Saturday, April 11, 2015

New wave of LHC alarmism

Nina Beety is a community organizer.

She has previously written a 170-page-long rant (plus a hilarious song) against "smart meters". But now, while the LHC is waking up again (protons have already circulated at 6,500 GeV, this time the news is for real), she wrote a detailed rant for the far left-wing website,
Harnessing “Black Holes”: The Large Hadron Collider – ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction.
You may want to read this stuff and laugh – or cry – because this loon may be a role model for what other similar folks – including male community organizers – actually believe. And it ain't pretty.

It's not a cathedral of science, she argues, but Genesis 2.0 because it will destroy all the creation from the Genesis 1.0 event.

The project was built in order to be completely useless. It doesn't produce anything practical – no new tax or subsidy for Centre for Research and Globalization. But to call it "useless" is far too generous. Instead, the LHC is a tool to make rich even richer; to give them more power; to produce new weapons for them; and to give them new assets, like other planets and galaxies, when Earth is destroyed.

One of the LHC sponsors, the U.S., that has contributed 5 percent, is responsible for even more death than the LEP collider, she argues. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere because the Great Satan has contributed 5% of the money.

The popular myth is that scientists are objective but their real goal is to cut the throats of others. Funding usually comes from industry or governments, and is therefore dirty. Scientists act as nuclear weapons who tell you to "publish or perish".

Our planet is a network of ecosystems and the fact is that the LHC is going to destroy them. One of the LHC magnets is 100,000 times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field. What does it do with the Earth and the whole Milky Way when such a strong magnet appears somewhere? It's even stronger than the magnet on your fridge. How does the LHC magnet destroy the Earth's magnetic fields? What happens to the Earth when the LHC magnet is actually turned on?

This LHC press conference turned into a bummer. In the rest of the 15 minutes, Alex Jones and Bill Gates didn't improve it much. ;-) The former discovered that the LHC was built after the extraterrestrials bribed our elites to build a gateway to extra dimensions. Also starring: Morgan Freeman and Rolf Heuer (a hostile reptilian shapeshifter).

And what if the LHC magnet is not warmed up gently? If something goes wrong, how many seconds are needed to detonate the whole LHC to save the Earth? If there are so many collisions per second, isn't it already too late to stop it?

Moreover, the force inside each dipole is equal to the power of a 747 taking off. So the LHC contains 1232 big airplanes that are taking off. Where will Switzerland be flying? We could see what one or two airplanes did with the twin towers. What about the 1232 airplanes from the LHC? The 2008 LHC accident is a template for the destruction of the whole planet. What would have happened to the land above (including two villages) if the pressure wave from the 2008 catastrophe didn't press the "stop button"?

It's a perfect military weapon. Also, it will create black holes. Some people like John Ellis said that those would be friendly black holes. But what about the common sense? In the Universe, black holes eat planets and stars. Why should it be any different for the LHC black holes? Prominent Hawaii high school teacher Walter Wagner has sued the LHC and proved that the risk of Earth's destruction was 50% because there were only two possibilities – destroyed or not destroyed.

What if the scientists create dark matter? It will increase the weight of the Cosmos by a factor of five. And what if they create the extra dimensions? Everything we love will escape to those new corners.

When some "physicists" said that the catastrophe hasn't occurred for 14 billion years, they are missing the whole point: it would be like the creation of children and indigenous people could inform them how it works!

Spouses of LHC members, janitors, energy companies pumping electrons to that facility: all of us have to shut down this devilish project!

The excerpt above is a tiny portion of the text. You may want to read it in its entirety. Almost every sentence sounds like a joke but I would bet that this lady is damn serious. It's insane partly because the completely unrestricted stupidity of the writer is combined with lots of factoids – she has probably accumulated more factoids about some magnets or events at the LHC than what an average high-energy theorist knows!

And self-confident hardcore morons resembling Ms Nina Beety are literally everywhere.

Incidentally, two months ago, an article claimed that Stephen Hawking and Neil Tyson warned CERN against people's playing to be God Shiva and launching the new Big Bang. ;-) The appearance of Shiva is no coincidence. The best minds in the world know that the LHC has been exposed as the stargate of Shiva (see also a documentary).


  1. Wow! That's some seriously bad trip she's on.

  2. Reads like a satire.

  3. Breathtakingly stupid. This creature has an IQ of an Oyster. It is suprising that evolution that generally exterminates failed attempts pretty fast, allowed such thing to survive. And other probably even more stupid things put this random mixture of words on a Net page ...
    One starts to Wonder if mankind can still go on for a long time if it is able to produce something like that.

  4. It's a perfect (and hilarious) sample of Poe's law.'s_law

  5. Asimov explain this thing pretty well:

    "Intelligence is a valuable thing, but it is not usually the key to survival. Sheer fecundity … usually counts. The intelligent gorilla doesn’t do as well as the less intelligent but more-fecund rat, which doesn’t do as well as the still-less-intelligent but still-more-fecund cockroach, which doesn’t do as well as the minimally-intelligent but maximally-fecund bacterium."

  6. This is off topic but I am curious as to what you think about the Scharzchild proton and Magrav technology? What about this article:
    To me this seems to be saying that gravitational energy can be substituted for mass and is really the "strong force". The "big bang" which created all known mass as well as the three standard dimensions and time, could maybe have been the transformation of a near infinite energy into another form- I am only speculating.

  7. Off-topic: Czech media discuss the Foreign Policy article about the new "Czech oligarch problem" with "Babisconi"

    i.e. the billionaire turned (at least) finance minister Andrej Babiš.

  8. Ha ha - I liked the part about opening the door to other dimensions being dangerous, as we haven't received an invitation in there, and we don't who.... *or what* may be lurking in there.. :-D

    Randall, Arkani-Hamed et al. obviously didn't think of that one eh? ... Or *did* they, (queue scary music)? :-O :-O

    She obviously saw her son playing the computer game Half-Life, and thought it was a documentary! Still I like the mental image of Tommaso Dorrigo running round with a crowbar trying to fend off swarms of alien facehuggers ;-)

    Me, I reckon now we found the "God" particle, we better hurry up and find the Jesus particle next, we're gonna need someone to fight off all these brane-world demons so it's only logical, right?

    However, just in case we don't find him in time, I for one, welcome our new extra-dimensional demon overlords! :-)

  9. Imagine waking up everyday with her mindset. Spending your life walking through such a desolute intellectual slum.

  10. i thought you were pulling a late April Fools joke or something.
    too bad they don't have disqus - i refuse to use facebook to leave an annoying comment there.

  11. Luboš thank you. That video was so awful, i have literally laughed myself to tears. Smart meters are scary? This activist could be a reader of meters and that whack job going house to house would be scary.

  12. Gregg Easterbrook has written along the same lines for ESPN, and he is high up on the global warming bandwagon, while claiming to be a moderate on the issue. He thinks they are going overboard with scaring people, but likes the mandates.

  13. We are only affected by what we believe to be true.

  14. What did she smoke ...?

  15. Do you mean the LHC-eats-Earth video or the "song against smart meters"? ;-) I added another video to the text above, a 15-minute video against the LHC starting with a funny LHC press conference by an arrogant scientist who is attacked by extraterrestrials from a different universe etc.

    There are lots of people who actually believe this stargate of Shiva. That's my conclusion after looking at those nutty pages for an hour.

    Smart meters LOL, well, it's bad if someone may turn off my electricity for no good reason, or spies on me. But otherwise all this criticism is silly. However, much of its basis is widespread among the laymen, too.

    I have a friend, she, who also believes that microwaves are totally devastating. So I am always explaining these issues, the electromagnetic spectrum, and what different frequencies do. Infrared is just some heat we don't see and that may at most heat us. They're waves much longer than atoms, so they swim like a surfer on extremely long waves, slowly and conveniently.

    None of these arguments helps. When I say "heat", I immediately get a response that "heat" near your ear (while using cell phone) must also be a catastrophe. I say that it's the same negligible heat that you feel and that's probably weaker than if someone touches your face. But none of these rational arguments ever help. It's some kind of a severe intellectual limitation of these people, or religion of a sort, and they just won't accept any way of thinking or argument that could accidentally imply that they were wrong and microwaves are safe. Or that science properly understands XY. Or many other things.

  16. Whinston Smith in Room 101Apr 11, 2015, 7:45:00 PM

    Apparently "consensus" is only good when applied to progressive-approved causes like global climate warming change.

  17. Yep, it can. Look here:

    I recommend the "full report" link from that page. For a while I thought it was some April's fool joke, but apparently it isn't.


  18. Has the Vatican stockpiled nearly a km^3 of LHC TeV Lichtenberg Plexiglass, hoping to drain the Earth of all energy? Perhaps, but something more sinister is definitely in process: going back in time to kill Jorg Jenatsch, Abraham Lincoln, Leon Trotsky, Archduke Ferdinand, Luis Carrero Blanco, John Lennon....

  19. Jaroslav ŠnajdrApr 12, 2015, 1:17:00 AM

    Is it true that the proton beam makes a quarter-mile long hole in any material? Alpha particles have 5MeV and can be stopped by a sheet of paper. 10TeV is 2M times that, 1000 page book is 5cm thick, need 2000 of them, result is 100m. Proton has smaller cross section, so should get farther. 400m sounds plausible. What about the gamma rays emitted when the protons are deccelerated? How energetic are they? X-rays are produced by accelerating electrons over few cms with 20kV and then smashing them into the anode...

  20. If you had LHC beams pass through her brain for a year I doubt she would feel any difference.

  21. Wow! The news is just exploding with…with..with….well, wacky stuff. Is there an abnormally full, full on full time full moon waxing????

    Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction.- India freezes
    Greenpeace accounts – what about radon? - Obama says climate change first became a personal issue for him when his 16-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital
    12 years ago after suffering from an asthma attack.- CO2 is the major driver of climate -Obama Keeps Telling Renewable Energy Lies -state governments will be required to assess the risk of future disasters in a changing climate - President Obama Says Hillary Clinton Would Be an 'Excellent - Despite the ceasefire that ended Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza, the humanitarian needs remain enormous and reconstruction
    seems so far away.- Gunmen in Pakistan have shot and killed at least 20 workers at a dam construction site…….and on and on…it’s a wacky-thon.

    Appears the world in becoming unstable. Something
    is about to go BOOM!!

  22. Just tell them the microwaves are just like music conductors that make water and fat molecules dance and spin---what could be more "natural"--not nasty "radiation" created by evil "nucular" scientists.

  23. Yep. It would be detection of a stable vacuum bubble expanding to destroy an unstable vacuum in which we live.

    It would be a blast if it formed, like, 20 light years away.

  24. Game over .. Dr Evil's laughter receding in the distance.

  25. The temperature ceiling has everything to do with enthalpy of vapourization for water which is a full 40 kJ/mol.

  26. Dear Gordon, I think that I've tried almost the same wording, too. It doesn't help.

    Dancing is great but when it's used as a metaphor for microwaves that are believed to be evil as a matter of an axiom, dancing becomes evil, too. So I get responses like It is terrible that the cells are forced to dance, where it can lead etc.? ;-)

  27. kashyap vasavadaApr 13, 2015, 3:39:00 AM

    Very amusing! Lord Shiva has both blissful and destroyer form. Actually the meaning of the Sanskrit word "Shiva" is blissful, auspicious. For the new run of LHC you want the blessing of Shiva!! Do not provoke the angry form!!

  28. Lord Šiva is obviously a relative of Lord Škoda: