Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ismail El Gizouli, new IPCC boss

Rajendra Pachauri has been the head of the International Panel for Climate Change for many years, having turned into a cell of organized crime.

This railway engineer and porn writer has had uncountable conflicts of interests and numerous conflicts with the law in the past but he was forced to resign because of a relative detail: his colleague who boasted voluptous heaving breasts in New Delhi sued him because she didn't like the way in which the love guru raped her. Well, it was probably her mistake, too. Everyone must have known what a dirty pr*ck this guy is, so a decent woman would keep the distance at least one mile from him.

He was replaced by Ismail El Gizouli. This vice-chairman representing Africa is famous for this December 2013 YouTube video hit. It seems to be the only publicly available web page about this Gentleman and when I was embedding it into this blog post, it had 8 views (and 2 of them counted the electronic devices of your humble correspondent). Quite a rock star!

In this video, he shows how excellent thinker, leader, speaker, and manager he is. "My name is Ismail El Gizouli and I come from Soudan. I joined the Working Group 3 in 2002. And I was elected again in two thousand sevyn. I like the IPC. The IPC is very good. The IPC has won a Nobel prize with Al Gore. It is a good achievement. I want to look to the climate change issue. And to specific issues."

This speech was really "impressive". This guy was probably chosen due to his lower levels of testosterone. And we don't know how fanatical alarmist this man is yet. But the idea that this "intellectual" may indirectly decide about hundreds of billions of dollars every year doesn't fill me with optimism concerning the future of the mankind.

Some other crazy news

We, the Czechs, don't need Arabs. A 60-year-old male, mentally ill local resident called TV Prima, a commercial TV station, and informed them that other people bully him and no one helps him in any way. He said that he would solve the problem by his own methods, ones employing hostages on the main square of a Moravian town (which turned out to be Uherský Brod). TV Prima quickly prepared a nice report – and, less importantly, they also called police. Police came to the terrifying "Druzhba" (Friendship) restaurant when 8 people were shot dead. When the shooter killed himself, he finally recovered some of his sanity and stopped the murders. If you want to survive in a Czech restaurant, please hide in the toilet for 2 hours. One of the customers did so and he survived.

Ukrainians do need Arabs. President Poroshenko signed a deal with the emirates to buy some weapons. Ukraine no longer has any money left to buy gas but they apparently have lots of money to buy weapons and to kill their citizens. Poroshenko said that it's great to cooperate with the Arabs because they aren't afraid of Russians. Well, it may be true for other Muslims, too. The most notorious Chechen terrorist leader Isa Munaev was fighting on the Kiev side in the Ukrainian civil war and was killed in the battle of Debaltsevo 3 weeks ago.

In Donbass, Novorussia began to enforce the new ceasefire and remove the heavy weaponry from the frontline. Kiev doesn't do so and is inventing weird excuses instead. By the way, The Sunday Times published an article claiming that 60% of the Ukrainian army's casualties is caused by the friendly fire and the Ukrainian troops' inability to distinguish the two sides of the gun.

The Czech capital has hosted rabbis who have learned the first aid and basic martial skills – e.g. how to cut a throat of a terrorist by knife.

A useless EU subsidy for a Pilsner amphitheater. The Amphitheater of Pilsen, a nice cultural Roman-like place in Nature adjacent to the Pilsner zoo, received some subsidies from the EU. There is a catch, however. It won't be allowed to use the renewed amphitheater commercially! That's just like if someone repairs your car – everything works perfectly now – but will tell you that you just can't step on the gas. The new, social democratic mayor of Pilsen will go to Brussels to negotiate an exception and to offer a place in the Pilsner psychiatric asylum for the EU apparatchiks.

Meanwhile, in the South-Pilsner psychiatric asylum of Dobřany, someone put a bed on fire. No one was injured.

Syriza surrendered and allowed the Samaras bailout to be extended by 4 months. This is a compromise solution. The European creditors have accepted the "plan" what to do which is similar to what was agreed with Samaras but also contains a mixed bag of some "extra policies" – from good ones (wishful thinking) such as the better tax collection and fight against corruption to bad (Marxist) ones such as increased welfare of all kinds and the stop of privatization, among other things.

No long-term solution is found, I think, of course, but in principle one could believe that the Samaras setup will continue with new people. Of course that I think that the financial results of the Syriza government will end up being much worse than during Samaras' era and we will repeat similar tragicomedy – in much worse debt situation – in Spring.


  1. http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/cv-ipcc-new-bureau/cv-elgizouli.pdf

  2. In the US, the media mounted an attack on Dr. Willie Soon as a distraction from the IPCC debacle.

    In attacking Dr. Soon, green journalists display a quite stunning world view. Behind their writings you can see their logic:

    Climate scientists are paid to publish results supporting Global Warming.

    Dr. Soon’s results don’t support Global Warming.

    QED Dr. Soon is paid by those against Global Warming.

    Seeing all the fame and fortune going to true believers, they can not imagine a scientist motivated by his own integrity. After all, in their view, all published results are bought and paid for.

    Green journalists attacking Dr. Soon reveal their operating assumption: Climate science is totally corrupt. . .well, 97% corrupt.

  3. Well, if still water run deep (then, sometimes, it's just a pond).

  4. Yup, I follow that closely. Because I am in regular contact with Willie, I should send him an encouraging mail.

  5. Re the IPCC: Social Advocacy says, "being illiterate, innumerate, and borderline retarded is Authenticity." You are absolutely superb after meditation. 0.005 g of Cialis plus 20 minutes of meditation.

    "If you want to survive in a Czech restaurant, please hide in the toilet for 2 hours." So, like, you know, skip the appetizer? Legalize concealed carry. I propose State execution of surviving terrorists begin with somebody yelling "¡Piñata!"

  6. Soon is merely defending the initial position of HH Lamb who first defined the MWP, also s founder of UEA, so maybe Soon is merely trying to help their besmirched reputation. Strangely, the late Jean Grove at Cambridge, who wrote the book on the LIA (opposite sign of MWP, but throwing doubt on agencies of Recent warming and thus equally 'incriminating) never had a problem, giving her last public address at an institution (Durham) that gets a considerable amount of financial support from 'climate policy'). I think the decision to go in for character assassination depends on perceived threat, de-facto emeritus faculty no longer involved in day-to-day grant and article reviews, nor giving public interviews, are safe. This is about PR.

  7. "My name is Ismail El Gizouli and I come from Soudan. I joined the Working Group 3 in 2002. And I was elected again in two thousand sevyn. I like the IPC. The IPC is very good. The IPC has won a Nobel prize with Al Gore. It is a good achievement. I want to look to the climate change issue. And to specific issues."

    If he's heading the opposition, I'd say it's a good sign for our side.

  8. Dear Uncle Al, again, this was a mentally sick Czech 62-year-old citizen - I don't think that it makes any sense to call him a terrorist.

    Detailed experience of the man who spent 2 hours in the restroom,


  9. I wouldn’t go quite that far, Gordon, but personal integrity is not on the top rung of Giuliani’s character.

  10. Dear Gene, the "better politician is the one who wins the election" is really an anti--meritocratic, cynical attitude to politics.

    If the elections have any meaning, the voters must be much more intrinsic criteria to evaluate who is a better politician. Winning the election is not the final purpose of politics, is it? It is just the first step towards the real goals.

    It is not quite clear to me what it means to decide about politics in 2015 as an Eisenhower Republican named after a man who died 45 years ago.

    But what I do see is that if the GOP will keep on nominating guys like McCain or Romney who are mostly GOP's copies or caricatures of left-wing politicians, it will be fair for the "originals" to beat them.

  11. Well, that’s a new one. I’ve never been called squishy before!
    Regarding Giuliani’s character I felt the same way about Nixon in the fifties. He turned out to be the shifty-eyed liar that Truman accused him of being, did he not? Ike certainly did not like him.
    My interest in NYC is due to the fact that my twin brother has lived there for fifty years.

  12. Obama’s single biggest failing is that he has not, in general, fostered good talent. I’m sure you would not argue with that.

  13. Forgive me Gene. Don't know why my blood was up yesterday.
    As if it mattered what way you me or any other republican voted in California.


  14. And if you don't agree with him, he'll send someone over to convince you?

    (My sympathies to yet more of Obama's "random" Czech "workplace violence" "folks.")

  15. Thanks. I'll post that at G.P.

  16. The CV of this El Gizouli: http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/cv-ipcc-new-bureau/cv-elgizouli.pdf says that "He has published many papers" .... and looking at Scopus and Google Scholar I am unable to find the single one?
    So a total lack of experience in climatology is possibly some sort of requirement?

  17. His speech looks like the fiirst draft of every comment I've ever written. How could you be an integral member of Working Group 3 for thirteen years without discovering spell checker?
    Perhaps he's Pacholi's pimp, detailed with procument of the finest in African trim for the dirty old man?

  18. Giuliani is a good politician, but his 2008 campaign was poorly run. Basically ignoring all states and hoping to get a jumpstart by winning in Florida. His biggest problem was that Joe Biden was right that every sentence Giuliani says is a noun a verb and 9/11. Rudy just never talked about his other accomplishments, giving most voters little reason to vote for him. An ad about how he made people on welfare do some street cleaning work to collect their benefits would have gotten him more votes than all the campaign appearances he made.

  19. Frank Marshall Davis was literally a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

    There is more evidence of his parenting in the poem written by a youthful Obama called 'Pop'. It also suggests he is a pervert bordering on pedophilia. It is known he was an amateur pornographer, and pictures he took of Obama's mother were published unknown to her.

  20. Obama removed all references to Frank from the audio version of the book, and there were many.

  21. Hand over the most Socialists territories to other countries as collateral on the loan. This would then reduce the Socialists' majorities in future elections as well. Perhaps handing this land to Turkey might work, as it might serve to balance Turkey's move towards Islamism as well.

  22. If Jeb Bush is the best America can do, then America deserves to die.

  23. Presidential nominees do not choose their running mates based on anything other than winning the election (assuming certain basic standards of personal integrity are met). I realize that this and my statement defining the better politician as the winner sounds cynical but I assure you that I am probably the least cynical of TRF’s correspondents. I am an optimist by nature as you doubtless know by now.
    This is a great weakness of democracy (meaning one man = one vote) but there are others. Two huge ones are the fact that voters can and, sometimes, do vote them selves money and the dominating role of money in the whole process. If the Koch brothers actually do contribute $900M in 2016 they may well buy the Presidential election for the Republican candidate. Such is democracy; it is profoundly flawed.
    Democracy is also flawed in other ways but no one has yet to come up with a system that is not even more deeply flawed. Without democracy there is no hope of controlling corruption. I need not point out the perfect inverse correlation between corruption and quality of life in every nation on this planet.
    Of course elections are not meritocratic; they are politics. And, despite everything, politics is an honorable profession and we have succeeded, by and large, from electing scum butts to high office.
    Actually, I spent a lot more time marveling at how well the system works than decrying its shortcomings.
    Incidentally, I am not in the least concerned about what the liberals think.

  24. I think you should learn Spanish. It’s a wonderful language.
    Give it a try and you will be a happier man. I guarantee it.

  25. Here is an impressive ppt powerpoint (Apparently made by a child) He said that the killings in Darfur,Sudan are a consequence of climate change, and similar atrocities.


  26. Hey, Ann, if the IPCC and al Gore deserve a Nobel, Obama is a shoo-in. Anyway, Obama immediately said that he had done nothing to deserve it. He was right.
    Iran and the US are entering a detent phase because of common interests. Obama deserves neither credit nor blame.
    I’m with you on PC-ism, of course.

  27. Oh, come on now.

  28. No argument there. However, how is that distinguishable from the mentality of any religious fundamentalist, including ordained priests? The Inquisition, the Crusades, the New World; Moorish Spain versus Catholic Spain. That which Allah so generously bestowed must certainly have been stolen from true believers as a test of faith.

  29. Gene, everyone should learn a few languages... Spanish is good, French (always good for a fight in the US), German, Russian, even Mandarin, the language of our impending overlords...Duolingo is a good fun and free site to try.

  30. Yes, see my "cynthia moment" post to lubos above :)
    Rather than Manchurian Candidate, he is the Goldman Sachs/Halliburton/KBR candidate, but then, they all are...am I being too Swiftian for you? :)

  31. The really scary thing is that Jeb Bush is the smarter brother. Why don't the Dems and Repubs stop the Kabuki and just run Lloyd Blankfein, God's banker, and Jamie Dimon?

  32. He and his co-author are quoting European officials.

  33. The level to which Idiocracy is not a futuristic, dark comedy movie is truly scary.

    That said, I don't think that Europe is that much better off. First, as far as American influence goes, it picks up the trashiest trash that Hollywood and multinationals manage to throw at it.

    Second, for example, can't fill my tank at the gas station around noon because station employees are having lunch and then siesta. Everything freaking closed for 2 hours, and it wasn't even summer or hot. That can't be good for any economy.

  34. Lubos, I dont think the US is ready for a lisping president. Speech impediments dont make for good television, and, if your republican in this country, you can't cheat on your wife and survive.
    Just my $0.02......

  35. 'Fredrich Ebert' is a Foundation, not a co-author.

    (In reality "Friedrich", but this lout commits that misspelling even on the cover of that stupid ppt with which justifies his salary.)

  36. Wow, Dr. Soon is a tough egg!

  37. Misspelling hardly equals twisting the truth, which ironically you accuse the guy of.

  38. So he joined WG3 ? The quality of the work (work ?) is exponentially decreasing from 1 to 3.
    WG3 is the worst porn.
    This certainly says something about the Soudanese. I only Wonder what.

  39. Too (Willie) soon for him? :-)



  40. Your attempt to justify the unjustifiable is ridiculous.

    Unjustifiable killing by Islamist in Darfur.
    Unjustifiable the idiocies of that member of IPCC. (Placed by a government accused of genocide in international court)
    Unjustifiable and pathetic that ppt, seem made for a bad schoolboy.

    As usual, whenever there is something muslim involved, you lose all objectivity.

  41. Actually, only for his first term candidacy were the biggest banks the biggest Obama donors.

    The biggest donors for his second term were the biggest tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, while GS and financial sector switched to Romney.

    But hey, what does it matter, right? Google, GS or Mickey Mouse.

  42. China will never be able to challenge the US for world influence. They are beginning to encounter headwinds, which will only worsen. Their difficulties will not threaten their existence but, in order to maintain stability, China will have to become even more dictatorial than it is now.
    It is very sad but China cannot move in the direction of openness and this will circumscribe their place in the world for many decades.
    In 1958 I enrolled in a course in Russian in the belief that it would be essential to prosper in the world to come. I was wrong and I, would never recommend that a young person today learn mandarin unless they want to be involved in future relations with China, which will be extremely important but not dominant in all our lives.

  43. Jeb Bush is a milk toast. Does it matter if he could beat Hillary Clinton? They are probably both about the same. Hillary said she wants to be in the "warm purple middle", well that is exactly where Jeb Bush is.

  44. Another little known tidbit (because who really cares?!) is that the Military (like Air Force and Navy), as opposed to Military Industrial Complex, was the biggest donor to Ron Paul's campaign, the guy who wanted the US to disengage from world policing.

  45. Exactly. Republicans need to stand up for distinctive principles and a clear agenda, not being mushy copies of the Democrats.

  46. If Chinese start learning English, make it mandatory for everybody (and understandable English at that), they stand a good chance to dominate the world.

    Without it.. ching chong chong

  47. Hmmm, when my kids were in
    primary school, they had classes in Japanese, which was thought to be the must-learn foreign language to succeed, and look what happened...
    Of course, in Canada, French classes are compulsory pretty much from grade 1, though in high school one could take German or Spanish. Yuppie parents often enrolled their scions in French Immersion schools, where gr 1-4 were taught in French only....my very young son called it "French Emergency School" (He didn't go to one, but now speaks passable French, and fluent mathematics :))
    You might be right about China, but in Vancouver (Richmond), it might as well be a province of China---or an entangled entity with Hong Kong. In Victoria, there is an ESL industry that caters to wealthy Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese who send their (mostly daughters) to various for profit English as Second Language "schools".

  48. Comparing Jeb Bush to Ike? In one particular: neither is (was) much of a Republican or a conservative.

    Lucked out on the economy? This implies there is something good about it for him to take credit for. Please identify.

  49. There is zero chance that China will dominate the world.

  50. Of course there are very deep differences between Jeb and Ike. I said only that Jeb was the closest on the current scene. That's a true but rather sad statement, unfortunately. There is no Reagan clone around, either or had you noticed?
    Of course the economy is healthier now than in 2009 when Obama gained office. Don't be silly.