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Croatian paramilitary units kidnap the president of Liberland

The interpretations of the events below are not meant quite seriously.

The world's newest country, the Libertarian Paradise of Liberland (Google Maps), seven squared kilometers located between the old and new stream of Danube that was defining the border of Croatia and Serbia, is approaching 1 million applicants for citizenship. Incidentally, while the correct interpretation is that the land in between the two streams of Danube was a "country of nobody" before Liberland was established, Croatia tries to claim that it belonged to Croatia and Serbia tries to claim that it belonged to Serbia.

Because the average applicants for the Liberlandic citizenship are wealthier than the average people of Croatia and Serbia (Liberland is the ultimate tax haven for the rich and for surfing girls, after all), the total GDP of Liberland already trumps that of either former Yugoslav country. The president, my Facebook friend Vít Jedlička [Veet Yed-Leach-Car], is working hard to create a new Hong Kong in the Balkans.

A dangerous diplomatic scandal took place last night, however. Mr president was returning home through Zmajevac, a village that is about two miles away from Liberland. He informed the local Croatian policemen that he was just planning to legally leave the territory of the European Union and cross the border to his fatherland, the Liberland.

The policemen were a bit slow but after 30 minutes, they understood this perfectly valid explanation and allowed Mr president to continue in his journey by crossing the Croatian-Liberlandic border along the Danube River on his open fishing boat.

However, something unexpected took place an hour later when Mr president was already at home. Croatian paramilitary units – calling themselves "The Police" – invaded their neighbor state and kidnapped Mr president who is currently kept at a police station in the town of Beli Manastir (along with his translator). The shocking news were originally announced in the Croatian media and then in the Czech media. Via the Twitter account, the free country urged the U.N. Security Council to send peacemakers to calm down the Liberland's poorer but more aggressive neighbor state and liberate the president. The world, wake up!

Liberland has an embassy in the Czech Republic, too. The microstate may exploit the embassy to solve the diplomatic scandal. The only problem is that the ambassador is probably being arrested as well because it's the same person as the president. ;-)

Please, sing the anthem of Liberland now, the Victory March to the Glorious Land, by George Partyzal, conducted by Organ Orchestrovich Bauer and performed by the Movie Eyewink Orchestra. An alternative anthem exists, too.

Maybe the Croatian invaders – who threaten Mr president with a fine or up to 30 days in prison – should read the Good Soldier Švejk as well – so that they would have a better understanding what is actually going on. ;-) You know, Vít is a bit serious about the project. But so are the Croatian and Serbian authorities. But almost no other Czechs are serious about it. This difference, if you believe me that it exists, shows that the Yugoslavs are much more serious about "states" than the Czechs. In fact, from a strict legal perspective, it's bizarre how they may justify his arrest because he has just placed a non-existent flag somewhere in Croatia, just like when children are playing in the summer camp! It can't be illegal.

Even more seriously, I think that such events show that even when a paradise country – with voluntary taxation and other things – is created from the bottom, it soon or later needs something like an army or enforcement forces, at least to defend it against less pro-freedom foreigners. A country that promises the free life to its citizens may need other things as well – but it needs far fewer things than what the contemporary Western nations have accumulated and display. And that's why I believe that it's right to work on similar seemingly ludicrous projects – they may ultimately help the people oppressed and robbed by numerous Big Governments to make a point. Or more than that.

Update: Things are getting solved. Liberlandic bombers were seen above the Krk island. ;-)

Another update: Mr president was freed on Sunday. He praised the behavior of the policemen who called him "Mr president". :-)

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