Thursday, May 14, 2015

Iran tried to buy nuclear-related compressors using fake documents

...the Czech authorities stopped the sale of the Czech product...

Reuters published an exclusive story from Prague – before the Czech media did so.

ČKD Kompresory is a Prague-based company, currently called Howden ČKD Compressors, that is producing compressors which may be used to extract enriched uranium directly from the cascades – or for some non-nuclear goals, too.

Earlier in this year, some Czech bureaucrats were puzzled about the documentation that a buyer of $61 million worth of the compressors provided. They investigated and found out that the actual buyer was Iran.

So the transaction was blocked. I think that this is another great hint that it may be unwise to trust Iran when it says that "it is not doing certain things" related to its nuclear industry – and this kind of trust is a cornerstone of the Obama administration's attempts to sign a deal with Iran. As we know now, Iran surely doesn't hesitate to counterfeit documents.

The compressors are very helpful to deal with the highly enriched uranium, above 20%. Given the obfuscation of the documents, it's unlikely that Iran wanted the products for non-nuclear purposes.

The Czech commenters usually mention that we're the toothless country that allows others to lose these contracts – while competing companies from other countries will be allowed (and have been allowed) to sell these products to Iran. At least, the Prague Lumpencafé may visit Andy Schapiro and obtain several words of praise.

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