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Project my screen, Lumia 520

This blog post is in no way important, especially not for those who don't own a Windows Phone. I just realized how simple it is to project your Windows Phone screen (any model with Windows 8.1) on your Windows PC screen.

Is your humble correspondent the only person in the world who invented this nice arrangement of the tiles with the 2x2 bigger tiles in the middle? ;-)

First, download Project My Screen for your Windows PC. Run it. Press ESC to exit the default full screen mode.

Connect your WP phone via USB. If you don't have any old drivers, your WP phone will immediately ask you whether it's OK to project your screen (yes/no).

If you don't see any dialog box on your phone, go to Start / Control panels / Hardware and sounds / Hardware manager (left click). Without any worries, find one driver in "Portable devices" and about three WinUSB devices in "USB devices" at the bottom. For each of these four or so drivers, right-click and choose "uninstall". Don't worry about the order, I think it doesn't matter.

And don't worry about the functionality. When you disconnect and reconnect your WP phone via USB, it will install all the (new) drivers again.

When you finally see the screenshot on your Project My Screen Windows app, you may choose "help" in the Windows app to learn about a few buttons to control it.

You may also go to the Settings on your phone and click at "Project my screen" over there. More advanced phones will allow you to display the phone screen via WiFi (without USB), too.

Also, you may go to the phone settings, Project my screen, and allow the point(s) that you touch on your phone to be shown as (yellow or another color) disk on your computer's screen.

The transmission of the image is realtime, I am not able to see any delay at all. Also, when you rotate the phone from the portrait mode to the landscape and back, the visualization on the PC is rearranged immediately.

Update: On Tuesday, March 10th, I was getting the "process has locked pages" blue screens of death (five in total), even during System Restore – at the end, I completed a System Restore in Safe mode. I suspect that my careless uninstallation of the USB drivers was to blame. Be more careful than I suggested.

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snail feedback (5) :

reader lukelea said...

So what is Fotky that it gets the biggest tile of all?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Fotky obviously means the Photographs app.

It is not the only tile of this size. I chose the idnes.CZ news app to have this big tile as well, just like the The Big Bang Theory quotes app. Can you find these tiles LOL?

Pretty much any app may be attached to the homescreen with a tile of 1 of 3-4 sizes.

reader HLx said...

Why not use nokia beamer? Or do that only exist on windows nokia phones? It is halle good!

reader Luboš Motl said...

I have a Nokia phone, don't I? Why is it better than this simple built-in functionality?

reader Peter said...

Note that if you have WiFi direct / Miracast, some newer Windows Phone 8.1 models also allow you to project also towards various devcies like TV's without USB using the same menu as you used.
(And WiFi Direct / Miracast dongles which plug into a HDMI slot are $30 in the US in case your TV doesn't support WiFi Direct / Miracast but your phone does.)