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Poroshenko ceasefire deal is great news

Update: Today, the Czech nation was sort of "bloodily" introduced to the internal conflict in Ukraine when two Czech men were killed by the pro-Kiev troops. These two men are Ivo Stejskal, the teacher of Brno previously mentioned on this blog, and Vojtěch Hlinka, a driver of Žatec who shared the name with the legendary Czech national ice-hockey coach. It's no accident because the anti-Kiev warrior had married Hlinka's ex-wife and adopted her surname. I wonder when the defenders of the Kiev junta will go to sacrifice their comfort and lives as well, instead of sacrificing other people's money. Rest in peace.
One hour ago, Vladimir Putin called his Ukrainian friend Petro Poroshenko and they largely agreed about the procedure needed to stop the fights in Eastern Ukraine – conditions for a "permanent ceasefire" with the local militias. That's how the Ukrainian president's office interpreted the call.

The markets welcomed the news from Kiev – the Moscow index jumped by 4 percent or so. A few minutes ago, the ceasefire was officially declared by Poroshenko. However, Putin quickly denied the proposition about ceasefire from Poroshenko. Putin can't agree with a ceasefire because he wasn't a party to the conflict. It's clear that Putin has to remind everyone of this position while Poroshenko wants to say that Russia was a party to the conflict but otherwise I think that Poroshenko's claims that they have agreed what a sensible future solution could look like are correct claims.

In the video, a pundit claims that Poroshenko's announcement is just a lie, a trick to gain time to reorganize his forces that were badly beaten by the local militias in recent weeks. Let me assume that this prophesy is too pessimistic.

The anti-Kiev warriors have previously announced that they would even tolerate their membership in a Ukrainian state assuming certain political concessions.

I wonder whether the unhinged warmongers in the West already feel to be what we know them to be – whether they feel like idiots. They surely should. They are working on a full-fledged trade war and perhaps not just a trade war against Russia, placing 10,000 new soldiers on NATO's borders with Russia, not to mention four warships sent to the Black Sea in four days, and intimidating everyone who just shares or partially shares the Russian opinions about the crisis in Ukraine.

They are screaming that the Kremlin is doing something super-terrible, nearly Hitlerian in Ukraine which is why it is a blasphemy to agree with the Russian interpretation of this situation. The only problem with this screaming is that the supposed victim of the brutal Russian invasion etc., Ukraine, actually agrees with Putin, too!

If one assumes that the tension will really evaporate from Novorussia and from the Ukrainian-Russian border, what will all the warmongers in the West do? They wanted to use Ukraine as a scapegoat or an excuse for a new cold or hot war against Russia – except that Ukraine won't cooperate. Will they send special units to Kiev to assassinate Poroshenko as the traitor? Or will they find the courage to admit that they have been absurdly and dangerously ludicrous morons?

For example, Barack Obama has only been the president of the United States of America for 6 years so it's too early for him to know what "ceasefire" means.

Let me cherry-pick one more amusing and characteristic story related to Ukraine. Some Ukrainians have established a channel "Ukraine Today" whose name can't hide its similarity with "Russia Today". So far, their only video with more than 2,000 views is the video above. They are apparently proud about it.

A madam from Ukraine Today, Tetyana Pushnova, was interviewed by Russia Today. She came there with a childish T-shirt with a huge copy of Volodymyr's trident and an unhinged appearance in her eyes. She said a few incoherent sentences about Russia's being the source of all evil in the world and then she replaced herself with the "Russia Today Stop Lie" banner (I suppose that some Ukrainian English was used in that sentence). The RT host, Anissa Naouai (a native Newyorker living in Moscow), behaved 100% professionally and they even ended the segment so that it looked sensible despite the trolling from the Ukraine Today lady.

This video is a good symbol of the differences between the rational attitude of Russian institutions and the alternative attitude of the Ukrainian (and not only Ukrainian) Russophobes. One side actually wants to collect and spread data, opinions, and views, and the other side is just trolling in order to maximize the amount of infantile yet hateful hostilities that may be squeezed to each part of every video, every poster, every sentence in a comment.

At any rate, even though it's not clear whether Poroshenko's announcement will really lead to peace and reconstruction of the devastated territory, I think that everyone who has some traces of humanity must have felt some relief when hearing this news, after thousands of people have been killed in Ukraine since the coup and many more could be killed if the de facto civil war continues. However, I have some feeling that some people won't be happy about the news, after all, because what they primarily care about has nothing to do with the happiness of the Ukrainian people.

BTW our Slovak brothers began to "reversely" export gas to Ukraine. They have thicker pipelines to Ukraine than both Hungary and Poland. I am not sure whether Slovakia will ever be paid for the gas.

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snail feedback (5) :

reader BMWA1 said...

It looks like Yats (Nuland's tool) is already yapping against the ceasefire, but I expect that since the October elections (set to place out members of the defunct Regions Party) are not yet actualized, Rada will back the President of UA on this for at least 2 months (probably, just enough time). It is worth noting that Mariupol is on front lines now, and defended only by 400 men of the hated Azov battalion that uses the Wolfangel rune, also used by 2nd Waffen SS Panzer, responsible for 20 unarmed civilian deaths in that city on 8th May, so they have to watch BOTH fronts AND backs. That city contains UA most modern steel plant that is owned by Akmetov, who has considerable pull with Poroshenko (if you ever have to endure Channel 5 Ukraine, owned by Poro, you will notice that Poro gives Akmetov a lot of air time). I suspect (yet another Italian-style) switching of sides on the part of the latter oligarch, who pressured Poro on this.

reader Swine flu said...

Looks like the Ukraine story may be winding down. The interesting next question is the future of the Baltic states and NATO.

reader Shannon said...

Oooh, US/Israel will have to find another war then ? Thank god they still have Irak and Syria !... until next time.

reader BMWA1 said...

Did you see this (?):

Two citizens of Czech Republic died in southeastern Ukraine on August 12 while fighting on the side of the self-defense forces, Czech state television cited a sister of one of the victims. The two individuals were identified as Ivo Stejskal and Vojteh Glinka. Both have died near the village of Miusinsk.

I imagine under heavy long-distance bombardment by artillery or Grads.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Yes, I added an update at the top of this article. Stejskal had a separate blog entry here when he was alive - I sort of knew he would be killed. Hlinka is an ex-husband of the legendary national ice-hockey coach Hlinka's wife - he took the wife's name. They were very poor and finally divorced, too.

I am not sure about the way how they were killed.

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