Sunday, November 16, 2014

You may still buy Matt Taylor's shirt

Matt Taylor's shirt has instantly become one of the modern symbols of the fight between science, achievements, freedom, dedication to one's work, and meritocracy on one side and oppression, bullying, parasitism, feminism, humorlessness, cruelty, and superficiality on the other side.

The feminist bullies have apparently broken Matt Taylor, a scientist-in-chief of the Rosetta mission that succeeded in sending a module to a comet and in drilling it – all the data from the drilling got back before the battery went to the standby mode. But the legend has it that the poor guy said "and yet it moves". And even if he hasn't, you know very well that it moves, anyway, don't you?

The feminist bullies have concentrated their attention on Matt Taylor – their goal was nothing else than to turn his life to hell – and they won the battle. But they may have actually helped to lose the war. I hope that the days when feminism will be treated on par with Nazism are getting closer. Most of the reactions in the media have been negative towards the off-topic reactions. See e.g.
1 small shirt for a man, 1 giant leap backward for women: Column (by Glenn Reynolds, USA Today)

Matt Taylor's sexist shirt and the day political correctness officially went mad (by Tim Stanley, The Telegraph)

In defence of Rosetta mission scientist Dr Matt Taylor and his controversial shirt (by Siam Goorwich, Metro)
But there are many, many others sensible texts out there.

Now, the good news is that you may still buy the shirt that Matt Taylor got from a close female friend. It's called "New Gunner Girls" and the precise color variation that Matt likes has been sold out. But there's an almost identical, slightly more bluish shirt
"Gunner Girls" (

... more pin-up girl shirts here ...
which may be bought in 12 sizes – times in men's or women's type. Just to be sure, it's a fancy shirt so it's in no way cheap. The price is in between 45 and 95 dollars.

Incidentally, some of you may "like" a new Facebook page of Matt Taylor's fans trying to get to 10,000. Now it has 6,600. (Update on Monday later, 24 hours later: the "likers" have almost doubled and jumped above 11,000.)

The comet is actually singing! The signal was amplified 10,000 times and it sounds like crickets of a sort. It is not clear to me whether this is really an audio signal or a radio signal. It seems that they were originally electromagnetic waves. There are some hints that the ESA folks knew about the mysterious radio signals from the comet for years and it was actually one of the motivations to go there. Maybe we will learn something shocking! ;-)


  1. As I indicated, I agree that the feminists and the media are at fault, but the shirt is offensive in mixed company, and tasteless in any company. But it's just not something that should create a storm, even if the storm were confined to the workplace and never made the news. I think a normal woman might make a snide remark to him, or roll her eyes, and there might be some talk about it among the women in the workplace, but that's all.

    I can't say I was surprised to see him make a tearful apology. Apparently he's not very socially aware. I imagine that now he may adopt some line of feminist crap just as stupid as the shirt.

  2. It's a cultural or subjective issue but I find the shirt elegant, balanced when it comes to colors, and just very evenly and realistically drawn. Comics caricatures are an art genre and whoever did these ladies was very good. It's inviting reactions but I think that in the Western society, it's one of the purposes of clothes to invite reactions. In the Muslim world, it may be different - clothes are just another thing that should highlight men's and especially women's submission - but I just don't consider myself to be a part of such a "very conservative" culture or any similar culture.

  3. This is the best background of all time.

  4. Lubos - Thanks! I'm getting one for myself and a whole bunch more to give for Christmas and birthdays.

  5. Please publish the Smoking Frog Dress Code so the whole world can stop walking on eggshells.
    What should I wear to a Mayan sacrificial ceremony?

  6. Almost all men will come to the aid of a lady who needs help, but little by little these feminazis are chipping away at that reflex instinct. I wonder how much social amenity will eventually be lost on their account.

  7. A new sparky background to your blog, Luboš. Very nice.

    You have exquisite taste. :)

  8. Cătălin GeorgescuNov 16, 2014, 4:28:00 PM

    Well, what they say now is basically: "Fuck meritocracy, we demand to be treated preferentially 'cause we're women and we don't like images with women in sexy poses. But if we want to make a sexy photo of ourselves we're empowering ourselves and you have no right to criticize!"

  9. Now you have really done it, Lubos by changing your background wallpaper to Matt's shirt, you are risking the mighty wrath of Sean Carrol, guardian of the femi-universe.
    This whole episode of the attack by the supposedly easily offended predators would be risible if it weren't so pathetic and toxic.
    "When the wise man points at the moon, the imbecile examines his finger."--Confucius (from Matt's support facebook page.)

  10. Now coming to a woman's aid may put you at risk for a sexual harassment suit. It is not just the feminists, it is the whole political correctness movement...the government should round all these people up and re-locate them on an island, then return in 10 years to see that they have all destroyed each other through toxic nit-picking.

  11. I think that we won't be sufficiently important for him to explode. :-)

    But imagine how intensely scared about millions of possible reactions of similar intolerant yet intrusive persons one has to be if he is e.g. a junior faculty somewhere in the U.S.

  12. Your reply to stewed frog is more nuanced than mine--"but the shirt is offensive in mixed company, and tasteless in any company."

    Don't bug me, man.

  13. " I think a normal woman might make a snide remark to him, or roll her eyes..."---
    hmmm, or alternatively, she might even laugh and think its fun, no?

  14. Lol, TRF now looks like a truck driver blog. ;-D

  15. Haha, sorry for that if you don't like it, but I want to keep it for a day.

    At the end, I think that for rather understandable biological reasons, a rocket scientist or a physicist find(s) it natural to look at pretty much the same things as a truck driver - they've been just bullied into pretending something else by the occupation-specific fashion that was distorted by those who worked on their prestige by replacing work with a highly constraining design, clothes, etc.

    But as I wrote below, I think that the precise style of these girls is the "pinup girls of the U.S. troops in the WW2", not so much truck drivers.

  16. I like it ! I like pin-up girls. I remember a calendar I got when I was about 12 with -very decent- pin up girls on it. I wanted to look like them as they always looked happy and confident etc.

  17. Good point - I do think - and experience indicates - that even girls like pinup girls, so even designs like that may be highly gender-neutral, so to say. The pinup girls are meant to be attractive - but at the same ordinary, making anyone of both sexes relax, I would say.

    Otherwise, as a wisdom says, many women spend so much time with clothes and similar things because of other *women*, not because of men. ;-)

  18. Wow the sound of the comet is awesome... it reminds me of the sound of the Predator... the one with its dreadlocks...

  19. Love the background! That shirt is quite artfully done, btw, the layout and colors, design.

  20. Ahem, the government?

  21. I find only one thing disappointing - that Matt apologized at all. He should have said something along the lines of: "We do not really care about women in STEM, we care about STEM. Deal with it." And his whole team should have head outlandish shirts to show their support. Just the way Lubos did with the new background!

  22. Great! First saw the background on my Kindle and promptly went to see it on my big desktop screen where it loos just fantastic.

    I don't know what I find more disgusting. The hypocrisy of "I don't care but he shouldn't" or Sean Carroll's buddies 'accepting such a sincere apology' (I guess because he was crying)

    Thanks Lubos

  23. Thanks for your kind feedback. I will probably remove it in a few days.

    There are cutural/racial issues here. It's probably genetic/deeply_hardwired_cultural for Slavs to favor lots of colors. Of course, one may start with the Kremlin towers

    The Municipal House in Prague is a typical Slavic architecture, too, and the Germans during Nazism wanted to tear it down as a Slavic kitsch.

    Now, when the concrete blocks are being renovated in Czechia, everything becomes colorful. That's not what people would do in the Anglo-Saxon world. Those grey or reddish-brown brick-like houses over there may look elegant but we're used to the socialist grey and it was really repulsive, so maybe my will to accept more colors than others is due to the attempt to compensate the first decades of my life.

    They "accept the apologies" because they're happy that they're in charge of things, controlling others.

  24. I raise my fist in solidarity with your sentiment, your background image, and your link to buy the shirt. Well done.

    I shook my head in disappointment and disgust yesterday when I saw him break down and weep. But I didn't know there was a backlash. I thought I was alone until I saw your post. I'm so happy.

  25. I had the same thought! It would have shown the power of that team...

  26. Which reminds me ... :)

    A beautiful woman hikes a lift from a truck driver. After some brief pleasantries they roll on down the road with the trucker returning to drumming his wheel and bopping away to the music coming from his radio, otherwise they're silent.

    After a while she starts to fidget in her seat a little. A few hair flicks and some skirt adjustment — upwards. You know. :) But the trucker is oblivious to it.

    So she ups the antics and introduces a little squirming. The truck driver's still oblivious.

    Finally she drops all subtlety and gives it to him full on. Pushing forward in her seat, breasts stacked, with a smooth measured movement towards him she pouts heavily, batting her big eyes close up and offers in a silky tone, "I'm sitting on something all truck drivers love."

    In a state of utter shock, the truck driver blurts out, "OH NO! YOU HAVEN'T MELTED MY YORKIE HAVE YOU...?"

    For those of you not familiar with the delights of British confectionery, a Yorkie is a big tasty chunky bar of chocolate.

    Apparently it sells very well in the the truck-driving community. I understand that most, however, do in fact prefer theirs nicely melted. :)


  27. Oh, I must have a lot of Slavic in me then ;-)

  28. Ha, I really like the support facebook page for Matt Taylor :-)))

    And good that he obviously obtained many nice supporting messages by different channels too.

    And the support TRF Background is great too !

  29. "Matt Taylor's shirt has instantly become one of the modern symbols of
    the fight between science, achievements, freedom, dedication to one's
    work, and meritocracy on one side and oppression, bullying, parasitism,
    feminism, humorlessness, cruelty, and superficiality on the other side."

    I'll second that, Lubos.

    I've never ever worn a Hawaiiese shirt. Fact is, I'd rather have been caught dead than seen wearing one. But the insane rants coming from these deranged, intellectually challenged, fascist feminist extremists/extremist feminists who should've been thrown out of academia a long time ago made me change my mind. Instantly.

    So I'll order one today.

  30. Perhaps Czechs still remember the quote by Bohumil Hrabal from every cleaner of the time: "Jsou skvrny které nelze vyčistit bez porušení podstaty látky." (Some stains cannot be removed without compromising integrity of the fabric.) He was reminding communists of this, but feminists should be reminded the same, unless of course they are relying on this and actually intend to destroy the fabric under a pretense of cleaning it.

  31. In other news, a European President threatens war if a new climate treaty isn't signed soon.

    Fortunately it was the French President.

  32. This is the right kind of apology for the occasion:

  33. Thanks for having added such a decorative and attractive background-pattern to this already previously satisfying-enough blog! ;-)

  34. Ordinary? Rita Hayworth was probably the most popular pinup girl in the 1940s, and she was anything but ordinary.