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Publisher of Islamic book may spend up to 10 years in prison

Police expert on extremism confirms that the book promotes a kind of fascism which is outlawed

Six or seven weeks ago, I was defending our Czech (and similar German) laws that outlaw the promotion of ideologies and movements whose goal is to suppress some basic individual human rights and freedoms, usually according to criteria derived from their ethnicity or class.

The logic behind this law is that sustainable freedom and democracy needs some defense, those spreading hatred against nations or classes share some guilt for the future crimes, and a new Hitler might be stopped or slowed down when he is a small-scale criminal – and not when it is too late and this new Hitler is already unstoppable.

Our traditional explanations of the bill used to quote fascism and communism as the "threats" that are being targeted by this law. In practice, the prosecution of promoters of communism has been very weak or non-existent so far.

This asymmetric treatment of the two evils seems unfair from most points of view. On the other hand, it seems legitimate to me to say that in communism, it is possible to separate the self-evident evil of the ideology from the rest. In fascism, the self-evident evil is closer to the heart of the ideology. And this difference – and not just the much more open support of the communist party by more than 10 percent of the society – may explain why we couldn't have enjoyed much prosecution of communists according to this bill.

At any rate, let's ignore communism now and discuss the bill as a prevention against various forms of fascism. In November, some people – mostly Americans – would argue that it is always wrong to restrict the freedom of speech and the fascist spokesmen are only speaking. Moreover, I was told that the law is bound to be abused by the social justice warriors to promote their PC and the proliferation of Islam, among other things.

Concerning the first point, I argued that sermons asking the believers to kill the infidels are not just "speech". A part of them must be classified as "acts", too. They are partly ordering murders. The radical priests undoubtedly share some guilt for the crimes that are later perpetrated by various brainwashed people, for example the Muslims. The individual terrorists are just a little bit more than tools of someone else – analogously to hired guns who commit a murder paid for by someone else.

Concerning the second point, I claimed that there is no reason to expect that the law won't applied to all analogous forms of fascism – including Islamofascism. So the law is something that has the potential to defend our society against the conquer by Islam – and not something that will accelerate the spreading of Islam.

I didn't have any real-world empirical evidence supporting that claim of mine. The bill outlawing the fascist sermons etc. has never been used in the context of the tense co-existence with Islam at all. However, two hours ago, the situation changed when a Czech police expert on extremism completed his work

Police received a damning report on an Islamic book
On April 25th, 2014, Czech police made a raid in a mosque in Black Bridge, Prague. The raid was justified by their suspicion that a Mein-Kampf-like book was being spread by that mosque. Now, the most important expert testimony was received from Miloslav Mareš, a renowned police expert on extremism. The report concluded that the book does spread racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and violence against the so-called inferior races. Bosses of the Czech police are happy because that report helps to vindicate their action in April.

(Previously, in August 2014, the Constitutional Court already rejected some complaints against the police raid. Some Muslims are angry that Allah was insulted by the police raid but you know, it is a totally basic right for Czech citizens – an aspect of their freedom of religion – to think that Allah is a pile of trash and if this basic right isn't OK with you, you should better leave. Allah doesn't have and mustn't have any special rights – e.g. relatively to anti-Allah – in a civilized country.)

The book we discuss is the Czech translation of The Fundamentals of Tawheed by Bilal Philips ( Tawheed is a central thesis of Islam that God is One and He is Single. Islam is the only right religion, the only truly monotheist religion, and so on. But be sure that the book says much more than those would-be innocent spiritual clichés. Yup, the book is getting nearly-five-star ratings at those global servers. On the other hand, the book isn't exceptionally extremist in comparison with other Islamic books. In other words, most of the Islamic books in the market would be expert-classified as fascist books. Islam and Islamofascism are nearly synonymous.

The Jamaican Canadian author, Bilal Philips, was – in one way or another – banned in the U.K., Australia, Germany, Kenya, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

The translation was prepared by Mr Vladimír Sáňka, an Arabist and Muslim convert – see e.g. the 8-year-old 11-minute-long YouTube video A Czech scientist reverts to Islam (عالم تشيكي يعتنق الإسلام). In principle, this guy may spend up to 10 years in prison now, after some extra investigation this month and later. It's a lot of prison time and I think it's more likely that he won't be punished at all. But he can't really be sure now – and I think it is right that he can't be sure because what he's doing isn't kosher.

Don't get me wrong. I surely do agree that this publicity will make the book more attractive than it would be otherwise. People become curious. But not all of them will automatically like the book (and almost no one will upgrade the content of the book to the mission of his life) because of the publicity, of course. The point of the law is that it activates and identifies not just some curious people but especially those who really want to spread Islamofascism on our territory – and by putting them into prison, the movement may be decapitated. I think that a necessary condition for the rise of Hitler was the legality of his acts.

Of course, I think that there are many pro-totalitarian books around that are based on other ideologies, e.g. feminism, and I do think that those who spread this toxic stuff should be spending many years in prison, too. In principle, there's no reason why this should be impossible. The bill allows a book to be accused of being a plan to build a totalitarian society, and if some report by extremism experts concludes that this is really a central goal of the book, some people may be punished.

Even though only 0.1% of the people on the Czech territory are Muslims at this moment, it seems rather clear to me that the bulk of the society has clear opinions about the matter, does realize the danger, while being calm and rational, and if some large-scale Islamization takes place in my homeland, it will only be due to some hugely destabilizing external intervention, e.g. some blackmailing from Brussels where defenders of Islamofascism already arguably have a stronger voice than the champions of freedom.

Yesterday, the Czech-Japanese wealthy politician Tomio Okamura warned people against buying kebabs. All the money you pay for kebabs will be used to fund burqas in a foreseeable future. Well, I don't see it this way – especially because I like kebabs sufficiently to buy them at some frequency. ;-) More seriously, I think that this money for honest business is helping to assimilate those Muslims into the Czech society. I think that this good income they are getting is pushing them to prefer status quo, a peaceful business-like co-existence with the rest of the Czech society in which they simply cannot dictate religious and social principles to the rest of the society. Of course that I am ready to be proven wrong and to stop buying kebabs in that case. :-)

More generally, I also agree with those who point out that it is amusing and bizarre when the staunchest self-described defender of the Czech national interests in the Parliament is a half-Japanese man with a completely Japanese name.

Concerning the popular fascism revival movements, current Czech president Zeman gave an interview on the Frequency One radio on Sunday (the president of the country was effectively kicked out of the public radio – clearly, the public radio has almost nothing to do with the public institutions in Czechia anymore, it became another venue controlled by the Prague Lumpencafé). He said that the pro-Bandera rallies in Kiev with torches show that something is wrong both with Ukraine and the EU that failed to denounce these rallies. Zeman was comparing these rallies to the Nazi rallies in Germany 80 years ago – and the picture of the mass murderer Bandera who was everywhere to the picture of Reinhard Heydrich, a main co-father of the Holocaust and the Reichprotector of the Czech lands who was remotely executed by the Czechoslovak exile government in London in 1942. These guys may be said to be lookalikes and I do agree with other points of Zeman, too. (Zeman also said that only poorly informed people are unaware of the coup in Kiev.)

Oleg Tyahnybok, leader of Svoboda: "The Banderist flag will once wave above the whole world! Honor to Stepan Bandera, Honor to Ukraine!"

Just a few years ago, it was generally agreed in the EU institutions that a major influence of the Svoboda and Right Sector fascist parties on the political life in Ukraine is incompatible with a place of Ukraine in the modern European civilization space – i.e. with ideas that Ukraine could get closer to the EU. Now everyone knows and appreciates that these fascist groups are close friends with the currently most powerful people in Kiev. And because this new post-coup regime in Kiev has to be treated as a beloved pet, for reasons that are mostly irrational and also rooted in some insane instinctive Russophobia, Svoboda and the Right Sector along with their scary torches become "officially OK", too.

Well, they are not OK and the EU as a conglomerate of unelected institutions is extremely sick if it spends much more time by denouncing pro-Western, restrained, conservative politician Vladimir Putin than by denouncing groups like Svoboda and the Right Sector. But you know, the geneticists in Brussels have learned to crossbreed a jellyfish with a parrot so they have produced lots of EU politicians.

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reader melvin said...

I musk say that that was certainly food for thought

reader Uncle Al said...

Go Forth, Agents of Goldstein
(Yellow Rose of Texas)

My mother spied upon the State,
My father did so too.
The were just like the Rosenbergs
Though they appeared true blue.
My sister spies upon the State,
And husband and their kids,
We've got to get those camps in gear
And fill them with our Yids.

My neighbors spy upon the State,
My grocer does it too.
Kids in school and teachers spy,
And priests to name a few.
Drivers on the freeways spy,
And drivers on the streets,
And those who wait for buses,
And those who walk on cleats.

Republicans spy on the State,
The Democrats do too.
Socialists and fascists spy,
The Greens know what to do.
Congress spies upon the State,
The courts and cops with hate.
We must kill them all tomorrow
Lest we quickly lose our State.

reader thejollygreenman said...

Lubos, thank you for sharing your clear thinking on this matter with us.

How long will it be before the Western mass media starts vilifying your outspoken president Zeman?

reader BMWA1 said...

A report was put out a few hours ago by RT Germany on the PEDIGA march in Dresden. I do not know how good your German is about 25 K participants here today, no violence or incidents were reported.

reader Rehbock said...

You have ACCOMPLISHED what none others have. You have capitalized when needed.

reader MikeNov said...

I took a course from Prof Lewin, and if the current regime had been in place at the time, he would have been fired 20 years earlier. In one lecture he mentioned an older professor, who was the author of the class textbook, who at one point to demonstrate oscillations brought in a belly dancer.

reader Vikram Dalal said...

I think probably "Jealousy works and Prof. Walter Lewin is "dead" for MIT.

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