Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A new paper connecting heterotic strings with an LHC anomaly

Is the LHC going to experimentally support details of string theory in a few months?

Just one week ago, I discussed a paper that has presented a model capable of explaining three approximately 2.5-sigma anomalies seen by the LHC, including the \(\tau\mu\) decay of the Higgs boson \(h\), by using a doubled Higgs sector along with the gauged \(L_\mu-L_\tau\) symmetry.

I have mentioned a speculative addition of mine: those gauge groups could somewhat naturally appear in \(E_8\times E_8\) heterotic string models, my still preferred class of string/M-theory compactifications to describe the Universe around us.

Today, there is a new paper
Explaining the CMS \(eejj\) and \(e /\!\!\!\!{p}_T jj\) Excess and Leptogenesis in Superstring Inspired \(E_6\) Models
by Dhuria and 3 more Indian co-authors that apparently connects an emerging, so far small and inconclusive experimental anomaly at the LHC, with heterotic strings.

The authors consider superstring-inspired models with an \(E_6\) group and supersymmetry whose R-parity is unbroken. And the anomaly they are able to explain is the 2.8-sigma CMS excess that I wrote about in July 2014 and that was attributed to a \(2.1\TeV\) right-handed \(W^\pm_R\)-boson.

The new Indian paper shows that it is rather natural to explain the anomaly in terms of the heterotic models with gauge groups broken to\[

E_8\times E'_8 \to E_6\times SU(3)\times E'_8

\] but they are careful about identifying the precise new particles that create the excess. In fact, it seems that the right-handed gauge bosons are not ideal to play the role. They will lead to problems with baryogenesis. All the baryon asymmetry will disappear because \(B-L\) and \(B+L\) are violated, either at low energies or intensely at the electroweak scale. So this theory would apparently predict that all matter annihilates against the antimatter.

Instead of the right-handed gauge bosons, they promote new exotic sleptons that result from the breaking of \(E_6\) down to a cutely symmetric maximal subgroup\[

E_6\to SU(3)_C \times SU(3)_L \times SU(3)_R

\] under which the fundamental representation decomposes as\[

{\bf 27} = ({\bf 3}, {\bf 3}, {\bf 1}) \oplus
({\bf \bar 3}, {\bf 1}, {\bf \bar 3}) \oplus
({\bf 1}, {\bf \bar 3}, {\bf 3})

\] which should look beautiful to all devout Catholics who love the Holy Trinity. The three \(SU(3)\) factors represent the QCD color, the left-handed extension of the electroweak \(SU(2)_W\), and its right-handed partner.

There are lots of additional technical features that you may want to study in the 8-page-long paper. But I want to emphasize some big-picture, emotional message. And it is the following.

The superpartners have been considered the most likely new particles that may emerge in particle physics experiments. They have the best motivation – the supersymmetric solution to the hierarchy problem (the lightness of the Higgs boson) – to appear at low energies. On the other hand, it's "sensible" to assume that all other new particles, e.g. those linked to grand unification or extra dimensions, are tied to very high energies and therefore unobservable in the near future.

But this expectation isn't rock-solid. In fact, just like the Standard Model fermions are light, there may be additional particles that naturally result from GUT or string theory model building that are light and accessible to the LHC, too. One could expect that "it is likely" that the gauge coupling unification miracle from minimal SUSY GUT ceases to work. But it may work, perhaps with some fixes, and although the fixes are disadvantages, the models may have some advantages that are even more irresistible than the gauge coupling unification.

The possibility that some other, non-SUSY aspects of string models will be found first is here and it is unbelievably attractive, indeed. I would bet that this particular ambitious scenario is "less likely than yes/not" (or whatever is the opposite to "more likely than not" LOL) but the probability isn't zero.

A lighter topic: intestines and thumbs on feet

By Don Lincoln. ;-)


  1. Norway also has an ultra-PC feminazi 'de-gendering' programme going on in its schools too.

    They pretend to be be concerned about child abuse but all the while they're completely f##king kids' minds up nationwide, especially boys'.

    We're probably not far behind.

  2. Many thousands of such stories per year in each of: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, US, UK, Australia, etc. etc.
    Our modern perception of freedom offers parents all rights to separate irrespective of the effect on the children. When the slightest problems show up, well there is the State to solve it all - by robbing the children from one parent at least.

    The "who-cares-about-the-children freedom" can be compared to the "absolute-freedom-of-speech" (in practice: the absolute right to insult millions of religious people) of Charly-Hebdo: Don't the 45 churches now burned down in the capital of Niger alone underline the right case of Charly-Hebdo? (I think: not to the least. They must compensate for it.)

    It is unavoidable that societies have to go back to the restrained freedoms of before-the-sixties.

  3. Dear Luboš,

    Although not related to this case I wonder how Norway is dealing with sex-trafficking of under-age white girls by muslime gangs. I can't believe they don't have similar problems to us in that regard. Our problems are huge. We've seen only the tip of the iceberg.

    The child-protection squad just didn't want to know. Yet we have plenty 'intervention' when it comes to white families.

  4. First of all, I dont like the aggressive expressions we can see in majority of Czech commentaries, yours unfortunately as well. The words about “fascist Norway, Invasion of the Czech Army (WTF?), Gestapo-like Norwegian officers…” Such insensitive statements can never be taken seriously and they mitigate the relevancy of your and others opinions. And above all it harms the mutual relationship between Czech and Norwegian nations which I found highly undeserving and dangerous.
    The argument with Nazi Germany is quite inappropriate. If the hypothesis that something can go wrong in Norway or Germany is true, which obviously is, it doesn’t prove right the hypothesis that something IS wrong in there, as well it doesn’t not contradicts my hypothesis that something, eg. Barenvernet and Mrs. Michalakova case, MAY be totally fine there. If we get down to Nazi comparations we wont move anywhere.
    Weak points in mothers presentation? She doesn’t talk about her relationship to her children, why she waited three years before contacting media or any Child-Parent organization, she never mentions how the boys communicate with her. In todays IT society it cant be difficult to contact her boys via internet. If the boys wished to contact her they could do it at school or anywhere else. If they wished… The oldest boy asked the authorities to shorten the length of his mothers visits. I understand that there is strong information embargo on the case but still I suspect that mothers side is filling the missing pieces in her favor to gain public voice on her side. To sum it up, I don’t believe the mother more than Norway, why should I? Just because shes Czech? That wouldn’t be very fair.
    My position is clear, I am not defending Barnevernet as an ideal institution which never makes a mistake BUT I criticize the prejudiced and reasonless behavior of almost every Czech citizen who suddenly have become experts on Norwegian law, International law, Children Welfare and Special Forces Chiefs although their only source of information are articles presented by Czech newspapers, cooperating ONLY with the mother´s side, her lawyers and some politicians who obviously smell easily gained public favor. Yes you can also find articles from Czech-Norwegian citizens who have lived in Norway and they all agree that Barnevernet may be very strict bureau and if they take you as suspicious they can make your life harder. Though such practice as stealing children from parents arms as presented in your or other similar articles are total nonsense.
    I don’t like the condescending position of Czechs reflecting the fact the boys possess Czech passports (or their mother does) they automatically BELONG to the Czech Republic regardless their wishes or welfare. They were born in Norway, can you imagine how difficult it would be to tear them from their country of birth if they wish to stay there and are doing well? Such thoughts are very selfish and more fascist than Barnevernet reputation. Plus as far as I know the boys have never expressed a wish to return to their parents which is disturbing.
    And yes so far I have nothing else besides my belief concerning Mrs. Michalakova history with her children but neither do you. None of us have seen the file or witnessed whole case. But contrary to you I refuse to let my reason to be taken away by emotions and I try to explain whole situation with a clear mind without starting third world war because of this case. I want this situation to be solved with the best regards to both children and yes I still believe that Norwegian legal system is capable of this decision without breaking the Convention on the Right of the Child, which has been ratified by Norway. If reality proves me wrong, I will be the first to support the intervention by the UN Committee on the Right of the Child to take appropriate actions as Norway being the subject of these international legal regulations as any other country.

  5. Matriza, you say "sometimes things go wrong...when strong emotions dominate"... What is wrong with strong emotions when you have the love of a mother for her child ? You are saying it is wrong ?

    You and your fellow Norwegians need to learn something French called "la désobéissance civile" (civil disobedience).
    Wake up !

  6. Dear Hovňousku, the public Norwegian-Czech relations have been crippled not by the Czechs' reactions to the incident but by the kidnapping itself.

    The very fact that Germany and Norway may be analogous and may fail at various level doesn't prove that something did fail in Norway, indeed. But I never claimed so. On the other hand, the fact that the two Czech boys have been kidnapped *does* prove that something seriously wrong has taken place in Norway, and your desire to overlook this proof or hand it away only shows your complete lack of integrity.

    I am pretty sure that the mother was trying to fix this problem in Norway as long as she had a belief that the rule of law existed in Norway in these matters. There always is a threshold when one tries to team up with people who are very far away, geographically speaking, and this moment came sometimes a year ago. There is nothing weird about this particular time delay.

  7. I give up. I just tried to convince critiques that insulting Norway, their institutions, courts and asking for invasion into their country "only" because of a marginal dispute between Czech-Norwegian citizen and Norwegian state institution, is not wise and reasonable since we dont know how the situation would evolve. And I would not expect to find such displays of hysteria here on a blog of reason and logic... Thats all.

  8. Maybe they really are as cold and tough as she seems to be. People are just contributions to statistics and the state apparatus is flawless for them.

  9. Dear Hovňousek, great to hear that you will end up with these things.

    People are different. Some people think that it's just OK when two boys are kidnapped by institutions of a different country.

    I guess that you also think it's just a marginal detail when the ISIS cuts the head of one or two naughter Western infidels and it shouldn't affect our respect towards the institutions of ISIS, should it?

  10. Hovnousek, you say " far as I know the boys have never expressed a wish to return to their parents which is disturbing"... indeed it is disturbing and whose fault ?
    It is very easy to manipulate kids and to organise a leaden weight around them. I bet the new family want to keep them now. They own them now, right ?
    I guess Norwegians are some kind of trolls anyway so what to expect ?

  11. LOL, Shannon, I was in Norway in 1992 and almost completely forgot what the foster parents look like.

  12. Similar feelings... Does this national character have some evolutionary explanation?

    Did this obedience help them to survive, e.g. in the cold?

  13. thejollygreenmanJan 21, 2015, 6:46:00 PM

    And today there is a report in the UK papers of a faith school that had a very bad report and being marked down because a 12 year old boy couldn't explain what the Muslim faith preaches.

  14. Lubos, I wish I had your intelligence and knowledge to read the paper and judge it on its content, but I don't. So instead, I take a look at the institutions the authors are connected with, taking note if Harvard/MIT/Cambridge are mentioned.

    I know it's a very shallow approach to take but it seems to work generally for me when judging the likelihood of authors making a profound discovery ;)

  15. " But it may work, perhaps with some fixes" Circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola. potaaato, potaaahto, parsnip, rutabaga.
    These are not paradoxes. Theory is monstrously wrong except infinitesimally locally. Theory is fundamentally flawed for having one or more non-empirical founding postulates.

    Euclid cannot be repaired, re cartography, with more Euclid.

  16. "The whole set-up is a social engineering project whereby children essentially belong to the state and in fact serve to finance several tens of thousands of “child experts”: CPS social workers, psychologists, therapists, foster parents, social bureaucrats, what have you."

    That is a key point. It's a paradise "industry" for parasites, a bureaucrat's wet dream. The more problems "discovered" the more "jobs" to be had, the more "experts" needed, the greater bureaucrats' empires and salaries become, and because of the resulting size and virtual monopoly on the "specialist expertise required" the more "need" for (effectively unaccountable) so-called self-policing. And of course, all in a noble cause. The perfect spiralling cancer!

    The quintessence of socialism!

  17. I haven't seen seen the papers yet.

    Of course had he been able to explain what it actually preaches (as opposed to the highly sanitised disinformation they're no doubt shoving down his throat) they'd probably get the child-protection squad in to kidnap him and foster him out to a paedophile ring and get his parents put up on on a hate-crime charge.

    Expunge pisslam. Expunge its facilitators.

  18. some slides on Octonions and E6

  19. timothy sorensonJan 21, 2015, 9:16:00 PM

    Some of you maye familiar with Christopher Booker. Here a link to the English version of this:

    Socialism gone haywire.

  20. In one word reply in terms similar to yours, viz., ;), one would have say something VERY POWERFUL not to mention PROFOUND. And the word is:


    A few more words.




  21. timothy sorensonJan 21, 2015, 9:23:00 PM

    BTW similarities to this exist in the U.S. Just check into the case of Justina Pelletier. Removed from her parents custody because of an intermediary Dr. while outside of their home state. This was an embarrassment for the US.

  22. You could be right. One good Swedish saying is: "We don't say "I am cold", we say "I am badly dressed". I think Scandinavians love this feeling of being held by a strong social infrastructure because it gives them a feeling of being looked after and protected against the harsh winters, like children. Even their alcohol consumption is under government control through their "Systembolaget" ("Vinmonopolet" in Norway) both shops owned by the government. For God Sake !

  23. If we could probe those high energies directly at this time, I'd place my bets on the heterotic string.

  24. Wow... Good to see Christopher Booker (whom I met in person, a great Gentleman) who reacts similarly as I would, it seems.

  25. Whom do you mean by my old employer? Some particular person or Harvard or what's that?

    One could use this dipole argument against *any* theory of new physics. And one could have done similar arguments in the past when they would have been wrong.

    In reality, this dipole observation only excludes some "generic, O(1)" theories involving new sources of the CP violation. Theories where these parameters have special values are not only possible but may be perfectly natural.

    Naturalism has always been a philosophy at every point, with some interpretation of these words, it's hard to see your point. Naturalism is a conceptual idea - and even the technical naturalness may be called a philosophy. It doesn't mean that it's wrong.

  26. What about some facts?

    Child Welfare Service – in the best interests of the child

    The Child Welfare Act

    Children’s Rights in Norway

    On the other hand parents have the same rights as a person accused for murder (as an example) to speak out, to prove their innocense if neccesary, to prove their capability to raise kids, and whatever that may be relevant. They also have the right to a appeal to a higher court, and lawyers, psykologists and relevant experts are all paid for by the local town / community. First you have The Family Law Court, then you can appeal to the District Court, then to the High Court and eventually to the Supreme Court.

    If you loose during three courts, then you probably have a very weak case.

    Due to the very high costs related to several rounds in court and eventually a paid foster home for many years, everything possible shall be tried before a child is taken away from its parents and placed in a foster home. We also know that these children have lower odds for a successfull life and therefore the court shall investigate in detail what has been done and Barnevernet shall provide all required documentation before the court place such a heavy social burden on individuals and such a big economical burden on the society.

    I've been involved in several such cases and know how it works....

  27. LOL, Maritza, I probably have a very good mood tonight, or whatever, but your defense of the system that it is a "fact" that the service calls itself "in the best interests of the child" was amusing and when I read that the way to achieve this goal is to treat parents on par with persons accused from murder, I just exploded in laughter. ;-)

    Do you really think that you are defending those policies?

  28. Jiri ArnautovskyJan 22, 2015, 1:16:00 AM

    The norwegian side doesnt operate with Facts at all

  29. Jiri ArnautovskyJan 22, 2015, 1:21:00 AM

    They just say that they had a suspision that something was wrong and that doesnt prove to be true but they didnt care and didnt return the kids..sounds like Iran or some other Islamic country .This affair very harms the feeling of Cz people about NORWAY and i think puts Norway to the countries Czechs wont go even for holyday.

  30. What I'm proud of is participating on the childrens side. They are always the biggest loosers in all cases where Barnevernet are involved.

    Parents are not treated like murders, they only have the same juridical rights when accused for not beeing able to take care of their own children in a proper way.

    The laws are not perfect and Norway is not a paradise for everyone. But the actual situation is very far from what you describe and from the hostile comments on this page.

  31. I wonder what Tony Smith is up to - he was into E6

  32. Reminder: likely candidate Hillary Clinton's book on society was named It Takes A Village, about how not families but government are the way children are to be raised.

  33. Layperson's summary:

  34. Children in Norway have rights, you cannot argue against that. They have the right to live together with their parents and live even miserable lives. And it's still nearly always best for the child to live with its parents because the alternative is nearly always worse in one or another way.
    That is why we use huge amounts of resources to help parents to be able to raise their children, nearly never in a perfect way, but at least with enough food and without violence and abuse.

  35. You have only heard one side. What about the other side of the story? Or the full story?

  36. Great description of an intrusive, nanny State, cushy jobs for hordes of bureaucrats. It is disturbing to even read this.

  37. For Maritza, and the Gestapo she enjoys working for, emotions are wrong. A good mother is one who accepts with no difficulties to have her children taken away from her, who realises that she is incapable of raising her kids. If she fights back it means that she's nuts and she shouldn't see her kids ever again.

  38. Lubos, there is always "something" leading to such dealings, some "witness" (a neighbour, a colleague or simply a passerby) that either due to envy or grudge or paranoia will report such trash to social services; or it could be some of the totally idiotised trolls that go by the name of "teachers" that actively spy on families by "interviewing" the children or telling them what to look for and what to report back. Some of these people wake up and just leave and few of them are trying to put things in the right light (like Bo Edvardsson, here:
    I always wondered why this level of paranoia; some people (priests mainly) say that child abuse was rather common. Also, a Finnish MD said incest was common in Nordic countries based on genetics. Maybe that's an explanation.
    The biggest pain is that such crap is taken at face value and imported uncritically by other societies. I'm convinced today that much of, e.g., the gender trash, breaking of traditional family, can be traced to the Myrdals' circle (also, global warming - Arrhenius, etc.) and other do-gooders and "Nordicks" trolls.

  39. Thank you for your insight from "the other side", Maritza, yet I am afraid it is quite pointless. Most of the Czechs are blinded by hatred and disillusion unable to discuss the matter rationally and impartially. They just can't accept the possibility that some state institution might act in the best interest towards children who live in the country.

  40. You forgot to say that the state institutions act in the best interest towards children and march towards a rosy advanced socialist society that is free of exploitation and imperialists.

  41. If you are calling a society which cares about its children, their welfare and upbringing and it has will and power to act effectively if childs rights are being tampered, to be socialist, then I praise such "socialist" society. But then, all Democratic societies including Czech, would be socialist. Fortunately..

  42. "The children are always the biggest losers in all cases where Barnevernet are involved"... You said it Maritza ! :-)

  43. Dear Hovňousku, the claim that "a society cares about its chilren" isn't a fact. It is just a claim, a propagandist claim, and in this particular case and many others, it's demonstrably untrue.

    In nations based on the Western traditions, it's really the families, and not "the society", that primarily cares about the children. You may praise the kind of society that exists in the Sexmission movie but I don't.

    In Czechia, we have OSPOD as well, but unlike Barnevernet (and a similar institution in Britain), it doesn't stand above the law, thankfully.

  44. LOL, an excellent catch (the quote), Shannon! ;-)

  45. The parents have options, the childs have none. When children are removed from their parent it's always temporary. The first foster home is always temporary. Children may need therapy and at the first phase both parents and children are offered help. This is mandatory. First of all parents need to understand that they need to change behavior. In the last case I was involved in this separation took a few months before the parents realized that they risked to permanently lose their children if they didn't accept therapy and support to change from a violent to a more controlled behavior. After two foster homes and massive support from barnevernet we decided to return the children to their parents, but with tight follow-up.

    Very often the father is the problem and mothers are given the very difficult options to either help her husband to change behavior, or to get rid of him, or to lose her children. Not easy when she often is a victim herself.

  46. For those who think that Norway is a Banana-republic and are curious about our legal system, here is the "Forvaltningsloven" or " The Public Administration Act" that all public administrations (like Barnevernet) has to follow.
    If the mother in this case can identify that Barnevernet has broken this law (and by doing so, the mothers rights as a citizen) she will have a very strong case and I will recommend her to ask Barnevernet for all available documentation regarding her case, and then to contact a lawyer.

  47. Dear Maritza, you have posted about 7 of these bizarre "you can learn more about our system" comments in this very thread. Can you please stop it? It is silly.

    Everyone has learned enough to see that your system is a deterrent example, something everyone will want to avoid, and everyone who doesn't want to vomit will prefer not to see additional details.

  48. Right, I've heard that the Norwegian fascist system considers men to be scum - yours is nothing else than institutionalized feminism.

    That's why Mrs Michaláková was de facto forced to separate from her husband, too.

    A problem with Czech women is that virtually none of them - except for our minister Marks - is a feminist. Their general thinking largely reproduces men's thinking, and that's a part of the reason why Mrs Michaláková was treated and still is treated as scum, too.

    Do you think that you have any justification for the claim that "the father is usually the problem"? Where does this bold proclamation come from if not feminism? In the real world, fathers are equally important as mothers for the creation of the new life, they are equally important for the whole process of education and the formation of the new personality, and they are in average slightly more important from the material viewpoint.

  49. So instead of studying important parts of the Norwegian legal system, it is better just to choose blissful ignorance, deeply condemn whole Norwegian social system, insult people who may know both sides of the dispute, call them fascist and refuse to give them any space for their explanation or defense? Sorry but it's hard to take seriously any part of your criticism if you just give up on any reason and basic principles of democratic discussion. And I am afraid that this approach is significant to most if not all of the anti-Norway campaign followers.

  50. I've studied it enough to be sure that it is an unacceptable totalitarian system violating common sense and the rule of law and I won't intentionally study additional details because this junk isn't worth my time.

    The Norwegian legal system should have been irrelevant for this family altogether because both boys and their parents are purely Czech citizens who just happened to reside in Norway and who were not convicted of any crimes, anyway.

  51. I remember reading something like this in the Boston Globe about 20 years ago, about how professionals know best how to raise kids compared to their parents.

  52. After reading Maritza's comments, I think I would support Czechia just takes over the whole country.

  53. Could be viewed as funny if hadn't already been mentioned multiple times before as a seriously meant idea by many Czechs... Its totally crazy idea getting involved into a
    major diplomatic dispute just because of a very controversial and ambiguous issue between former Czech citizen, her children born in Norway and Norwegian state institution. I refuse to take this issue personally since their mother has been living in Norway for a long time, she was paying taxes there, her children were born there and as far as I know they want to stay there. The mother must respect and follow Norwegian law or shouldn't have moved there at all. And i think it's very thoughtful of Norway that they take those children as Norwegian and respect their wishes and welfare according to Norwegian law. Unless proven wrong in my previous statements I take notions about diplomatic or armed intervention against a sovereign democratic country as a symptom of a mental eclipse.

  54. Islamic countries give preference to the family so long as Islam is followed. There will be reports of people claiming that someone looked inappropriately at their 70 year old mother, and beatings follow.

  55. 'Without violence' What does that mean?

  56. Regarding waiting three years, there was a case in Massachusetts where a child was taken from the parents. They were threatened not to discuss the case in public. Nothing positive was happening, and after awhile, the parents went to the media and complained about the case. Things were quickly resolved in their favor. It is quite clear that if they had kept quiet, they would have lost their child. I suspect that the mother here was meekly following 'the process', when she should have objected early.

  57. Hi Lubos

    I am in disbelief ... how come this type of acts occurred in the main land of Europe by Europeans to Europeans. I only assume that these types of behaviors are done by Muslims and just in the Middle-East. Poor Lubos you should mourn your failed European expection.

  58. Rights come from God, not the government of Norway, and children's rights flow through their parents.

  59. So parents must prove that they are capable of raising their children? In any sensible system Barnevernet must have the burden of proof. And it should be an extremely high bar, not this vague 'free from violence or abuse, parents must follow the law'
    Plus you imply that the only reason more children aren't taken away is the high cost to the government. With this in mind, I think Norway should be thrown out of NATO, and be forced to pay for its own defense.

    Indeed, having Russia leave Ukraine and the Baltics, and instead head to Norway should be encouraged.

  60. >nothing seems to help them understand how to take care of their own children in a proper way.

    And what should be done to the folks at barnevernet when nothing seems to help them understand that it is the parents' decision how to take care of their children?

  61. It is not a type of behavior connected with the European civilization. It is a behavior characteristic for the big-government radical "progressive" left which is much closer to the medieval Islam of yours than to the enlightened European values.

    And indeed, these feminists and similar,tumors that don't belong to the European continent are often openly teaming up with the Muslims because they share the goal of destroying the European civilization as we have known it for many centuries.

    That's also why this Norwegian bureau doesn't dare to touch any family - if they applied the same standards as they did to the Czech mother, almost *every* Muslim family in Norway would have to be torn apart. But if they would break just a few families like that, Norway would be unable to withstand the terrorists attacks by your soulmates that would come as a reaction.

    So there exists an "unholy alliance" between the feminists and similar tumors that grew out of the European political landscape and the Muslim activism trying to Islamify Europe.

  62. The mother and everyone in the family had all the rights to live in the Norwegian village but all of them remained purely Czech citizens at all times.

    There is a diplomatic conflict between Czechia and Norway because it's the obviously right reaction - and 90+ percent of the public wants the Czech politicians to act vastly more visibly than what we have seen so far.

    You may think it's just OK when two Czech brothers are separated from their family and from each other and even prohibited to talk Czech or meet one another.

    You may think so because you may consider yourself to be an inferior slave of the kind that was happily licking the ass of Reinhard Heydrich and smacking the lips along the way. Maybe it's just an OK attitude for you to react in this way because you are an inferior animal, indeed.

    But you should get used to the fact that millions of other compatriots of yours aren't inferior in this sense and they will protect the basic dignity of their individual compatriots and the nation as a whole.

  63. Violence against children is defined by UN:

    "All forms of physical or mental violence, injury and abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse.”

  64. I just opened an English-language Norwegian newspaper. The first news is

    Norway just introduced the first animal police! If someone reports you that you have given Pedigree Pal to your puppy too many times a week, the puppy will be taken from you and you will be spanked.

    No surprise that (as the article says) these lunacies are being introduced to Norway - which used to be a civilized country just years ago - by the "Progress Party" which has a far-left name but actually likes to call itself Libertarian!

  65. Blesk (Flash), the top Czech tabloid, just came with an explicit accusation that exists somewhere in the air. Both boys were told to lick their mother's vagina.

    Now, that's surely spicy but even if this were true, and I don't know how they could really figure out that it is, it is not a reason to take the sons away. After all, kids are familiar with other parts of mothers' bodies like breasts and, they have no special emotions about it, and this training at the childhood would probably be greatly appreciated by their future female partners.

    Independently of whether it took place in this case, it's a nontrivial question how many mothers are doing these things. I guess the percentage is significant but as long as the children don't suffer, and they don't really have a reason, it's a private affair no one from outside should be looking into.

  66. Dear lubos - this development seems promising. The normal methodological (i.e. theory independent) tests are:One If an explanation comes after an observation, is the explanation unique and singular on the terms of the theory? Two what status is asserted on confirmation, and is the mirror of that acknowledge for negation? This only qualifies status at the prestigious 'authentic prediction/falsifiability event. At work-in-progress levels, a confirm probably gets followed up in case of some new direction. Standards like this fundamental to science because in their absence, basically science is flooded with rubbish.

  67. What are the empirical postulates of general relativity?

  68. That's pathetic. What instances and whom has this approach of yours led you to a profound discovery? That instance if there is one, out of how many in total? There are bad departments in good colleges and vice verca. At the current time there's a huge amount of nepotism in play. People getting positions with help from ethnic networks. Or people being disqualified for positions for failing to be adequately liberal-left orientated. Or for failing to condemn or support loudly enough a science that may be politically incorrect but robust, or politically correct but utter drivel. Check for that too!

  69. My understanding of string theory is limited to what I read in Stephen Hawkins' "A Brief History of Time". My understanding is the strings are the indivisible quanta that make everything which means that both energy and matter are comprised of strings.
    Since E=mc2, and strings are on both sides of this equation, it seems to me the energy are single or small groups of strings and matter are much larger groups of strings. In fact you need c2 (c squared) strings in a connected group to have matter. So if this structure is broken down, you no longer have matter, you only have energy. E=mc2.
    Just a thought from the cheap seats ...

  70. Lou lou, an explanation of a single emerging anomaly like this one is obviously never unique and equally clearly, no one can be certain that the explanation in this paper is right. It just may be right. I have thought that these basic points must be obvious to everybody whose understanding of science is at least at the level of a 10-year-old kid.

    If you repeat something as disgusting as "prestigious prediction/falsifiability event", you're banned. Deal. No one has falsified anything here and no one claims so why the hell are you using these words and why the hell are you adding some bombshell adjectives to those totally off-topic idiotic comments such as "prestigious"?