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Timo Soini likely to become Finnish finance minister

...and this can make a difference in Europe...

First, one of the best articles on Greece that I recently read was written by a guy with a Greek name, Prof Ted Loch-Temzelides of Rice University. In his Let the Greek Games End (Forbes), he explains why the expected Grexit will be very bad news for Greece, neutral or good news for others, and why Greece will remain unattractive for business even with a weak currency because of the bureaucratic barriers, ineffective public sector, low productivity, and public mentality that is hostile to capitalism and foreign investors. I would add that there will always be a big risk that the Greeks elect a government that will make the situation for your business even worse than it is now – or that will simply confiscate your assets, much like the Syriza Bolshevik junta just wants to rob Greece's 500 wealthiest families.

But let me return to some good news. In Finland, they agreed about a coalition.

Juha Sipilä of the Centre Party, a pro-business billionaire, is likely to become the prime minister. He will invite two other parties.

The second strongest party in the elections were the Finns Party, previously known as the True Finns, a Euroskeptic group and UKIP allies who got about 18%, almost as good a result as one in the previous "shocking" elections. They were finally invited to the coalition. You must understand that it's still a rare event for the Euroskeptics to join governments in the EU member states. That coalition will also include the National Coalition Party that is likely to place its boss Alexander Stubb to the chair of foreign minister that he already occupied in 2008-2011.

The boss of The Finns, Timo Soini, is rather likely to become the finance minister. That could be cool. Why?

Soini is a harsh critic of the European bailouts – which nowadays means primarily the continuing waste of money drowned in the insane Greek communist parasitic experiment. He will probably become the Finnish negotiator in the discussions with Varoufuckis and comrades and he may be tough enough. You may watch this 2013 BBC Hardtalk with Soini:

The host, a hardcore obnoxious left-wing demagogue named Stephen Sackur, was behaving in a way that makes me feel sick. I must admit that if I had a legal and humane way to terminate this jerk's life, I would probably not hesitate too much (I hope that he's used to the hardtalk and doesn't just pretend to be). He is a kind of a nasty animal that I just can't stand. He exposes a downright hostility, trying to present Soini as an extremist and racist whose political power fades away, anyway. Moreover, the EU bailouts have worked great and everything is fine now, he said back in 2013.

Well, nothing was fine at all. We're in 2015 and Greece is in deeper šit than it has ever been. With the hindsight, it is clear that Soini was right and wise about pretty much everything while Sackur was wrong about everything – fortunately about his predictions concerning the Finns Party, too.

There's one more reason why the promotion of Soini is good news that could transcend the Finnish borders. Soini is a climate skeptic. In 2011, he urged Finland to quit all international "climate change" agreements. He pointed out that the European emissions trading scheme established in 2005 is a "major financial crime in Europe".

He also wanted to cancel all recent green additions to the Finnish tax system, saying that "green taxes are like shooting yourself in the foot".

Finland has been behaving as an AAA schoolkid in the European school who did many things very well but who still saw lousy growth figures and had to pay lots of money to others who don't deserve a penny. Let's hope that Soini will have enough power to make a difference in Finland and in the whole EU, too. The Europeans deserve better – and so do the Finns (and all the Finns, too), not only because so many of us have used cell phones produced in Finland.

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