Thursday, November 13, 2014

Klaus in EU Parliament: 25 years after the fall of communism

Some readers may find 100 minutes to listen to a talk by Czech ex-president Václav Klaus in the EU Parliament that he gave yesterday:

The technicians at the Parliament were sabotaging the sound for a while but finally they failed and you may hear a big majority of what was said. Klaus and Farage were 22 minutes late – so others (Petr Mach...) speak at the beginning.

The title was "Europe 25 years after the fall of the iron curtain".

The speaker was invited by a club of the Parliament, EFDD, which includes UKIP and its allies.

Klaus would explain why the communism felt – it had totally discredited itself and there were no real supporters anywhere anymore. He would think that socialism would never return. But he was wrong. Here we have the European socialism.

The ex-president recommends the EU to be dissolved just like communism was stopped.

While I am not hysterically afraid of such a scenario, I am still uncertain whether this is the right way to proceed, whether it would bring greater benefits than costs. What do you think? Richard Sulík of Slovakia has also attended (and spoke!) – and he's even less certain about the dissolution's being a good idea than I am.

Klaus would also mention various ideas, e.g. that we in the communist world knew more about the Western world than vice versa and this asymmetry still persists. I obviously agree but I don't find this asymmetry so shocking or dangerous. It's mainly a consequence of the simple fact that the West is – and (especially) after the Second World War, became – more important than the stagnating troubled East or the socialist world!

He also repeats his favorite answer that "there are almost no true believers here in Czechoslovakia; the number of true believers at your university, UC Berkeley, is higher than in all of Czechoslovakia." ;-)

On the previous day, Klaus would be a witness in a foreign committee of the House of Lords. See the video at the bottom of a previous blog post. They would talk about Ukraine and Russia from a Central European perspective, among related topics.


  1. Thanks for that, Luboš.

    I didn't think it was possible to increase my hatred of the EU, its facilitators and everything it does but that video did it. I listened to it ALL.

    They get no benefit of the doubt from me. They never will. That sabotaging of the sound was DELIBERATE. It was the first time I ever encountered a problem hearing what was said in that vile institution. It was a very clear attempt to prevent the message getting out. All the more reason to persevere with it. Fuck them!

    The EU is an existential threat to the peoples of Europe. It should be dealt with accordingly.

    Great panel. I can see why you like Klaus. Top man.

    What I can't understand, frankly, is that you don't seem to hate the EU at least as much as I do. But perhaps you're just being diplomatique. :)

    Incidentally, why America of all nations should have any truck with the EU beats me. Never mind Putin, if it stuck to its founding principles it should give priority to targeting brussels and strasbourg. So should we.

  2. Lumo, both Czech and Slovak democracy is only in nappy (8 This slovak song says how it really is :D

  3. Lubos, is Harvard Clinic affiliated with your old university/ Slightly OT (although Mr. Klaus has commented on UA situation), someone from there, working with HRW, has confirmed the use of chemical weapons by your 'favorite regime' (note use of scare quotes):

  4. Its simple; keep the free trade part (the supposed purpose I believe of the EU's precursors) and dump the super government part. Good luck.

  5. Couldn't agree more Richard. Bureaucracy, it tends to multiply like a virus and eventually destroy itself with a host.

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  7. "It's simple; keep the free trade part (the supposed purpose I believe of the EU's precursors) and dump the super government part. Good luck."

    Thanks, but that's not possible.

    No disrespect to you but anyone who thinks it is doesn't have the first inkling of what he's dealing with. The EU, first and always, is a POLITICAL project. It's whole raison d'etre is the elimination of the nation states in Europe and their replacement by a supranational government — of the "wise men" variety, essentially unaccountable to anyone but themselves but lightly dressed in the trappings of democracy purely to gull the hundreds of millions of sheep on the continent. (We have more than plenty here too — tens of millions in fact.)

    Now I know some readers here are going to take what I've just written as the demented scribblings of a hate-filled, xenophobic, psychotic, Anglo-Saxon, racist bigot. [There, if you're one of them, I've saved you the bother of saying so. Aren't I kind? You're welcome. Now fuck off and die.]

    If you're still reading, however, you might be surprised to hear that the EU was first conceived after the WWI — and not WWII, or much later, as many no doubt think (I did once too). The architects were Jean Monnet (a scheming French festering pustule) and Arthur Salter (a streak-of-shit traitor) in the 1920s. Yes, the 1920s. However, they soon realised it wouldn't be possible to bring their dream to fruition openly so the plan was to do it by subterfuge. And that's been precisely the modus operandi of the plotters ever since. Democracy is the LAST thing they're interested in except to go to any lengths in order to avoid it.

    Incidentally, if you ever thought the euro was all about making commerce in Europe easier ... yadda yadda ... then Christ, you're an easy mark! (If you've never heard the term 'beneficial crisis' try working out what such an animal might be and how it would be used.)

    Richard North and Christopher booker, the authors of The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive? give the history and more. They have also recently kindly made their book freely available as a pdf here (~650 pages):

    If you're interested in the reviews see these Amazon UK pages on the two editions:

  8. I think you are right. Definitely on purpose.

  9. These weapons are bad, Saddam-style.

    The "clinic" is a person, I think, not an organization, and "Harvard clinic" means "a clinic at Harvard" which means she or he is clearly affiliated with Harvard - in this case with the Harvard Law School.

  10. Can't believe the terrible sound and video! I resist conspiratorial explanations, but surely the lands of marvelous engineering could do better!