Sunday, November 23, 2014

UN: Ukraine, Canada, and U.S. officially endorse glorification of Nazism

Yesterday, we were allowed to learn (from the news or Vineyard) about a rather stunning Friday vote in the United Nations. A group of post-Soviet, Latin American, African, and other countries proposed a resolution (initiated in early November)
Combating glorification of Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance (full PDF text, 7 pages)
You may read the whole thing, it's not too long, and as far as I can see, the bulk matches the title perfectly. The U.N. members are aware of the harmful impact and rise of the pro-Nazi groups such as skinheads, the celebration of Waffen SS, the destruction of memorials remembering the anti-Hitler coalition. It encourages them to outlaw racially motivated crimes, and so on.

What was the result of the plentary vote? It passed, of course, and will be adopted by the U.N. general body in December (not that such things matter too much). 115 countries including BRIC, Israel, Argentina voted Yes. 55 countries including all EU members, Switzerland, and Japan abstained. (Serbia, an EU candidate, voted Yes.) And 3 countries voted No: Ukraine, Canada, and the United States of America.

I find it shocking that such a standard sequence of comments against Nazism became so controversial. I am flabbergasted by the fact that the U.S. and Canada teamed up around the heart of the pro-Nazi axis of the current world, Ukraine, to create the new axis.

If I read the 7 pages of the resolution carefully, there was nothing in it that would be directed against particular events in particular countries – such as Ukraine. But those who voted against the resolution clearly voted the way they voted with their interests in Ukraine in mind.

It's simply a fact that the glorification of Nazism – and its Ukrainian teammates from the beginning of the war – is a major source of "momentum" for the current regime in Kiev and they just don't want to weaken it.

Adolf Hitler was the most famous fascist in the history of the mankind. Almost no one knows the Banderists in Ukraine. Their contemporary apologists are abusing this widespread ignorance to implicitly suggest that they were good guys or defenders of freedom and democracy. The fact is that they were more than eager to cooperate on any crime of the Third Reich that was proposed – and, frankly speaking, they were more inhuman and more cruel than the Germans themselves.

These regimes and folks have lost the Second World War that they started 6 years earlier. This has unavoidably had some geopolitical consequences. The territory of Poland could have been restored and moved in the Western direction. Czechoslovakia got the permission to expel the Sudetenland Germans, too. And indeed, places such as Ukraine returned to the control of Moscow.

The new arrangement of Europe has been in place for nearly 70 years. And the opposition to the aforementioned vote is nothing else than the expression of the dissatisfaction of certain politicians with this post-war arrangement. They obviously want to revert the international closer to what Adolf Hitler and his allies had in mind. It's that simple and it's that terrifying!

The Ukrainian, Canadian, and U.S. "No" vote leaves me speechless. But the "abstain" vote that was imposed on all EU member states is actually enough to take my breath away, too. The resolution only repeats things that are currently valid laws in Czechia, for example, along with the same justification of these laws that was articulated when the laws were approved! We have rather explicit laws combating the (promotion of) movements attempting to suppress basic human rights (meaning fascism and communism – in the latter case, the law is often "overlooked", of course).

It's just amazing how far certain politicians and not only politicians are willing to go in their efforts to defend the indefensible and justify the unjustifiable.

Last night, I watched (Hercule Poirot and) another documentary about the Battle of Stalingrad. You know, I won't hide that I like pictures showing how the German fascist aßholes finally got properly spanked! I do consider Stalin to be a comparable – pretty much equivalent – monster to Adolf Hitler. But that war wasn't just about two people. It was primarily deciding the methods to compute the relative influence of various nations on the international affairs. And the idea that Germans would decide about faraway places such as Volgograd just because they've been brainwashed to believe that they are a superior race is utterly unacceptable to me.

On the other side, the USSR was also a totalitarian system but the Red Army wasn't really fighting to spread the totalitarianism (although the victory brought this ability as a welcome side effect) or to improve the leader's ego. They were simply defending their basic human, national, and territorial rights against a self-evidently illegitimate plan to question them. A democratic Russia or a tsarist Russia would fight similarly, with a similar philosophy and goals. The Red Army was fighting as an important if not decisive part of the allies' forces – forces that were defined by the desire to beat Nazism and restore some decent international conditions, and nothing more!

The Ukrainian representative justified his country's No vote as follows:
As long as Stalinism and neo-Stalinism are not condemned as strongly as Nazism, neo-Nazism and other forms of hatred, Ukraine would not be able to back this document.
But this excuse is completely silly because unlike the glorification of Nazism, the glorification of Stalinism is in no way increasing. You won't see thousands of youth (or not-so-youth) marching in the streets with the pictures or other symbols of Stalin. At most, lots of people are supporting various other things that share certain characteristics with Stalin but they differ in many important aspects, too, and for those reasons, it becomes subtle to decide "who is the generalized neo-Stalinist" (of course that I think that the feminists and other PC people are but some others may invent completely different maps). There's no well-defined current problem that could be comprehensibly called "the rise of neo-Stalinism" which is why there are no resolutions fighting this non-existent problem! So simple.

For some time, I was emphasizing that the tension surrounding Ukraine is increasingly resembling "another proxy fight or repetition of the Second World War". The world is different than it was 70 or 75 years ago but certain instincts and "broadest goals" are mostly unchanged. And this "alignment of the tension with the Second World War" is self-sustaining. The more one side seems identify itself as a continuation of a side that fought in the Second World War, the more likely the other side is to do the same thing (and align itself with the other historical side).

The voting record is also weird from the Jewish point of view. As I said, Israel voted Yes with Russia – like Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) and 100+ other countries. But the U.S. and Canada are trying to market themselves as the most important allies of Israel. Is there any substance to these claims? Just because the U.S. and Canada realize that their new "pets" in Ukraine derive some of their national identity from the glorification of their pro-Nazi "heroes" around 1940 is enough for the U.S. and Canada to indirectly support the celebration of this regime that has killed 6 million Jews – relatives of the citizens of Israel. Are these things in proportion?

I can't believe that the representatives of the three countries aren't able to see how dangerous and totally disgusting they have become. And I hope that the "Battle of Stalingrad" that will break the aßes who think it's just right to resuscitate Nazism will come earlier than in \(1942+\Delta T\).

And that's the memo.

Off-topic, dress codes: I really liked
Rosetta stoning: Social media’s secular Puritans are putting Western civilization on trial (RT, by Oleg O.)
about the shirtstorm, the pettiness and irrelevance of the issue, the connection between the secular feminists and the protestant Puritans and witch hunters and their unjustified feelings of superiority, how it hurts the public discourse, and how the West may evolve in the future. See also the new essay Feminism must be reclaimed from the idiotic sisterhood in the Irish Independent where a female writer concludes that these people need to calm their tits now.


  1. I don't know about the Canucks, they are probably just freezing, but it is Sunday games preparation underway here and nobody knows or cares about what they are voting in the UN. We'll praise the Army and the Navy and whoever, before the game starts.

  2. Were it up to me, I would have voted "no" also. The first amendment to the US constitution guarantees freedom of speech, and our courts have rightly held that demonstrations fall into the definition of speech.

    Frankly, such a resolution is anathema to democratic peoples who truly believe in basic freedoms. It ain't freedom if it's only for me and not for thee. It is only freedom if those who express the most odious of thoughts are allowed to do so.

    Freedom isn't free; we must stand up even for the vilest of minorities if we are keep our freedoms from being eroded by the majority.

  3. It's not about speech, demonstrations are not speech, and the dangerous trends are not really about demonstrations. The fascists in Kiev didn't overthrow the offices by demonstrations. They needed real violence and physical intimidation.

    What's the real problem is whatever these things are, they are not being enforced fairly in the U.S. When someone says something negative about blacks - or just uses the word nigger - he's being stoned nearly to death. But what someone does similar things against Russians, it's just fine.

  4. Canada should be excommunicated from Britannia,
    Ukraine should be excommunicated from Europe
    America should be excommunicated from the World.

  5. Stalin is a man, one man.
    Nazism is an idea, many ideas.

  6. "Calls upon States to improve national legislation aimed at the prevention of hate speech and incitement to violence against vulnerable groups"

    Hate speech laws are against freedom of expression and while we should try to combat fascism, restricting free speech is not the right way. I would have voted no, too. I very much expected the US to vote no, considering the first amendment of US constitution and no restrictions on advocation of nazism over there.

    And there is nothing shocking about such attitude, in fact it is quite
    shocking that a developed countries in 21st century do attempt to regulate speech. We ought to have progressed beyond such totalitarian attitude, in my opinion.

    It is a bit weird that Ukraine was one of only three to vote no, tough. But good for them!

  7. This is getting more serious than just US state acting like buffoons. There is a relentless anti-Russian message that has been coming out of Washington for some time now. I think this demonization began in earnest after Putin's Munich speech in 2007. He basically announced that he believed in a multipolar world and it was time for the US to yield on its insistence of a uni- i.e. US -- polar world. The US has been sniping ever since. I know many here think that the Ukrainian crises was deliberately engineered by Washington as a way to punish Russia for its insolence. Last winter I thought the US simply blundered into this mess but now am beginning to accept that this crisis is deliberate policy. It is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible if so -- so little to gain by doing this but so much to lose if things spin out of control. Also with a group of war-mongering Republican senators assuming leadership positions it will be very difficult for Kerry and Obama to tone this destructive propaganda war.

  8. Lubos, are you aware that Germany is not truly an independent nation but is effectively an occupied colony of the US and UK. Supposedly, the UN Charter still lists Germany (and Japan) as a warlike nation that has not been granted full independence. Supposedly, the US and UK still must be consulted by Germany on important matters. Apparently, France and the USSR(Russia) renounced their rights to do so. It is said that Germany does not have a true Constitution but only a "Basic Law".
    We can possibly conclude that Nazism has now transcended the German culture and has been adopted by the Anglo empire. Perhaps there is a reason for the problems with the EU and the Euro currency, as well as the destruction of the German economy by the global warming fraud.
    It may be that the Anglo empire does not want an independent Europe but is interested in obtaining "cannon fodder" for a new world order of Fascism?

  9. The recent scenes from Kiev of Nazis marching in the streets, flares and chains and racist slogans and all, are a reminder of what Naziism means. With its repression, urge towards genocide, its longing for war, its scapegoating, its headlong move towards self-destruction - is a frightening reminder of what can happen when the specter of fascism is allowed to rise from its well deserved tomb.

    Ukraine is heading towards a state where this small, violent minority can take over and spark a war with Russia. Like Naziism before it, it has been fostered by the West. First as tragedy, then as farce.

    The US as a whole has now fully rejected the lessons of the 1930s and 1940s. Despite even that, Communism cannot be used as an excuse. This is naked Imperialism doing its work under the banner of "promoting democracy and tolerance."

    This cannot go on as it is. There will be a clash, and we should all pray that it doesn't become one of nuclear arms.

  10. Indeed it looks like the US have made a pact with the devil here. Note the clever move from Israel voting yes but we know they *are* the US at the end of the day. Smarty pants :).

  11. They "murdered 6 millions jews"? David Cole (a jew) is questioning and digging into that fact (among other things). I agree with you otherwise.

  12. Israel (aka The Lobby) has absolutely dictated American foreign policy since the time of LBJ. Israel's primary agenda during this period has always been to split the Mideast into small, powerless, fractious, theocratic states that pose no threat to Israeli hegemony or expansion or the desire of Israel to ultimately control the energy supplies that exist in these areas.

    Putin throws a big monkey wrench into these plans since he, virtually alone, refuses to kowtow to Israel and allow it to dictate Russia's foreign policy. Even worse, Putin is also promoting Russia as a Christian state, another absolute anathema to The Lobby.

  13. How did this discussion go from the insufficient anti-Nazi-ism of the United States, Canada and the European Union to an opportunity to bash Israel?

  14. You do realize, I hope, that your linked video by Holocaust "revisionist" David Cole would put you under state investigation, if not prosecution and punishment, if the items of the proposed UN resolution were put into practice. Specifically, see the resolution's item #10, which "recalls the condemnation by the Special Rapporteur of any denial or attempt to deny the well as his encouragement of States to take measures, including legislative, law enforcement and educational measures, to put an end to all forms of Holocaust denial."

  15. With politics, anything goes.

  16. Attention!!

    This page contains muliple violations of of the United Nations resolution 'Combating glorification of Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance', including (but not restricted to) points 10), 11), 19), 20), 21), 22), 29a). 32), 34), and the acknowledgement of victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

    The proper Authorities will soon take apprpriate action.

    "These are crimes so heinous that innocence is not a defense." - Alan Dershowitz

  17. I agree with parts of your comments,

    But would like you to realise, that we are aware of other participants out side the sphere of the Anglos having adopted the idea of Nazism.

  18. The idea is greater than the one man.

    One was simply stating that it takes the idea to prosper from the realisation of many men, the idea equates to many ideas, where as the man is but one man, of many things {ideas} he is but a fraction of ideas.

    So yes Nazism is greater indeed, than what equates to Stalin, whom is of course one man, whereas thee idea, is many men' with many ideas'...

  19. the same way as this ..

    Belarus, pathetic Bolivia, Burkina Faso, castrated Cuba, the particularly horrific Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, among the worst of the worst violators of human rights Equatorial Guinea, Guinea (famed for female genital mutilation)..........

  20. Oh, what BS. For the purpose of giving context for a comment on the content of the resolution, I listed with reminders the sponsoring governments, noting their egregiously poor even horrible human rights records. In contrast, Cynholt, prompted by Shannon's anti-Israel lead, simply jumped into a complete non sequitur about Israel's grand strategy to control the energy supplies of the Middle East. What in the world did that have to do with anything in the resolution or in Mr. Motl's commentary? It stinks of anti-Israel, perhaps anti-Jewish, reactionary tendentiousness.

  21. I agree with your view on item #5, wfoster, and on the UN’s “Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination”.
    I think the US will never relinquish its authority to judge such things and thereby subordinate its own responsibilities to a United Nations committee.
    I am in total accord with my own country’s vote on this matter. It is regrettable that a noble purpose has been employed in another attempt at a UN power grab.
    If this resolution were clean, i.e., restricted to item #4, we would have supported it enthusiastically.

  22. All countries, including the US and Israel voted their own interests here, Shannon. We have done many stupid things but this was not one of them.
    Please see my above reply to wfoster.

  23. Cynholt and Shannon add color to TRF but they do have their own drums to beat.
    I, personally, hope to read more of your thoughts on Lubos’ blog. Welcome aboard!