I have fell in love.

A Russian remake of Mládek "Jožin z bažin" has Putin and a closed factory as the main heroes (a similar Polish version was about Donald Tusk). Funny but it almost looks like Czechs are the only Slavic nation whose humor is apolitical by default (and the Lithuanian remake is political, too).

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snail feedback (25) :

reader Shannon said...

Bang bang bang !!!..... followed by a gigantic blast.
Sigh :-)

reader BMWA1 said...

A physics question for Lubomir from today's Guardian article whimsically entitles "Russia, Ukraine and Europe have been into Vladimir Putin's black hole of fear":

My question is given the existence of a black hole in the Kremlin, how are Putin and Lavrov able to escape the Event Horizon in defiance of Einstein's G. Relativity? At any rate, the gravitational pull there must be something awful!

reader wkp said...

your presentation of the facts regarding Maidan and the Ukrainian push for honest governance is pathetically wrong. sorry

reader Irina said...

I'm Ukrainian ? and I can say that all the Ukrainians don't want to be back to the USSR!!!!! The author might not know the situation in Ukraine or just want to distort the reality intentionally

reader Alice Cheshire said...

Trust me, there are a lot of Americans wondering how our so-called leaders became so incredibly stupid. I suppose everyone just kept saying this can't be happening in America all the while it was. Problem is, most of the people in America appear to have devolved to invertebrates and there's not a backbone available to stand up to this idiocy.

reader Luboš Motl said...

I approved your comment as a prototype of a hostile rant free of any ideas or arguments whose brainless authors get immediately blacklisted.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Who is Lubomir?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Irina, the USSR as a country under this name - or as a totalitarian superpower - hasn't existed for 23 years, so people who are deciding whether they want to be in the USSR in this sense must have been living in a different galaxy for quite some time.

If by the USSR, you mean a closer union of similar countries including Russia, then it is simply a lie that all the Ukrainians "don't want to be back" there. The Ukraianian society is deeply divided about this question and I wonder how many more thousands of Ukrainian citizens will have to die for fanatics like you to notice that what you say about the Ukrainians' wishes is a brutal lie.

reader Luboš Motl said...

You must be right, the non-existence of spines must be the root of this transformation of leaders - much like it was in communism.

reader Swine flu said...

Congressional public display of affection notwithstanding, Obama seems rather weary of providing arms to Ukraine. It will be interesting to see if he is forced into it by the electoral politics.

reader Curious George said...

I don't believe these fairy tales about an annexation of Crimea by a guarantor of Ukrainian territorial integrity. Bear with me, I was born in the Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren.

reader Oleg said...

Just love those elaborate arguments. Have you written anything for CNN lately ?

reader Oleg said...

Looks like the author of the Guardian piece was briefly absorbed by Poroshenko's hole, black or not ...

reader Swine flu said...

It's just one article by a person who may well have an ax to grind. I find it more interesting that a number of West European leaders also seem rather hostile to Putin and his policies, and it doesn't appear to be just a public posture somehow forced on them by the US, so it can't be ascribed to the habitual cluelessness of the US politicians and many US government officials.

reader Rick said...

Sure, even we Americans know the situation, in spite of our media. Ukraine is guilty of unspeakable war crimes against its civilian population. The mystery I'm struggling with is why our Congress didn't give Milosevic a standing ovation.

reader strange bedfellows said...

Are you asking if you're Ukrainian? You mean you're not sure? Check your armband for a wolfsangel or similar nazi era regalia.

reader strange bedfellows said...

Well, Congress did approve of $7 million for humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine. It shows they have a heart. I believe it works out to about 3 pine boards and a box of nails for each home destroyed by Ukraine's patriotic front.

There may have been a provision though that Ukraine would have to stop all future Russian aid convoys at the border.

reader Casper said...

I don't think that lack of spine is the correct diagnosis. The MIC brain tumor has reached a certain size and now the symptoms are obvious to everybody except the patient.

reader Nick L said...

It's very peculiar how the author of this blog starts with characterizing a fairly large ( more than 100 million) group of people as being stupid - apparently with the sole purpose of satisfying his ego. Most amazingly, he is absolutely not concerned with the fact that nothing in his post even remotely indicates intelligence. His blog is a remarkably good illustration of the phenomenon Bertrand Russel wrote about: "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts"

reader Nick L said...

Politics and theoretical physics are some of the most dissimilar and distant areas of human activity. It would be funny if it was not so sad to see how a string theory expert starts expressing his "expert" opinion in politics... very sad. I can not recall any politician ( good or bad) who would also be strong in theoretical physics and vice versus.

reader Nick L said...

Lubos, may I ask you where do you get your information about Ukraine. Books, friends, or personal experience?

reader Nick L said...

Lubos, can you rigorously prove that your original post is not a hostile rant based on some crazy ideas and arguments based on false premises?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Everything and much more.

To mention one extra thing, my maternal grandmother was born in Ukraine.

And my mother's partner is a Volhynian Czech, a member of a Czech minority in Volhynia, Russian Empire - now territory of Ukraine - who have lived there for 150+ years.

reader Luboš Motl said...

The Czech leaders - local or royal - had sovereignty over the territory including the Sudetenland for 1,000 years. For most of the time, Crimea would be a Russian territory. So if you want to construct the analogy, the analogy is that both Czechia is Czech and Crimea is Russian.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi, you clearly need some educational assistance so let me mention that the population of the U.S. is 320 million, and not 100 million, residents.

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