Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Slovak moderator, Czech Globe classmate, and climate hysteria

This blog has been extremely quiet during the (post-)Christmas week. There have been many things to write about but even at those moments when I wasn't otherwise engaged, I decided not to be saving the world all the time. ;-) Whether you are a Christian or not, I hope that you have enjoyed Christmas.

I won't be writing about tons of personal experiences in the recent days, about Neil deGrasse Tyson's idiotic tweets about Christmas or his equally idiotic populist tirades against string theory, papers and news reports nonsensically claiming to "unify" the uncertainty principle with the wave-particle duality (be sure that everything about these basic concepts and nothing else has been understood for almost 90 years), or about 50 different provoking things in the media.

And I will also postpone some interesting results of my quantum gravity research – as well as some fun about linguistics and many other things I wanted to write about. Instead, let me offer you a slightly relaxing but potentially infuriating story. Alexander Ač, a climate alarmist weirdo who sometimes visits our TRF community as well, just wrote his most popular blog post ever. It is his
Open letter to Ms Adéla Banášová (orig. SK)
It has 50,000 views and 200+ comments right now. The microscopic reason is that someone (...) placed the blog post at the main page www.sme.sk of the leading Slovak newspaper. But we may still ask: Why was this topic so attractive?

Ms Adéla Banášová (*1980) is Slovakia's most popular female TV and radio host and moderator – and one could argue that she is actually the most popular female TV host and moderator in Czechia, too. (Check YouTube.) She became particularly well-known because she has hosted the "Czech and Slovak American Idol" along with Mr Leoš Mareš. She boasts not only a larger nose and a degree in culturology but also higher intelligence than Mr Mareš who is funny but sort of childish and they did a good job. And it was surely her, and not him, who added some maturity to the mix. ;-)

Equally importantly for our purposes, she was a high school student of Alexander Ač, our local special Czecho-Slovak climate hysteria weirdo.

Ms Banášová will be able to read this blog post as well – I think that her English must be much better than mine e.g. because she has interviewed Julia Roberts once. Hi, Adéla.

Alexander's open letter was inspired by an interview (SK) with her in a Slovak counterpart of the Wall Street Journal.

Among other things, she said that they abolished Christmas gifts in her family. That would have made quite some difference to the previous month of mine – but if one has enough spare time, the gift buying process may be (and was) relatively stress-free.

There is something vaguely environmentalist in her thinking so she pointed out that we can't fool the laws of Nature and everything ultimately starts and ends in Nature – so far, I would agree entirely. She believes that the uninterrupted growth that the Western civilization has gotten used to is unsustainable – it's no longer correct, of course, at least not as a message for coming centuries.

You could think that Alexander could like these things – she is an unusually smart celebrity (surely among the blonde celebrities) who is somewhat nervous about the people's addiction to growth and who discusses some environmental issues, too. However, the devil is in the details so Alexander's open letter is meant to be a critical one.

Her main "heresy" is to be impressed by the observations by Dr Michal Kravčík, a hydrologist who opposes the hysteria involving carbon dioxide and who thinks that our civilization's greatest mistake is to rebuild the environment so that it loses the water. The water gets to the ocean and never returns back, water is the root of our environmental problems, and so on, Kravčík says and Banášová repeats.

Of course, Alexander doesn't like it. The loss of water isn't a problem, Dr Kravčík can't possibly be an expert, and everyone is obliged to be a CO2 alarmist like himself.

The question whether the water gets back is ultimately very simple. Water flows to lower altitudes; most kids have heard of rivers. Dams are keeping a larger amount of water on the continents and away from the oceans. And in fact, dams are the key player that has actually decreased the total volume of water that rivers send to the oceans per unit time, relatively to the pre-industrial era. But even the water that gets to the ocean partly evaporates, moves with the wind in the atmosphere, and drops in the form of precipitation above various places of the Earth, including the continents.

Alexander says some of these basic things and suggests that Dr Kravčík, a hydrologist, is confused about these basic matters. Sorry, Alexander, I don't believe that a professional hydrologist doesn't understand that dams prevent some water from getting to the ocean or that water may evaporate and rain above land. Dr Kravčík's focus is on the landscape's ability to take hold of water. Drought is a bad thing and he believes that it is getting worse.

Well, I am no "global drying" alarmist, either, but I would surely agree with Dr Kravčík that we may be influencing the landscape and the climate through dehydration. Unlike a higher CO2, drought actually does allow the temperature variations to become significantly more extreme. Sometimes such changes are caused by seemingly innocent changes of the environment. Fixes may often be very cheap, simple, and otherwise politically inconsequential – and I agree with Dr Kravčík that this is a reason why these old-fashioned environmentalist efforts are no longer sufficiently influential in the environmentalist movement that has morphed into a big business that only cares about very expensive things. (See e.g. this interview with Dr Kravčík, SK.)

Alexander reiterates some of his anti-CO2 delusions and urges his classmate Adéla (well, they were not quite in the same class) to never speak to Dr Kravčík again – instead, she should be inviting the "best Slovak climatologist" Dr Milan Lapin (or hydrologist Ján Szolgay).

You know, five years ago, I participated in a public debate with Dr Lapin in the Slovak capital – Alexander was the moderator. It was an OK debate but I must say that his views were totally shocking for me – Dr Lapin is an equally ignorant plus senile version of the Alexander Ač-style weirdo, a kind of guy who would love to burn "witches" who dare to make fun of the global warming fears, of every tenth of a degree of temperature changes that occurs anywhere, and so on. Even though he has spent decades at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics – Bratislava's counterpart of my Alma Mater in Prague – his thinking would be nothing like the matter-of-fact quantitative thinking of the math-phys men I got so used to in the college.

Climate alarmists' effect on celebrities, a message to Adéla

I don't want to go through all the details (BTW most of the 200+ comments under Alexander's letter are ad hominem attacks and counterattacks involving Adéla etc., not too insightful) but let me end up with some sociological thoughts.

It's my strong belief that Alexander could have never been an excellent scientist driven by curiosity and unusual quantitative skills – something like your humble correspondent, if you allow me to be both candid and specific. I am pretty sure that even his classmates must remember him as an alarmist weirdo. So it must be strange for Adéla Banášová to be preached by him in this way.

She may be worried about some trends in the environment that don't exactly agree with the "orthodoxy" that the likes of Alexander Ač love to impose on everyone. But while I only know her from TV and interviews etc., unlike Alexander, I am pretty sure that she is significantly smarter than he is.

He used to be a random isolated "Sky is falling" alarmist but as an employee of Czech Globe (a would-be scientific institution that the EU has paid in order to spread the anti-CO2 delusions in the otherwise skeptical Czechia), he has become a part of the international organized de facto (and let's hope, in the future, also de iure) criminal movement that is doing its best to control the economy, everything, and everyone. A clique of mediocre thinkers such as Mr Ač and Mr Lapin are blackmailing the rest of the world and recommending themselves as experts in similar letters, in order to further increase their power and funding.

Even though I would probably disagree with some of Ms Banášová's (and Dr Kravčík's) views about the water cycle, sustainability, and many other related interpretations and forecasts, I sincerely hope that she will ignore the pressure from her former classmate whose "scientific edge" he seems to be having over her is completely spurious because Alexander Ač is not a man of science, and he has never been one. The idea that he is a guy who has the credentials to moralize or teach others is just a piece of fiction imposed by bureaucrats and propagated in documents that are as misleading and dishonest as Alexander's open letter to Adéla Banášová but that often take place at much more influential levels.

Please, Adéla, don't lose your independent mind.

And that's the memo.


  1. I studied hydrology (I am geologist), but do not practice it. What Dr Kravcik is saying about water is that I definitely agree it is important, but I do not know whether we are changing the water flow that much. I know from hydrologists in Spain that they do have projects not only to store water behind dams, but also in underground aquifers. The latter is preferable, if possible, since you don't loose water to evaporation.

    Anyway, yes, I think, hydrological studies and projects are far more important than the study of 'climate change'. If half of the money for climate change would have gone to hydrological proyects, the world would be a better place. Mind you, I think it is important those studies do not only focus on water, but on the environment as a whole, so say ecological studies and projects. In the middle east or china for example they have ruined some fragile ecosystems by using too many goats and sheep with overgrazing as a result, so fragile plants were not able to survive. Smart water use, smart plant ecosystems, and sustainable use of animal life is important. In the next film you can see how important this ecosystem also is for the runoff of the water towards the rivers:
    From 08:40: "now when it rains, the water no longer runs straight off the slopes. Trapped by the vegetation, it sinks into the ground, where it is retained into the soil, taking weeks and months to gently seek down, and irrigate the terraces and fields below":

  2. Evaporation involves heat & mass transfer which is an engineering discipline no so-called climate scientist understands. If this lady is smart ask her to read about the Schmidt number and the Prandtl number. Dr Gavan Schmidt the supposed guru at NASA-GISS (where he adjusts global temperature records) had to look up the Schmidt number on Wiki but could not work out for what it was used. When you say weirdo for your Alexander I presume you mean incompetent fool.

  3. Battle of the personalities. The sheep will follow some leader. It has nothing to do with facts and figures. It all depends on your authority.

  4. On the contrary, I fully endorse your explanation.

    The wave-particle duality *means* that there is an associated wave with the particle - whose wavelength is inversely proportional to the momentum.

    With this assumption, the impossibility to have a well-defined position *and* momentum (i.e. wavelength) is a straightforward fact about the Fourier transformations.

  5. I discovered that trying to do a fourier transform 'on the fly' with an audio signal. You end up 'guessing' where the next point is.

  6. I've thought for a long time that showing waveforms and Fourier transforms along with playing them as sound is the perfect illustration of the uncertainty principle. You can't localize exactly when a sound of a given frequency and volume starts.

    If you have an x-y chart showing time and volume, keeping a frequency fixed, with the the volume jumping from zero to something audible instantly, you will hear a "pop" at the volume change when you play it as a sound. The Fourier transform of this shows why; there are lots of other frequencies with nonzero volume and a short time Fourier transform will show you they appear around the jump in volume, giving you a wide frequency noise. Removing them and reversing the Fourier transform will again add stuff that wasn't there in the original "clean" chart.

  7. "And I will also postpone some interesting results of my quantum gravity research"

    You don't write much about your own research. Presumably there's not much to write that a layman could understand, but it would still be interesting to get a sense of what you're doing.

  8. My first thought was it is Ann Coulter.

    Czech and Slovak American Idol?

    Oh my, you don't have also "Dancing with the Stars", "Voice", "Survivor", "Batchelor", "Batchelorette", etc?

  9. Right, Banášová is Coulter's lookalike!

    American Idol contests – X-Factor and Czechia/Slovakia looks for Superstar – have been my favorite programs.

    LOL, I assure you that we have Dancing with the Czech Stars, and it is popular (not so much with me). Well, StarDance:


    which is officially an edition of the British Strictly Come Dancing.

    The original Survivor is being aired all the time on Prima Cool (the program that also airs The Big Bang Theory, Simpsons etc.), and I really hate it. One Czech Survivor variation has been aired, the failed Czech Survivor (Český trosečník) in 2011


    The failure was sufficient for no one to try it again, as far as I know.

    I am not aware of Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoffs, and I even doubt that they are aired on any major TVs caught by the millions of the people.

    Concerning Czechia and Bachelorette, note that Ivanka Trump, the ex-wife of the Donald, was originally offered to host it.

  10. Unfortunately, that also means you are getting close to this ;-(


  11. Hi Lubos,

    You have not published some of my previous posts because I vehemetly disagree with you. Its your blog your rules.

    However I have found something upon which we both agree and its Interstellar.


  12. I cannot see Ann Coulter having that messy a hair style.

  13. That's because you see her as a woman, as another doll to be judged by a hair style, a dress, the shoes she is wearing.

    We men, however, look at the eyes, for example, at general demeanor which reflects personality.

    Sorry for laying it on you, nothing personal, just couldn't resist telling the truth ;-)

  14. Really?! I knew we women wasted too much time on the wrong things!

  15. Just in case you haven't seen it: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11434-014-0317-3

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