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Greek government should be actively sidelined before June 30th

Grexit before June 30th preferred, Syriza must be dealt with as a terrorist organization

I think that virtually all the non-Greek negotiators who have had the "pleasure" to talk to Syriza have understood what I was saying from the beginning. It makes absolutely no sense to negotiate with these individuals. At most, you can waste lots of time, great amounts of money, and get entangled with their dirty tricks so that you put your well-being and the well-being of your nation at risk, too. Nothing they ever promise may be trusted. They are lying pretty much 24 hours a day. The constant claims that the "deal was around the corner" was the best example of that.

When they are expected to present their own proposals, they either submit nothing (Varoufakis has already announced that he will have nothing to offer on Thursday's Eurogroup!) or they repeatedly offer the same low-quality F-graded undergraduate term papers or documents such as this one. They claim that they can get all the required money from the "rich" or from the "luxurious lifestyle". They assume that if they increase some kind of income tax, the revenue will be scaled up proportionally – which is not the case – and so on and so on. They refuse to admit the obvious – that to save these significant amounts of money, some increased revenue or reduced spending must affect rather ordinary people.

What most of the European politicians and bankers haven't done yet is to deduce the consequences for their behavior. It's time to stop expecting that a sensible solution of the Greek problem may be achieved with the approval by the current "leaders" of Greece. If you want to do something good about Greece and its relationships with Europe, you should better make sure that your plan will not depend on this bunch of fanatical unhinged criminals.

The reason is that it's very clear that this Syriza organization is one that is trying to get the largest ransom in the history of the mankind. Additional "haircuts" are just a part of what they want. How much do these thugs eventually want to get from the rest of the world for themselves and their voters? You may learn about a good estimate if you think about a claim by the finance minister Varoufakis: The world economy will lose a trillion of euros if we won't get what we want!

Clearly, this jerk wants to say that it's rational for the rest of the world to pay any ransom to Greece as long as it is less than one trillion euros. Needless to say, if they were acting fairly, the losses of the non-Greek world would be basically zero because Greece is an irrelevant and largely isolated part of the world economy. The only way how he can dream about such insanely high estimates is that he deliberately wants to harm others.

Mel Gibson's words at 1:29-1:39 of this trailer of "Ransom" (1996) should be adopted as the template how to deal with the likes of Mr Varoufakis. If I am exaggerating, I am only exaggerating a tiny little bit. Let me remind you that the movie was dramatic but it ended with a happy end. The boy was freed and the "detective" (Varoufakis) who demanded the ransom was killed.

This "finance minister" and his comrades obviously do not care about the suffering that is likely to begin in Greece if his experiments don't work out and Europe just finally allows Greece to go bankrupt in the full and dirty way – because he doesn't seem to allow any other way.

What these Syriza thugs actually want is to disrupt Europe's and the world's capitalist economy. They dream about things getting sour and out of control. They love when stocks decline. They love when people are scared and Marxist terrorists such as Varoufakis himself feel powerful and may dictate.

The more they are allowed to act as "leaders of Greece" which is not bankrupt and irrelevant yet, the more damage they will do to everyone else. That's why the European officials should finally stop their wishful thinking about Tsipras' and Varoufakis' and other aßholes' becoming nice, constructive, and reasonable folks that may be sensibly negotiated with. They almost certainly never will. Get used to it: they are nasty scum.

Even when the deal doesn't emerge and Syriza is out of money, it will take two more long weeks in which Syriza may actively plan how to damage the European and global economy. The bonds or stocks etc. may continue to drop which will make many people more nervous and more willing to pay the huge ransom. I think that this obvious strategy of these thugs should be stopped as soon as possible. The leaders of the European countries should make it clear to the European Central Bank that Greece isn't capable of reaching a sensible deal with the creditors which means that it's insolvent. Everyone else should be assured that none of these steps will have any consequences outside Greece.

The European Central Bank should quickly withdraw the ELA aid and de facto if not de iure close the Greek banking sector. Most likely, the exodus of Greeks may be started rather soon and not all of the emigrants will be nice people who are just escaping Syriza's horror Bolshevik government. It seems desirable to remove Greece from the Schengen area – and perhaps the EU in general – as soon as possible because you really don't want to be in a single immigration zone with a failed state led by unhinged fanatical "leaders" who will undoubtedly become even more unhinged once Greece officially goes bust.

These hardcore communists have already violated tons of laws of the EU and other countries. If the European countries' – and EU's – legal systems aren't dysfunctional, they must be held accountable for their crimes. If it is not possible to arrest them legally and if the Greek citizens won't be capable of dealing with them by themselves, they must be neutralized with the help of the military. The subtitle says that Syriza must be treated as a terrorist organization. In fact, technically, this treatment was applied by the U.K. even in the case of the Icelandic bankruptcy a few years ago – even though the Icelanders were so peaceful, fair, and rational. I think it's a must to acknowledge this status of the radical Greek Bolsheviks and to treat this status very, very seriously.

We may be enjoying the last weeks in which the disproportionately negative acts of these unhinged fanatics may be prevented. Please, let's act. Please, all the reasonable people, negotiate with each other but do so in such a way that your plans won't depend on the acts of the utterly unreasonable people and sociopaths because it is unwise to expect that they will cooperate on any decent solution of the problems – either before or after the bankruptcy.

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