Friday, October 24, 2014

EU 40% CO2 reduction by 2030 is a plan to destroy the whole system twice

A damp rag nicknamed Herman Van Rompuy (yes, check what is the most popular YouTube video about him) and his apparatchik friends have finally agreed about an insane 15-year plan (a 3 times more ambitious time scale than Stalin liked to "command")
EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut
It's an atrocious piece of communist planning. Poland and others probably agreed with this insanity because they were promised a few bucks (negligible $3 billion dollars over a decade in the case of Czechia) as a compensation.

Historically, similar communist plans have almost never come true and it's very likely that this won't come true, either. There isn't any good reason why the production of carbon dioxide should drop by 40 percent.

Since the late 1980s, we have seen a significant drop of 20% but almost all of it came from the termination of most of the useless heavy industry in the socialist part of Europe whose system collapsed. These f@cked-up loons are planning something equal to "2 times the fall of communism". Do they have a clue how huge a change the fall of communism was?

It's not just the magnitude of the plan that is excessive. It's also the sign that is wrong. The previous drop of CO2 emissions accompanied a huge increase of the efficiency which occurred exactly because the formerly communist countries abandoned the planned economy and allowed the market to decide how much stuff XY would be produced to make the people happy.

It's very clear that any arbitrary megalomaniac plan of this kind lowers the efficiency and makes people poorer and less happy.

Comment sections at major Czech news servers make it very clear that well over 90% of the readers disagree with this decision. See e.g., (otherwise extremely different readerships, politically speaking).

Of course that there are possibilities how to make this plan work. You surely don't want to force small companies or individuals to track their CO2 emissions because it's a road to hell. You must change something big. Building lots of nuclear power plants across Europe could perhaps make it. But it's not feasible. There isn't enough political support for that. There aren't other things. And CO2 isn't produced just by power plants.

Unless this insane plan will be eliminated within months, it's clear that we should realize all the plans to expand the nuclear power plants, and perhaps not just Temelín (exactly yesterday, the Czech Nuclear Watchdog allowed the expansion of this South Bohemian power plant). Perhaps we have to build a continuous fence of nuclear power plants along the border with Austria.

We will also install huge speakers on the border for our Austrian nucleophobic friends to constantly listen to this song by Kraftwerk. ;-)

Maybe, in the next 15 years, the solar panels will become 5 times cheaper or more effective, or something like that, and we will be able to switch this huge portion of the economy to "carbon-free" technologies. But it's a question whether this progress will take place and make the "target" irrelevant. If it doesn't occur, the plan is a plan to destroy the economy of the Old Continent.

Off-topic: the prosecutie, Natalia Poklonskaya, plays Masquerade: Waltz by Aram Khachaturian in the Crimean tsar's palace that hosted the 1945 Yalta conference. Pretty good, I doubt that we have prosecutors with comparable piano skills.

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  1. Unenforceable rubbish - if they want to make asses of themselves and the law, they're going the right way about it...