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President Zeman demands real evidence of a Russian invasion

It's been estimated that the Czech sanctions against Russia would cost us about $1 billion if they continued in 2015. It's a lot of money which is one reason – and the lack of any good outcomes of the sanctions so far is another – why sensible politicians are skeptical towards sanctions, much like the top Slovak politicians.

Zeman and Putin. Yes, Zeman is currently the tallest head of a country in the world.

On behalf of their countries, Czech and Slovak PMs (Sobotka and Fico) won the right not to join future EU sanctions or their parts. President Zeman said that harder sanctions could be OK but he demands a real proof that a Russian invasion into Ukraine is underway. If there won't be real evidence, Zeman will oppose the sanctions, too.

(The deputy prime minister Babiš, a former communist agent codenamed "Bureš" and a billionaire who founded an "unideological" party ANO, also tends to be against the sanctions, partly because he is a food industry mogul. The foreign minister Zaorálek, a typical hateful socialist demagogue, insists that "we are always obliged to agree with the majority of the EU". Lots of would-be right-wing politicians – currently in the opposition – are supporting the sanctions.)

Zeman was a target of a verbal assault that shows that typical participants of the NATO summit refuse to discuss these serious issues seriously.

Karl Bildt, the Swedish minister of foreign affairs, found it unacceptable that Zeman wouldn't pay $1 billion (which is even more than the $500 monthly pension that Zeman would be receiving before he became the president) without tangible reasons. So Bildt told Zeman:

There have been two invasions, one in Crimea and one in Eastern Ukraine right now. You may ask your intelligence whether there is an invasion, Mr Zeman, if your country has any intelligence.
This is of course a cute remark. According to the Swedish not so Gentleman, we may be a banana republic that doesn't have any intelligence.

It may be a nice reaction among the mindless 5th class politicians such as Karl Bildt and tons of similar trash that has filled top offices in European countries but it is not good enough from our viewpoint because it's not considered healthy here to mindlessly throw one billion dollars to the sewerage system. And yes, we have intelligence. It's called BIS. You may open the BIS website to see that no invasion is taking place.

The website shows that only two important events have taken place in the world in 2014. In February, a journalist wrote a misleading article about a telephone call of the ex-Prague mayor with his friend. And in March, one BIS agent suggested that another BIS agent could have written a few sentences in his book differently. That's it. There is clearly no invasion. ;-)

More seriously, if this should really be up to our intelligence, clearly, we won't participate in the sanctions game because our intelligence hasn't detected any invasion. Ten paratroopers who get lost somewhere near the border really aren't a solid reason to throw one billion dollars away. The Swedish intelligence doesn't have any real data supporting a Russian invasion, either. Mr Bildt is just a dishonest, useless, and worthless clown who pretends something else. Cheap attempts to humiliate everyone who actually thinks, unlike Mr Bildt, is just too bad for a politician and it suggests that Sweden, and not Czechia, is a banana republic.

You know, we know what a (mostly) Russian invasion looks like. In 1968, almost no Czechoslovak citizens owned an iPhone, a Lumia, or another cellphone with a digital camera. But if you search Google images for Prague tanks 1968, you will find as many clear photographs as you want. This is what an invasion looks like. (We also know the sceneries with friendly Russian tanks in Prague and I still think that this visit in 1945 was more important than the visit in 1968.)

If there is a similar Russian invasion into Ukraine underway, as some people claim, there should exist millions of similar photographs because millions of people own some digital cameras these days. Show me at least a few of them. There are none because the whole claim is bollocks. Bollocks designed for politicians and NATO officials to supersize-masturbate their egos and their influence and for mediocre gullible people to buy and eat this crap and to be proud about it.

If I return to Zeman and update my comments, there was a radio interview with Zeman today (Frequency 1's Press Club, to be aired on Sunday), on Friday. He said that there is no Russian army in Ukraine and there's no reason for sanctions. "Even the Czech army would be capable of shooting a few hundred Russian volunteers within a week," he wisely added. ;-) He reminded everyone that Czechoslovakia (which is much smaller than Ukraine) witnessed the arrival of 150,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers in the first wave: that is what we call an invasion. He also joked about the claim that some troops went to "holidays" because Eastern Ukraine isn't among the most pleasant tourist destinations these days. Zeman specifically quoted Lavrov as a seemingly credible source and reiterated the view that what's going on is a civil war, not an invasion. I find it likely that Zeman has made his opinions clearer than what he vaguely thought a week ago partly because Bildt has really pissed him off...

Last Saturday, Pavel Strunz, a trained physicist from the Party of the Free Citizens, wrote a good analysis of the existing evidence claimed to back the invasion claims. His text was called Lousy job of the NATO's intelligence.

He discussed the NATO page with the only evidence that has been given to the world's public. The page contained five pictures signed by "Digital Globe", a private company. (The NATO page has already been taken down from the Internet, probably because it was way too ludicrous, so the amount of publicly available evidence from the first sources is zero now. A backup of the five would-be "smoking gun" pictures is still available via the Invisible Dog.)

First of all, he mentioned that it's bizarre that NATO can't prepare its own photographs and has to use the services of a company whose "digital" name suggests that it's all about photoshopping. Second, he commented that all the pictures were from wrong dates (well before the claimed "invasion") and wrong places, sometimes from the territory of Russia, and that NATO was ludicrously building on the observation that there were Russian-produced weapons in Eastern Ukraine. Even though Barack Obama thinks that Russia doesn't make anything, it's producing weapons (among many other things) and everyone in that troubled region uses Russian weapons!

The captions under the five photographs contained the word "probably" at about 5 key places, making it pretty clear that even the super extremely weak claims they were trying to make were pure speculations. Strunz summarized his much longer analysis by saying that the credibility of NATO will be irreversibly lost unless it starts to do a proper job and offer genuine evidence backing its claims.

Incidentally, LBBW CZ, formerly a Czech branch of a German regional bank, was bought by Igor Kim and Expobank, a Russian company. (The sale was inevitable because a new crazy German law prevents similar banks from doing business abroad, e.g. in Czechia.) I have lots and lots of money over there – and complete confidence in Mr Kim as well as his company – and I would take any attempt to harass the bank or its owner because of his nationality in one way or another very personally.

Another Russian bank operating here, Sběrbank, has improved its mortgage deals. If you agree on a mortgage in that bank, you will get a cat (an alive cat) on your doorstep. Russians think that they bring good luck to a new home. Maybe they will bring good luck to the Czech customers, too. However, I am primarily wishing good luck to the people in Ukraine, regardless of their ethnicity and culture.

I hope that they will soon be opening French insecty carousels and other things, in a happy sunny but no longer tropic weather, like we did in Pilsen today. Taken with Lumia 520.

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snail feedback (23) :

reader Gene Day said...

I wish Gordon would chime in here but it seems to me that the human nervous system is much more intricate than computer connections.

reader Uncle Al said...

Telepathy and telekinesis are cute until the TP or TK has a nightmare. Human EEGs are below 50 Hz. Not much bandwidth there. Brooklyn, NY averages 34,920 people/square mile or 8.6 meter-by-meter/person (including summed road area). There will be local background noise.

reader Don said...

No, it sweeps at around 100 Hz. Called gamma waves. And yes, neuroscientists link them to binding. See the work of Rudolpho Llinas on this topic. -Don

reader Shannon said...

The amount of lies, false flag operations and mises en scenes, that they are serving us everyday only to start a war is staggering. The UnitedSatians must be inspired by the Mossad motto : "By way of deception thou shall do war".

reader Oleg said...

Glad to hear there are people who think for themselves. Here's another 'invasion' analysis:
By the way, if you magnify the NATO 'invasion photos' you get this:

reader Shannon said...

Only looking at the vegetation, the military vehicles on the picture look like miniatures, right ?

reader Oleg said...

right) Bildt and Rasmussen are *****ing their pants.

reader Rudolf Zelsacher said...

It would be much worse than a super gau to be connected to 7000000000 human brains.

reader Swine flu said...

Ukraine is so yesterday, and all these arguments about whether the Russian troops actually crossed the Ukrainian border or whether only the Russian weapons did are so irrelevant. Why not look at the big picture instead. There is an article in the Wall Street Journal, "Estonia Says Officer Abducted Near Russian Border Security Service Accuses Individuals Coming From Russia; Moscow Says Arrest Occurred in Russia".

What does it tells is, together with what has happened in Ukraine over the last 6 months or so? It would seem to tell us that the real battle is over where the real boundary between Russia and NATO is going to be. The rest are details.

reader Uncle Al said...

20 cm tall, professional killers in service to Mother Russia. Can you survive until their batteries run down?

reader Peter F. said...

I believe in this thread! %-}

reader Peter F. said...

Let's never forget Saddam's weapons of mass destruction! ;-\

reader David Nataf said...

Your first paragraph argues that Ukraine is irrelevant, your second paragraph says that the Russia-NATO boundary is the real question.

Cognitive dissonance much?

reader Swine flu said...

I that Ukraine was "so yesterday" in a specific sense that its status vis a vis Russia-NATO boundary appreas essentially resolved at this point. It has always been clear the West won't fight a real war over it. I may be wrong, but the West also seems unlikely to be able to muster the will for the kind of economic sacrifice that would be needed to wrest Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence through sanctions.

Moving on, if Putin wants to force the issue, and it appears that he might, the next question to clarify could be the Baltics. Although the West does appear to feel closer to them than it ever did to Ukraine, I have always wondered just how far it would be willing to go to keep them truly independent.

reader Shannon said...

The phial ! He did brandish the phial ! He showed it to the world and the world could see the proof. The phial was the proof and the world was scared.

reader Luboš Motl said...

OK, I would surely agree with NATO's defense of Estonia against a Russian invasion. I don't believe that Russia is planning such a thing - ready to be proved wrong. On the other hand, Estonia is at the forefront of ongoing hostilities and provocations against Russia and I find it obvious that Russia will be catching spies from Estonia, even on the border.

reader de^mol said...

Good on the Slovak president. One of the few reasonable leaders in the west left. Look at this lying bastard, the minister of foreign affairs of my home country, at the UN:

reader Zweistein said...

Quote from the Wales Summit Declaration, issued by the Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Wales

para 16

"We condemn in the strongest terms Russia's escalating and illegal military intervention in Ukraine and demand that Russia stop and withdraw its forces from inside Ukraine and along the Ukrainian border. This violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity is a serious breach of international law and a major challenge to Euro-Atlantic security. We do not and will not recognise Russia's illegal and illegitimate 'annexation' of Crimea. We demand that Russia comply with international law and its international obligations and responsibilities; end its illegitimate occupation of Crimea; refrain from aggressive actions against Ukraine; withdraw its troops; halt the flow of weapons, equipment, people and money across the border to the
separatists; and stop fomenting tension along and across the Ukrainian border. Russia must use its influence with the separatists to de-escalate the situation and take concrete steps to allow for a political and a diplomatic solution which respects Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and internationally recognised borders."

reader Oleg said...

Note that the New York Times article on the Russian invasion is written by Michael Gordon,
the guy who made his name on 'WMD in Iraq'.

reader Shannon said...

This Declaration looks like it has been written by a 6 year old talking to his toys.

reader Swine flu said...

It could be that Russia would be content with just having no NATO troops in Estonia, without forcing it to be in its economic sphere of influence. Time will tell.

Whether the West would really be willing to fight a ground war for any of the Baltic states is not clear to me. I suspect not, and if so, they should not have been made part of NATO. If Putin calls their bluff in some fashion, it will only weaken NATO. Which is what he could be starting to do. Or maybe it's nothing - we'll know soon

reader Oleg said...

A detailed account of what the OSCE observers actually see at the Ukraine-Russia border

reader Swine flu said...

Here is an article that echoes some of my thoughts on the subject of Russia vs. NATO, only does it much better, of course:

I've always felt that NATO is no longer needed to defend Western Europe (which should be defending itself), and that NATO expansion into Eastern Europe was in many ways a bluff, which would reveal itself as such if the push came to shove.

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