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University of Delaware defends Legates against witch hunt

Three weeks ago I mentioned a witch hunt started by a hardcore Arizona communist named Raúl Grijalva – who is now a Congressman because the Democrats apparently consider similar individuals cool – which was inspired by some previous attacks against Willie Soon, a well-known climate skeptic from Harvard-Smithsonian.

David Legates from University of Delaware is another skeptic who has also co-authored numerous papers – some of which were sent to me by Willie – and because of his proximity to Willie, Legates was quoted as the #1 witch after Willie by Grijalva's letter that demanded to strip the university-affiliated climate skeptics of their privacy and dignity.

In the past, Legates' university had a mixed record. Sometimes they responded ethically; sometimes they co-operated with the climate terrorist movement.

For an example of the positive responses, at the end of 2009, Greenpeace wanted a "revenge" for Climategate that had shown that the climate alarmists were a bunch of organized criminals, liars, fraudsters, and bullies who had hijacked much of the scientific process in climatology. The university found a reason not to release the documents required by Greenpeace that had argued with FOIA.

Those evil folks succeeded at other moments. For example, in 2011, Legates was fired as the State Climatologist of Delaware.

As The Washington Times and Inside Climate News tell us, another example of the "good news" appeared on Monday.

University President Patrick T. Harker and Provost Domenico Grasso released a letter that would say "No" to Mr Grijalva. Among other things, it said

The University of Delaware chooses not to act in a manner inconsistent with its governing principles and contractual commitments.


The remaining four questions in your letter relate to research conducted by Professor Legates, who is mentioned by name in each question. The University respectfully declines to respond to those questions, which we believe intrude into areas that are protected by academic freedom.

Academic freedom is the freedom of the faculty to teach and speak out as the fruits of their research and scholarship dictate, even though their conclusions may be unpopular or contrary to public opinion.
I think it's good to appreciate even these modest signs of morality of the academic establishment. Not everyone reacts like that.

Last Thursday, Arizona State University (ASU) provided comrade Grijalva with all the requested documents, except for those that the university didn't possess, related to another skeptic (or perhaps just lukewarmer), Robert Balling. The communist in the U.S. Congress will probably find nothing "useful" over there but the very fact that such people are sometimes allowed to selectively look for information in otherwise confidential documents that may be "useful" in their fight against freedom is worrisome.

Perhaps to feel less guilty about his pathetic behavior, ASU President Michael Crow also attached a copy of the ASU booklet on academic freedom, suggesting that Grijalva could take it into account in his future witch hunts. Well, you shouldn't feel too innocent, Mr Crow.

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snail feedback (19) :

reader davideisenstadt said...

thanks lubos:
I feel better now (not really). it is a scary time here in the US.

reader Throgmorton. said...

"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of
men, I will find something in them which will hang him." --Cardinal

Innocence is no protection against the totalitarian. Inquisitors can always 'find' something.

Advertising agencies have long been aware of the 'pester power' of small toddlers' to wear their parents down. Similarly, activists have discovered 'clamor power', which has only been amplified by the internet. The calumny against Dr. Wei Hock 'Willie' Soon turns out to be based on nothing of
substance, yet he has suffered harm from these vermin.

Alinsky's rules could properly be subtitled: How to amass power and wealth for yourself by inflaming mobs of drooling imbeciles.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear David, and imagine someone used to live in freedom - at least for a decade - who is risking that after the first problem of this kind, he may be refused a stamp which immediately implies that the U.S. visa becomes invalid and he must leave the country within 7 days.

reader davideisenstadt said...

As Mark Steyn writes; "the process is the punishment"
OTH, there are commenters here who were given the opportunity to learn a discipline in the States, who spent a decade or so here, and emerge, no wiser, not one bit appreciative and ready and willing to spout lies and BS about the States.
And we train engineers for those camel pee drinking maniacs.
Really...mutilating little girls' genitalia? Yeah, thats a civilization worth preserving.
And then we have french citizens- who epitomize cowardice- harping and lecturing us?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Right, not sure whether we're talking about the same thing, however. I was talking about my (and similar people's) visa status while in the U.S. I appreciate and appreciated all characteristic things about the U.S. - and climate skepticism is actually one of them. ;-)

reader QsaTheory said...

The majority of Muslim countries have very good relations together and appreciate each other, even so they may have some big differences. I think that is what scares you because you have an agenda that is NOT in the intrest of th US as a whole.

Lubos has very good experience in blogging and you will have plenty of opportunity elsewhere to spew your wisdom. Let the man have his subject matter, unless he does not mind.

reader davideisenstadt said...

So Qsa. why dont you attempt to justify FGM and drinking camel urine?
I'll tell you:
because they bare examples of a bankrupt amoral violent abusive backward culture. One that does little currently except countenance and fund the murder of innocent people. Women, children, mothers fathers people just trying to live. From syria to Iraq to iran to Saudi arabia, it is a part of the global; culture rife with daily assaults agains the other, wholesale barbarism and murder, and disdain for the culture that provides the knowledge to these barbarians to clean their water, talk to each other, and create and distribute electrical power to their coountries.A sad amalgam of tribal ethnic and nationalistic violence terror and repression.
So, dont attempt to inform me as to what my agenda is..I understand the koran and the haditha well enough to know that they endorse the practice of lying and misinforming nonbelievers as part and parcel of islam.
go back to the umma.

reader davideisenstadt said...

Just remarking that the repression of dissent here is troubling, but that others around the world feel free to hector and lecture the US.

reader Gordon said...

David, the repression of dissent in the US unfortunately is "entangled" with the same in many countries, since they actively cooperate in that repression at the behest of the US intelligence services, and, in the case of Germany, are even blackmailed into complying (told by US that if they gave Snowden asylum, the US would cut them out of any intelligence sharing of terrorist threats on German soil.)
Obama was going to make transparency and protection of whistleblowers a priority in his pre-election promises, and this has been perhaps the least transparent and most intrusive and repressive time in the US aside from the McCarthy insanity---and now they have the technology to carry out McCarthy's agenda. Whistleblowers have been thrown under the bus, and, particularly wrt "hackers", aggressively vicious prosecutors are demanding sentences that would be given in eg Saudi Arabia (sorry Qsa).

reader Gordon said...

As the opening lines of "A Tale of Two Cities" says, with a slight improv, "It (the US) has the best of things, it has the worst of things."
Lubos is right about the visas. Unfortunately, Canada followed the US in this (not sure if they are still required)

reader QsaTheory said...

I don't have to agree with anything my country men or even my brother does. I condemn any bad action taken by anybody. I am sure most people in the world agree with that, regardless of their color or creed.

reader QsaTheory said...

You want to create a diversion with some propaganda.

Suppose Muslims/Arabs eat shit off the ground, what does have that to do with land grabbing that you benefactors have done, which is the issue being discussed.

reader davideisenstadt said...

my "benefactors"?
the quote of an asshat.
what about your benefactors, the people of the United States, who took you in, gave you ten years of subsidized schooling, educated you in a field that your own vaunted culture couldnt, or wouldn't, who treated your religion and beliefs with a degree of respect and tolerance unheard of in islamic states.
Listen to the church bells ringing in the house of saud...oh yeah, you can't, because they dont.
The west is slowly relearning the lessons learned at the gates of Vienna, at Constantinople, the Barbary pirates and from the alliance of the arab nations with hitler.
Its a slow process, but the west is learning, and when we tire of your culture's barbarism and backwardness and hate and murder, god willing, it will be a harsh time for your own kind.
Mutilate all the little girls you want, drink all the unpasteurized camel pee you desire, life won't be fun for the islamic world.
Think about it.... what medicine does the umma create? Electrical distribution grids...what exactly does the umma actually make? Computers, telecommunications systems...water treatment systems?... the only reason you guys can even breed is because the umma lives off the west's genius, like a parasite. It can't go on forever you know...

reader QsaTheory said...

For the last time. It is obvious that every time the subject of Israel, Or Jewish influence or such comes up you start these sermons of yours that has been commented on a million times and have nothing to do with the subject even if they were 600 million percent correct, and I know you use these as diversion tactic. I will repeat in case you don't hear very well.

1. I thank the US government and its people for the education I got in that country.

2. Science belongs to all of humanity regardless of where or when it was done. Any civilization ancient or new belongs to all of the humanity.

3. I don't agree with religion intolerance. KSA but a minor country in the ocean of Islamic world. And this region IS the birth of Christianity and Judaism among endless religions and philosophies. Moreover it is the birth of civilization and the people are very proud of that. But I know you are personally deaf and blind to this by choice.

4. The injustices done by the west are order of magnitude more than the other way. Nevertheless, The relation between the west and Islam never been better despite some of the political games that is going on. In which you use one aspect of it (like terrorism, drumming of values difference ... etc) to cover up and find excuses for the criticism of the excesses of Israel or some Jews, AND try to wreck this relation by the poisonous propaganda machine. Your game is very clear.

reader davideisenstadt said...

dude save the teqiyya for someone else.
one million dead iraqis and iranians,,,where were you?
a quarter million dead syrians, where are you?
copts crucified by IS...where are your bleating cries?
mutilated little girls throughout the umma...where are you?
from the muslim brotherhood slaughtering tourists at luxor, to killing the PLO killing the king of jordan...there isn't an ounce of peace coming from the islamic world.
when you guys dont have nonbelievers to kill, you kill each other.
Think of what your people could have created with the petrodollars that were instead wasted on whores and alcohol and cocaine.
Instead of making the desert bloom, you guys m,make it run red with blood.

Dissemble all you want. run away from the realities of the umma, and its "contributions" to the modern world. Its a shame you took a space from some american kid who would have appreciated the education, or another person from a country like poland that has some respect for freedom.

reader mesocyclone said...

I didn't realize Bob Balling was in the sights of this creep. ASU generally stays under the radar in climate debates, but Balling is a well known skeptic, as are the Idso's, formerly of ASU. All are good guys, which means the alarmist community cannot tolerate them.

Sadly, my state also has Grijalva, accurately described here trending communist. A little part of Arizona is hard left - naturally, it is the part where UofA is located.

reader QsaTheory said...

Your smoke screen is blown by the wind.

The American and British universities set up expo each year to attract students from the ME, it is very good business for them. They even have branches all over the ME. All the scholarship is paid for by our governments.

Wasn't president Kennedy Shot to death and Rabin , also attempt on Reagan. The US is the capital of drugs and whores, look at your slums, even though the US has the highest GDP. All countries have problems. Wasn't there WW1,WW2, Korea Vietnam ....what the hell are you talking about. Isn't there a war in Ukraine right now. Aren't there civil wars, internal violence many places, border on right now in many parts of the world.

These are problematic to be sure, but one evil does not justify another like kicking wholesale out of their country, this is what you are implying.

The majority of Muslims have no notion of your takkiya or whatever.

find a better diversion.

reader davideisenstadt said...

cheaper to buy a western education than adopt some of the values that help create it in the first place.
like the whores of europe, the umma utilizes western schools.
Now ask yourself... why aren there harvards and oxfords and MITs in the umma?
why dont you guys invent, discover , develop anything other the shaped charges.
deal with it.

reader QsaTheory said...

Our countries send students to allover the world to get variety, money is no issue.

There are endless countries who are not Arabs or Muslims which have low GDP and lack innovation like Philippine(Christians), Thailand/Burma.., African countries and south american countries (Christians). All this has historical reasons and have nothing to do with RACE or RELIGION.

Europe has developed its scientific base over a long time. Even large countries with historical roots like India and china are still developing. Iran and Turkey have developed some scientific base and developing fast.

Many scientists from Muslim countries exist in the west, it is called brain drain.

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