Monday, November 03, 2014

Albie's First Word

A fairy-tale about a child with a dramatical physical twist

The book (available as hardcover or e-book) is beautiful. While the cute realistic illustrations could lead you to believe that it is a fairy-tale about the Little Red Riding Hood or a similar character, the actual child who is the hero of the story is a boy who would become much more famous than the Little Red Riding Hood.

I won't tell you what this child was saying or excited about and what was his first word but you may guess (it is possible to make the right guess!) and read the book to verify whether your guess was right. As a good fairy-tale, the story has a happy end.

An adult will be able to read the fairy-tale quickly, it will give much more quality time to a curious child, but the book looks so pretty - not only because of the tensor calculus that beautifies the cover - that every household with someone who likes science will feel luckier to have the book.

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