Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ashamed to be a Rutgers alumnus

Over 16,000 students of Rutgers have graduated. The university officials had to pick someone to give the commencement speech.

They didn't have a better idea than to pay $35,000 and invite Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and tell him to speak about his hardcore climate catastrophic conspiracy theories (yes, sure, AGW will "consume us" just like the Second World War!) – plus personal attacks on many people who understand the climate much more deeply than he does – for more than 20 minutes.

If this had happened during my ceremonies, would I refuse the degree? Probably not. After all, as far as I remember, I skipped the ceremonies, anyway.

But the fact that this guy may simply arrive to the very Busch Campus in Piscataway, New Jersey that I know so well and shout all this garbage with virtually no signs of opposition or disagreement from the thousands of students who have officially ended their university studies is stunning.

Sorry, fresh Rutgers graduates, but you lack knowledge, education, courage, or ethics, or some combination of all these things. It's not a cataclysm to be a puppet from a science show for children and to converge to some breathtakingly stupid opinions about the Earth's atmosphere.

But what is way too serious is for the people who should represent New Jersey's educated elite to invite this clown and allow him to preach as if he had an idea what he is talking about.

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