Tuesday, December 02, 2014

UAH AMSU: 2014 probably 3rd or 4th warmest year

RSS AMSU rank: 6th-9th

Even in the heretical Czech nation, the media recently published articles such as
This year will be the warmest one in the history, U.S. climatologists have calculated
I don't know what they smoke, whether the difference is due to the general satellite-surface deviations, or due to the satellites' inability to see the very vicinity of the poles but the article above won't correspond to the reality as determined by UAH AMSU, a satellite dataset.

A new weather building at UAH

We should be using the lower troposphere (near-surface) UAH dataset v5.6 and supplement the first column with the +0.33 °C anomaly for November 2014 that Roy Spencer revealed an hour ago.

With these numbers, it takes one minute to write a Mathematica code that calculates the annual mean global temperatures.

My results for the years 1979-2014 and sorted, assuming 0.33 °C for December 2014 as well, are:

{1998, 0.42},
{2010, 0.4},
{2014, 0.276},
{2005, 0.262},
{2013, 0.236},
{2002, 0.22},
{2009, 0.212},
{2007, 0.208},
{2003, 0.188},
{2006, 0.188},
{2012, 0.172},
{2011, 0.133},
{2004, 0.11},
{2001, 0.108},
{1991, 0.02},
{1995, 0.014},
{1987, 0.012},
{1988, 0.012},
{1980, -0.007},
{2008, -0.008},
{1990, -0.023},
{1981, -0.042},
{1997, -0.051},
{1999, -0.054},
{2000, -0.058},
{1983, -0.062},
{1996, -0.075},
{1994, -0.108},
{1979, -0.17},
{1989, -0.207},
{1993, -0.244},
{1986, -0.245},
{1982, -0.249},
{1992, -0.288},
{1985, -0.308},
{1984, -0.352}

Apologies for having flooded you. You see that 2014 was the 3rd warmest year after 1998 and 2010 in the UAH records. The numbers came from averaging rounded results of UAH AMSU – averaged to multiples of 0.01 – and I neglected the non-uniform length of the months but that won't make too much difference.

The anomaly 0.276 °C was computed for the December expectation of 0.33 °C. If it will be 0.33 °C + epsilon instead, 0.276 °C will be replaced by 0.276 °C + epsilon/12. So if the temperature anomaly drops by something like 0.1 °C, to 0.23 °C, in December, 2014 may drop to the 4th or lower place.

On the other hand, it is impossible for 2014 to beat 1998 and 2010, the two warmest years, because the temperature would have to jump by 12 times 0.12 °C, the current gap, and the December 2014 anomaly would have to be 1.44+0.33=1.77 °C in December 2014. I think that we don't possess any weapon that could achieve this anomaly for the ongoing month.

Given the certainty that UAH AMSU won't be in the top two, the claims that 2014 will be the warmest (according to NOAA, I guess) sound suspicious.

We may repeat the exercise with the RSS AMSU lower troposphere dataset, my usually preferred source of lower-troposphere data. Its November 2014 reading hasn't been released yet – it will be out today or tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow – I saw this bullšit movie on TV on Sunday night again). But because the October-to-November UAH AMSU change was by –0.04 °C, a minor cooling, I think it's sensible to estimate the same cooling for RSS AMSU which means that my expected RSS AMSU anomaly for November 2014 is +0.23 °C. I fill the same number for December, too.

(Update Wednesday December 3rd: the final figure was +0.246 °C, a great estimate of mine. The estimated average for RSS AMSU 2014 announced anywhere in this blog post should be raised by 0.016 / 6 = 0.003 °C, a negligible amount.)

The graphs (top is UAH, bottom is RSS) are "similar" but the differences are substantial, too. You may see that according to RSS AMSU, 2014 was much cooler if compared to the other years. The RSS AMSU ranking looks like this:

{1998, 0.55},
{2010, 0.47},
{2005, 0.33},
{2003, 0.32},
{2002, 0.315},
{2007, 0.254},
{2014, 0.25},
{2001, 0.247},
{2006, 0.231},
{2009, 0.22},
{2013, 0.217},
{2004, 0.201},
{2012, 0.185},
{1995, 0.159},
{2011, 0.141},
{1999, 0.105},
{1997, 0.102},
{1987, 0.099},
{2000, 0.093},
{1991, 0.081},
{1990, 0.074},
{1988, 0.066},
{1983, 0.066},
{1996, 0.047},
{2008, 0.044},
{1994, 0.028},
{1981, 0.022},
{1980, 0.015},
{1979, -0.094},
{1993, -0.118},
{1989, -0.12},
{1986, -0.139},
{1982, -0.172},
{1992, -0.179},
{1984, -0.224},
{1985, -0.261}

You see that RSS AMSU will claim that 2014 was its 7th warmest year, with a substantial chance to get to the 6th place or drop to 8th or 9th place, but probably not further. But according to RSS AMSU, it's virtually impossible for 2014 to get to the top 5.

In particular, it seems that 2014 was about 0.3 °C cooler than 1998, the warmest year according to both satellite datasets. We've been promised another warmest year for almost two decades but it is still not arriving – and in fact, the gap that separates us from the record holder is equal to 1/2 or 1/3 of the 20th century global warming!

Newspaper articles about the "warmest year 2014" seem to be really detached from this most reliable technology that mankind has to measure the Earth's surface temperatures. Journalists writing these "stories" deserve to be lynched. Let's hope that Loretta Lynch (nominated to be the new U.S. Attorney General) still remembers how to do it...


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  14. NASA-GISS have another version of global average (which you have discussed elsewhere on your blog). I haven't gone into all the details of how each climate centre calculates their averages, but this comparative graph http://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resources/9/ shows quite a spread between different climate datasets, especially for more recent years where we would expect better estimates. That the global estimates seem to be diverging is quite puzzling! The GISS data for that plot is here http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/tabledata_v3/GLB.Ts+dSST.txt , and has 1998 in equal 4th place, with 2005 and 2010 as the hottest years. If 2014 remains 'averagely hot', then it could be the all-time hottest (though seems pretty cold right now :) ). It seems these are ground-station based data. I know you have discussed this table of data before, but would you say the GISS data is flawed, as compared to UAH, or one is more reliable than the other? Or are they just measuring slightly different things? The wiki page on UAH data http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UAH_satellite_temperature_dataset lists a long set of 'problems', most of which have been 'solved', but it seems most datasets are subject to on-going corrections. I guess one conclusion is that the underlying trend is not very strong...

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  16. Thanks, I don't know what to think about the causes of the divergence. There is probably some very particular explanation why the satellites deviate from the ground-based measurements. And the divergence of the individual satellite datasets and individual gound-based ones may be worrisome, too.

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  32. It is harder to manipulate the satellite numbers than the ground numbers. The latter are subject to so many adjustments and fudge factors as to render them worthless. Further, there ground numbers sample a non-random set of points that do not include some important terrestrial environments. Like the oceans.