Monday, November 10, 2014

Khamenei's plan to eliminate Israel

Good news from Italy: an appeal court overturns the 2012 manslaughter convictions for geologists' inability to predict the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake. Only one man is guilty now (an official) and should serve 2 years.
An English-tweeting Persian user of Twitter who only follows three other users – the Arabic and Persian versions of himself as well as Ayatollah Khomeini – has presented his plan to settle the tension between Israel and the Arabs living on and near its territory.

What's interesting about this senile crackpot is that he's been hired by Allah, a non-existent agent, as the mullah-in-chief of Persia. I hope that I haven't used any politically incorrect words when I talked about this m*therf*cker yet and I will try to keep these high diplomatic standards below, too.

Here are his answers to nine questions about the elimination of Israel:

This is so stupid that it looks like a parody and I had to laugh out loud, with some flavor of fear in the laughter, too.

In the plan, he identifies Israel as an evil regime that will be eliminated after all people who are allowed to vote – the Arabs in Israel and Palestine – will vote in a referendum about Israel's existence. Sorry, Israeli citizens, you can't vote, for obvious reasons.

When the vote is over, the Jews will be deported to the countries they came from. I suppose that his plan assumes that the Israeli born in Israel will be deported as well, perhaps to places where their parents used to live – perhaps to Auschwitz?

The mullah-in-chief mercifully says that "of course, the elimination of Israel doesn't mean the massacre of all the Jewish people" and he doesn't recommend the plan from the video above "to throw migrated Jews at sea". But he "certainly" doesn't want any arbitration by the U.N. or the international organization.

Being surrounded by tons of sycophants who are afraid to point out that he is a psychopath who should move to a psychiatric asylum, Mr Khamenei is probably unable to think about some technical details of his plan. For example, how will it be enforced? He doesn't recommend a "classical war by armies of the Muslim countries", either.

So he must be imagining that when the Palestinian voters decide that Israel shouldn't exist, the Israeli will march away from their territory, like obedient puppies. And I suppose that he also believes that the other countries that will receive 6-8 million extra immigrants won't complain, and maybe they will thank to Mr Khamenei. (I think the number would be closer to 8 million because the Arab citizens of Israel would probably want to leave, too.)

Democracy may sometimes pick some very lousy representatives but it's always good to be reminded that Allah may do a much worse job than the electorate in a democracy.

Wouldn't it be better for the Persian officials to abandon similar dreams that only highlight their unlimited stupidity? What do you think, Mr Rouhani? What about accepting that the Jewish state in the region – that existed thousands of years ago and that has been around for more than 60 years again – is a fact, a law of Nature, and you should simply use it as one of the initial conditions in your further decisions how to optimally organize the life of Iran?

Off-topic, Ukraine

In the middle of the video below (you must wait for a minute for the images to disappear), Czech ex-president Klaus talks about the causes and other aspects of the Ukrainian crisis – and about other issues in foreign policy – in front of a committee of the British House of Lords.

I found this conversation with the Lords and Ladies both insightful and entertaining.

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