Friday, January 30, 2015

Paul Frampton releases a book about his supermodel-drug story

For years, many of us have been following the real-life story of Prof Paul Frampton of North Carolina, a well-known physicist and a repeated TRF guest blogger, who ran into trouble in South America.

It all started very nicely.

Czech supermodel Ms Denisa Krajíčková or, if you wish, Californian supermodel Denise Milani fell in love with Paul. That shouldn't be shocking because theoretical physicists are very sexy, especially because of their sexy brains.

But did she really love him? And what was the package that her assistants wanted to be transferred through a flight? Who are those assistants and how well Denisa knew them?

And what did the university bureaucrats do when they learned about Paul's new love and when they heard the accusations that he is actively participating in a drug-trafficking ring? And who were the new friends whom Paul has made at unexpected places?

You can read all such things in the 45-page-long e-booklet, Tricked!: The story of an internet scam, which is available at for $4.99.

Enjoy and encourage others to enjoy it, too!

Denisa just wrote me that the book is very well-written and touching.

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