Sunday, November 16, 2014

CMS: locally 2.6 or 2.9 sigma excess for another \(560\GeV\) Higgs boson \(A\)

And there are theoretical reasons why this could be the right mass

Yesterday, the CMS Collaboration at the LHC published the results of a new search:
Search for a pseudoscalar boson \(A\) decaying into a \(Z\) and an \(h\) boson in the \(\ell^+\ell^- \bar b b\) final state
They look at collisions with the \(\ell\ell bb\) final state and interpret it using the two higgs doublet model scenarios.

There are no stunning excesses in the data.

But I think it's always a good idea to point out what is the most significant excess they see in the data, and the CMS folks do just that in this paper, too.

On page 10, one may see Figure 4 and Figure 5 that show the main results.

According to Figure 4, a new Higgs boson with \(\Gamma=0\) has some cross section (multiplied by the branching ratio) that stays within the 2-sigma band but reveals a deficit "slightly exceeding 2 sigma" for \(m_A=240\GeV\) and slight 2-sigma excesses for \[

m_A = 260\GeV, \quad 315\GeV, \quad 560 \GeV.

\] And let's not forget about a different CMS search that suggested \(m_H=137\GeV\).

The excess for \(m_A=560\GeV\) has the local significance of 2.6 sigma which reduces to just 1.1 sigma "globally", after the look-elsewhere-effect correction.

As Figure 5 (which is similar but fuzzier) shows, this excess for \(m_A=560\GeV\) becomes even larger, 2.9 sigma (or 1.6 sigma globally) if we assume a larger decay width of this \(A\) boson, namely \(\Gamma=30\GeV\). The significance levels are mentioned in the paper, too.

That is somewhat intriguing. If there's another search for such bosons, don't forget to look for similar excesses at this mass. But it's nothing to lose your sleep over, of course.

Recall that the minimum supersymmetric standard model – a special, more motivated subclass of the two-higgs-doublet model – predicts five Higgs particles because \(8-3=5\) expresses the a priori real scalar degrees of freedom minus those eaten by the 3 broken symmetry generators.

These 5 bosons may be denoted \(h,H,A,H^\pm\). The first three bosons are neutral, the last two are charged. \(A\) is the only CP-odd CP-eigenstate.

If you want to get excited by a paper/talk that "predicted" this \(m_A=560\GeV\) while \(m_h=125\GeV\), open this June 2014 talk
The post-Higgs MSSM scenario
by Abdelahk Djouadi of CNRS Paris. On page 13, he deduces that a "best fit" in MSSM has\[

\tan\beta=1, \quad m_A = 560\GeV,\\
m_h = 125\GeV, \quad m_H = 580\GeV,\\
m_{H^\pm} = 563 \GeV

\] although the sentence right beneath that indicates that the author thinks that many other points are rather good fits, too. Good luck to that prediction, anyway. ;-)

The very same scenario with the same values of the masses is also defended in this May 2014 paper by Jérémie Quevillon who argues that these values of the new Higgses are almost inevitable consequences of supersymmetry given the superpartner masses' being above \(1\TeV\).

It sounds cool despite the fact that the simplest, truly MSSM-based scenarios corresponding to their "best fit" involve superpartners around \(100\TeV\). The discovery of the Higgses near \(560\GeV\) in 2015 would be circumstantial evidence in favor of supersymmetry, nevertheless.

Update: Abdelahk Djouadi told me that their scenario only predicts some 0.5 fb cross section (with the factors added) but one needs about 5 fb to explain the excess above. So it's bad news.


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