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Oxygen mask in MH17 flight: an important clue?

Since the moment when the MH17 aircraft was shot down, we were bombarded by self-confident accusations (especially from the mouths of folks in Kiev and their apologists in the West) who is behind that event – whether it should be called a crime or an accident or a conspiracy. In the real world, the amount of data that have publicly emerged during the almost 3 months since the July 17 tragedy remained very limited.

Last night, Frans Timmermans, a Dutch minister supervising the investigation of the event that has killed mostly Dutch passengers, was a guest of a TV show called Pauw. As we heard from all the world's media, one of the passengers – an Australian one – was found to wear an oxygen mask although it was on his neck only.

This may suggest that the passengers remained conscious for a while after the danger became clear to them. Incidentally, the Dutch minister could have told us earlier but he could have also told us later (or not at all). I find the criticisms of all these timing aspects pointless – and I am grateful that he told us something at all.

Indeed, it may be an important clue. On the other hand, the degree of uncertainties may make it useless, too. It is not explained whether the passengers may "order" the oxygen mask by themselves and if they can't (my experience with many flights suggests that it's always controlled centrally), whether the oxygen mask could simply fall around his dead body's neck. (This probably contradicts the data: the oxygen mask was attached to the circumference of the neck which needed a "click".)

One could also consider the possibility that the oxygen mask was an "error from the peaceful times" or a "method to help the passenger with a health condition", or anything else.

But if you ignore or rule out these self-evident loopholes, and you are invited to do so or to strengthen the loopholes instead, the information about the oxygen mask could perhaps undermine the theory that the airplane was shot by a single missile from the ground. The liquidation of MH17 by a fighter jet – and yes, a Kiev-controlled fighter jet, an Su-27, is known to be very close at the moment of the tragedy – may be getting more likely. Yes, some German experts seem to blame the Ukrainian Air Force jets, too. I also think that the holes found in the airplane and the claims about "lots of high-energy objects" make the fighter jet theory somewhat more likely although I may still prefer the "theory from the ground" when everything is combined. After all, a single BUK missile could also seal the fate of the passengers "by parts" or "with some delays".

The passengers could have seen the fighter jet and it could have taken some time for the fighter jet to send MH17 down, too. What do you think?

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